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Looking for some feedback on this recap I did.

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  • BentoBox


    #33714385 - 1 year ago

    Hey everyone,

    I finished this recap video i did for an Esports event a few days ago. I film and edit these projects for the college's club whenever they have any quarterly LANs. Check it out: Here

    I would love some feedback. I can see a few problems with many of my shots and cuts but wouldn't mind to hear some other people's perspectives. 

    Side note: I animated the logo as well. Hit me up if you have any questions on motion graphics design. :D


  • DJBisogno

    DJBisogno DJBisogno

    #33719061 - 1 year ago

    Thought it was really cool man, the pacing and the music fit well and it came across that the event was a good time. Hope your projects continue to go well!