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101 Deaths that suck

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  • Mungojerrie


    #2643115 - 13 years ago

    68. Dying in your sleep.
    69. Food Poisoning
    70. The way that the guys die in "The Rock" (THAT WOULD SUCK)
    71. Having your nuts cought in the gears of a bus. (You wouldn't die, but you would kill yourself afterwords.)

  • stupidfool


    #2644372 - 13 years ago

    72. how about getting ripped apart by the turbines of a jet.........

  • ultrax1


    #2646648 - 13 years ago

    73. whilst masturbating.

  • RBuffordTJ


    #2646731 - 13 years ago

    74. Getting your finger sucked into the intake at the bottom of the pool
    75. Pulled into the wood chipper while trying to clear a jam (that happened her last year..nasty)

  • kakiller


    #2647107 - 13 years ago

    76. die after getting maried right before your about to do your hot wife for the first time, now that would really suck

  • ArkanVos


    #2649356 - 13 years ago

    77. Die from lack of sleep due to my brother singing 24/7. He makes that William Hung or whoever he was off idol sound like an excellent singer.

  • stupidfool


    #2651524 - 13 years ago

    you cut down a tree and it falls on you, your alive but a lot of bones are broken, somebody calls the ambulance. it starts to rain and a mudslide happens to free you and sends you rolling down the hill. you finally stop only to see the ambulance come at you...

  • Mookle_X


    #2651777 - 13 years ago

    Death by spontaneous Combustion.

  • ownred766


    #2652346 - 13 years ago

    trampled by stampeding llamas and being eaten by a carniverous gopher

  • GoldAngelFis


    #2652639 - 13 years ago

    #89 Being beaten to death by your English professor with your own research paper. (It seems like such an end creeps closer to me every day.)

  • Kamikaze


    #2652691 - 13 years ago


  • stupidfool


    #2653326 - 13 years ago

    getting shot to death with a harpoon gun..... multiple shots

    compliments to GoldAngelFis

  • Sergant


    #2655354 - 13 years ago

    Being Droped out of a helicopter, Landing on a really, really steep hill with nothing around on the hill but (what elts) Cactus, (Man Its all about the Cactus) Then reaching the end of the hill, (A cliff) falling 120 feet into a heard of Porcupines, Still somehow surviving all that, and rolling onto a major highway only to get run over by a mac truck hauling 1000 pounds of wepons grade plutonium, with a crossdressing-transgender drag-queen who just so happens to be late for a truckers ball. You still some how survive that. (Dear god in heven man What are you? super man!!!!!) you crawl 30 miles before your arms give out, into what elts the truck stop that just so happens to have the truck there you then muster up what ever energy you have left and you get to the truck and find your leg (It happens to be missing) just as your grabbing your leg the truck starts to back up!!! and you die!!!!!
    (I started to get board so I ended it!!!!!)

  • ultrax1


    #2656078 - 13 years ago

    drowning in piss.

  • MrRoboto


    #2656161 - 13 years ago

    Getting traped in a portapotty and having to survive off of human excrament untill you wither away.

  • robotminione


    #2657736 - 13 years ago

    listening to this shit!

  • ellielita


    #2659632 - 13 years ago

    being sit on fire by a ex

  • ShaggySnacks


    #2663372 - 13 years ago

    Getting your cock ripped apart in a wood chipper.

    That poor rooster will be missed.

  • Rickakira


    #2665255 - 13 years ago

    Getting your cock ripped apart in a wood chipper.

    That poor rooster will be missed.

    now that would suck....

  • Spuz


    #2666461 - 13 years ago

    poked to death with a cattle prod...sounds very nasty...and painful

  • Spuz


    #2666465 - 13 years ago

    poked to death with a cattle prod...sounds very nasty...and painful

  • procrastin8r


    #2666668 - 13 years ago

    thrown into a novelty oversized blender


  • Sgt_Scumbag9


    #2668009 - 13 years ago

    Having thousands of gushing slits all over your body, and having salt poured evenly on each one, then you would have gasoline shot up your nostrils, having the fumes shift to your brain whilst the flame from the killers' lighter goes thru your nose, into your lungs, and on your brain....heheh. cool.

  • Ryaninabox


    #2668541 - 13 years ago

    raped by 2 400lb men at the same time.

  • ilikeme


    #2668629 - 13 years ago

    Killer bees. A tire in the face or being shot while eating a pear because the shooter thought it was a grenade. Dane Cook = Comedy God!