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101 Deaths that suck

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  • RaginAsian


    #2624860 - 13 years ago

    That's paralyzed, smart guy.

    30-something.) Choking on a pretzel. Dubya-what?

  • Maturish


    #2626695 - 13 years ago

    35. Sliding down a razor blade using your balls as brakes: I still remember that from grade 2.
    36. Waking up in the morning forgetting you are not a chic.
    37. Getting crushed to death by a pile of lined up dominos.
    38. Getting incredibly drunk and making out with a cleaver
    39. Lost and locked up in the library for summer vacation.
    40. Falling from the 1st Place podium becuase of the weight of the medal for being the smallest person alive.
    41. Sponteous combustion...and no one sees it.
    42. Speared through the eyeball with a feather.
    43. Failing at doing one of those really stupid stunts where you unlock yourself blindfoled in a box before it drops to the ground and kills you...and the only person watching was really blind.
    44. (Family Guy) forget how to sit down.
    45. Lose at human chess
    46. Sneezing with your eyes open.
    47. Sealed with super glue your anus.
    48. Fall unconscious face down in a puddle of your own vomit.
    49. Ricochet from your own bullet.
    50. Waking up with the wrong sex.
    51. Iraq.
    52. Someone forces you to slap yourself to death.
    53. Drunken boxing - kick yourself in the head (seen it, but didn't die)
    54. That tiny bug that swims up your urine into your dick while you pee into certain rivers.
    55. Accidentally stab your own pressure point in the lower-back of your neck, temporaily paralyzing yourself, when was just about to pull the tab of your parashoot
    56. Missing the big mat that firemen hold for you to jump onto from a flaming building (although that would look hilarious)
    57. Sleep-eating your own rat-bait.
    58. Swim across a very extensive stretch of water for some charity, only to be hit by a speedboat just before you finnish.
    59. Count backwards to 6 from 4.

  • Maturish


    #2626699 - 13 years ago

    60. Backstreet bots

  • Exploder


    #2627905 - 13 years ago

    helllo everone, I"m knew to teh foroms, will you all guys be my friensd????//


  • myheadhurts


    #2629627 - 13 years ago

    sit through a mary-kate and ashly movie

  • halo_dman


    #2629693 - 13 years ago

    medievel torture

  • Rickakira


    #2629791 - 13 years ago

    61. WIth Cancer
    62. Dressed up as a member of the opposite sex

  • mcchaz


    #2629908 - 13 years ago

    Being knocked down by an ambulance.

  • Vassili


    #2630057 - 13 years ago

    64. At a funeral

  • ShaggySnacks


    #2630382 - 13 years ago

    65. Having radioactive acid poo slung at you by a group of robot pitrate monkeys.

  • ShaggySnacks


    #2630387 - 13 years ago

    should be pirate

  • queernuts


    #2630657 - 13 years ago

    i think the worst way to die in my opinion is being hung by your own appendages that have been strewn about the ground with the stench of gang greene hanging rank and vile in the air while having someone butt fucking your body

  • ShaggySnacks


    #2632637 - 13 years ago

    In reply to queernuts, #66:

    And the one butt fucking you is the British midget who played R2-D2 in the older starwars movies.

  • herecy


    #2632922 - 13 years ago

    66. having a pole go up your ass and puncture your heart

  • UnleashedWin


    #2632972 - 13 years ago

    Die by your little brother that can't even talk yet
    To die by a pencil or pen
    Being hit by a deer
    By throwing up

  • arqi


    #2633012 - 13 years ago

    falling off a building and not dying until the paramedics get there 3 mins later

  • Slaivis


    #2634260 - 13 years ago

    Ordering a pizza then having a heart attack. Having the pizza get there before the ambulance.

  • Maturish


    #2634868 - 13 years ago

    Contracting a deadly disease by resuscitating someone

  • CA8O053


    #2637718 - 13 years ago

    having a heart attack on your 21st birthday

  • NoobixCube


    #2637733 - 13 years ago

    67. Being coated in honey (or anything stickey) and rolled through a fireant nest. Those bastards just keep on burning, and being stuck to you doesn't make getting rid of them any easier.

  • hurricaneham


    #2637757 - 13 years ago

    being skined alive and rolled down a sandy beach into the sea ....................ouch

  • Maturish


    #2638074 - 13 years ago

    My ultimate fear is a really fat dude falling ontop of me. Argh~!

  • stupidfool


    #2640659 - 13 years ago

    killed by any pissed off twelve year old on xbox live that said you hacked when you are clearly just better then them

  • Rickakira


    #2640697 - 13 years ago

    Mac's death from DOOM the movie... he never even fired one shot before zombie cuts off his head


  • RBuffordTJ


    #2640877 - 13 years ago

    Being forced to watch political advertisements until your brain either explodes or liquifies and oozes out your ears. Of course the death would be the only relief you would get. I hate those ads.