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The Battle Of The Heavens

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  • Stoite


    #6918755 - 12 years ago


    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a once in a lifetime event! For the first time ever, you will see your favorite RvB denizens fighting for the honor and glory of winning the mystery prize and earning their place as the strongest, most ruthlessly, undeniably, most bad-ass member in the Red vs Blue Community! Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE BATTLE OF THE HEAVENS!

    Taking place in the legendary Flying Castle of Dreams, a flying island with the fabled Castle giving home to its famous denizens. We have occupied the area for this tournament of Gods.

    Set in what used to be the Flying Castle of Dream's Forest located just south of the castle itself, this stadium has stood strong for nearly fifteen minutes since it's conception, and will now finally be put to use here in this glorious display of fight and valor!

    While the tournament is underway, we would like to remind you to turn off all cell-phones. Flash photography is prohibited, and souveniers can be purchased at the gift shops placed conveniently by the exits. Concessions are on sale on the third and first floor, and all bathrooms are placed on the second.

    The game wont start immidiately. Make someone up, The rules are:

    1. No God Mode, for the time being, you will get hurt, you cant absord every attack and must get hit every so often. I suggest leaving your posts and actions open ended so your opponent has a chance to counter and finish the action.

    2. Try not to flame.

    3. You are to choose ONLY 5 items This includes armors, powers and weapons. You can create a background for your character as it helps describe to everyone, you can even create a name, or go with what you have now.

    4. Next to anything goes, it can get bloody, and nicely gorey.

    5. Anyone who joins to flame, we will ignore.

    After a while, I will be making a story out of it. I will update about this as it goes on, it will be good, right now were just building our base here.

    I also, as the tournament organizer, am taking place in the battle.

    Here is my description.

    A man clad in orange spartan armor, lacking the helmut, walks into the scene, his eye is scarred, and a bandage is covering the other one. His hair is brown and resembles that of Fables Normal Haircut style, along with a chin beard goatee. He has many different appearences, but favours his MJLONIR armor. Various things are noticeable about him, mainly his weaponry. There is a 3 ft long blade hilt on his right leg, which when summoned, bears his sword Bane. a 400lb, 12 ft sword that is 4 ft wide. It looks that of The Dabilahro(level 3) from Ninja Gaiden. The Lancer with its handy chainsaw bayonet, is strapped to his back, and the longshot rifle. He also carries Bolo Grenades. He has the power of micro and RightAnalogStick, which enables him to impliment a poorly made camera view, or take control of the persons view, letting him control the direction and view the person looks. Up down or look left to right.

    Bane is unbreakable, and the sheer wake of the air from the swords slash leaves large gashes. It is bound to its owner and only can be used by him.

    My 5 Items.

    1. MJLONIR Armor, My characters a spartan, so this is coupled with the spartan enhancements. The armor isn't functional without them so thats a must.
    2. Bane, My heinusly large sword in the description.
    3. Gears of War Lancer
    4. Longshot
    5. Powers of RightAnalogStick. If LAS (leftanalogstick) ever shows up, then we will have the combined powers to throw enemy's off imaginary cliffs.

    As long as the 1 vs 1 duels aren't going on, Alliances are allowed.

    This totally owns the war thread as strategy is needed. Once you choose your weapons that's what your stuck with in the 1v1 duels. replace them at a cost/consequence.

  • namublade


    #6919014 - 12 years ago

    Namu is my name i wear a black cloak with a blood red trim. my hair is cut short and one eyes is emerald green while the other is blood red.
    My items
    1:My two longswords
    2:Psycokinetic powers
    3:Demonic possesion (when Namu becomes badly wounded he becomes possed by a demon and gains super strength and speed afterwards he he leflt completlt weakended
    4:Cloak, the cloak acts as a magical barrier stopping on but high caliber bullets
    5: 50. cal sniper

  • shikamaroo


    #6919811 - 12 years ago

    Sgt. Ashallond. i wear futuristc samurai armor thats embedded with kevlar. long black hair, green eyes, and a koi fish tattoo on each arm.
    1: 45. cal gunblade
    2: Edo Katana
    3: Samurai Armor
    4: Buff powers (causes me to become more powerful at the cost of speed and agility)
    5: Healing Herbs

  • Stoite


    #6920245 - 12 years ago

    This is going along nicely yesss. Bring some friends in if you can.

  • Stoite


    #6921818 - 12 years ago

    Everyone is starting to pack up there belongings and are getting ready to the voyage on the Castle of Dreams. ApawK is the first one there with his belongings, and a suitcase packed with some clothes, for when hes not battling.Dressed in his civilian clothes, a long leather coat almost to the knees, black pants, and his Apawk hat. He thinks he has missed the flight. The Castle itself is on a direct route to its docking bay, where its going to pick up all the combatants, contestants, and tourists who want to watch.

    Teisel, The lord of the castle, yells at his navigator Reno. "With Speed! We must make it on time!"

    Reno replied,"I'm trying as hard as I can."

    Teisel slammed down his cane. "Harder. They are paying us big bucks to rent out the castle."
    All of a sudden a gauge went off, and Reno looked at the now spinning glowing red gauge. "Uhh...Teis, your not going to like this"

    "What NOW?!"

    The Castles engine had broken down, at least one of them. Slowing down its arrival.

    Apawk walked up to an information booth. "Has the Castle of Dreams arrived yet?"

    The information booth, or the man in it replied. "No, its going to be late, engine failed."

    ApawK said thanks and walked away.

    "At least it will give the others the time to get here. I hope at least 12 make it for the voyage."

  • namublade


    #6923023 - 12 years ago

    Namu approaches Apawk and askes in a melodic voice "Has the castle arived yet"

  • Stoite


    #6923043 - 12 years ago

    Apawk turns around and sees his old buddy namu.

    "Not yet man. The engines shut down, but by the looks of it it should be here by the time everyone gets here."

    Namu questions. "How many people are going to be joining."

    Apawk remarks, "Well there should be 16 of us, including you and me, and.....*apawk ruffles through his applicants lists* this Shikamaroo fella. Think you can go around and advertise or help get the other contestants? By the way it will be an honor fighting alongside you."

  • namublade


    #6923061 - 12 years ago

    Namu pats Apawk on the back "Honors all mine, unfortunattly i don't now may warriors but i'll see what i can do" And at that he uses his pyscokinetic powers to summon a bunch of fliers from the information desk and wanders off in hopes of getting mor people to join.

  • Stoite


    #6923089 - 12 years ago

    OoC: I am saying now, that the person who is the final victor, will actually receive prizes of some sort. So you can bribe em with that. Look for creative people though.

    Apawk remembered namu being his ally from the war topic, when Silvac The Dragon Queen was ruling the galaxy at the time, and they together rebeled and help stop her rule. That was where he met him. But he quickly shook that from his head, Fighting him, and his new powers would be somewhat challenging, the other challenge at hand, was to look for the other recruits.

    "Where the hell could they be?"

  • namublade


    #6923138 - 12 years ago

    Namu looked up at the stars and was already begining to think of new ways to beat his oppenets with his new powers. Shaking his head this would be diffucult. He had hoped that Apawk had not powered up so much since last time he met him, but that does not seem to be the case.

  • auron19911

    auron19911 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923155 - 12 years ago

    Auron I have all black dragon skin armour with white trim, short white hair, and crimson color eyes.

    1. Chinese Broadsword
    2. Pyrokinesis Powers
    3. Bulletproof Sheild
    4. Magnum Desert Eagle XIX 0.50 Cal
    5. Power Necklace (Mulitplies strength and speed by 5 when put on)

  • Stoite


    #6923156 - 12 years ago

    I may be able to get film geek in here, and a new comer named SIR Cactus. if he decides to fix his profile or not. Put all out of contexts in bold or state with OoC.

  • killer2009


    #6923218 - 12 years ago

    Neo- tall, black hair, long black coat

    1. semi automatic rifle
    2. ninja stars
    3. samari sword
    4. sword of 1000 troops
    5. Bracelet of Toreedi (Increases all attributes by 5 at the cost of health)

  • LegendaryE

    LegendaryE FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923257 - 12 years ago

    Alien Warrior from a planet called Ferix known as a Feral Warrior and Shock Trooper. HAve green skin and armor equipped along with emerald eyes (See the game Brute Force).


    1. Feral Cutter.
    2. Buster Foil
    3. Ancient Dragon form. (Only used once every so often but drains my power)
    4.Spirit of Vengar (Allows me to ram my foes and heal but takes me a while to do this ability)
    5. Omega Dragon Blade Z

  • auron19911

    auron19911 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923262 - 12 years ago

    From behind Namu and Apawk thier was some yelling, " Get out of my way or be slashed down", they turn around to see a tall man in full black dragon skin pushing through a group of children.

    "Who's that jerk" said Namu to Apawk.

    "I'm not sure", replied Apawk, "I think it's one of the recruits let's go check it out."

  • LegendaryE

    LegendaryE FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923291 - 12 years ago

    Appears in room.


    I smell victory ahead of me. When do we start?

  • Stoite


    #6923348 - 12 years ago

    ApawK turned around,and approached them, A fellow named Auron had ran up to him.

    "I am ApawK, also known as Decimus Baird or Dim. State your name, and your 5 items of choice for your tournament armements."

    He also saw a alien approach.

    "Wow, didn't know this was intergalactic. Welcome, I think I shall state your name as Ferix, for no reason at all, unless you state other wise."

    And of course there was the necessary Neo look a like. "WHy does there always have to be That One. Welcome to the team, pack your shit the castles on its way. Just heard its engine is back up and running at a quarter strength."

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  • SIRcactus


    #6923368 - 12 years ago

    I am SIRcactus of camalot i wear black armor with a red cross.

    My weapons are...

    1.The holy hand grenade.

    2.The killer rabbit.

    3.A sock .

  • Stoite


    #6923406 - 12 years ago

    "You know, if that thing gets out, were all fucking screwed. And you seem to be somewhat low armed no?"

    The knight just looked at him. and bluffed by pretending to throw the rabbit cage at ApawK, who jumped back immidiately.

  • LegendaryE

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    #6923416 - 12 years ago

    Looks at the human who called me Ferix.

    "The name you might want to refer me to is Brutus named after a great warrior or Garner, one of my gods if you so please, even Vengor is nice enough. You might as well call me the Hunter Lord."

  • auron19911

    auron19911 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923454 - 12 years ago

    Interupting the alien, Auron says, "So how long is this ride on the castle going to take, I hate being in one place for long periods of time."

  • namublade


    #6923559 - 12 years ago

    "Patiance is a virtue" namu muttered to no one in particular "but i belive soon ask Apawk he helped organize the turny" Namu pulled his cloak tighter giving him almost a vampirish look and he closed his Blood red eye "I hope it begins soon at least i'm in the mood for blood and violence" his voice sounded almost completly diffrent. Blinking and shoking his head "Namu muttered damn-it amodeus and he went back to recruting

  • Stoite


    #6923677 - 12 years ago

    In reply to auron19911, #21:

    "Until you state your 5 items and give me your application, I cant exactly let you on."

    Teisel was running around the castle furiously. The engines were back up, and starting to run at full speed again, but that wasn't the problem.

    "WHERE ARE THEY?! I Can't Find them! I forgot to put them on my royal head this morning."

    The castle denizens were either hiding from Teisel or helping him find his loins. One of the newer members walked up to him and asked, what are you missing.


    Reno walked out of the engine room. "Uh, Teis, your panties got caught in the engine. and well...."
    He held up the panties now torn to shreds. Teisel muttered a swear, and went off to his pantie vault to get another pair.

    At this pace the castle would get there in no time.

    Apawk turned to his comrades and said," you know if you want to go practice with eachother, heres some sparring gear and wooden katanas. *throws the equipment to the ground in front of everyone* It should kill some time."

    OoC: The more people the join the faster the castle arrives. That way it wont be boring throughout the whole thing.

  • auron19911

    auron19911 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #6923695 - 12 years ago

    OoC: I have already put my 5 items and application on post 11.

  • Stoite


    #6923711 - 12 years ago

    OoC: Sorry ^_^

    I would just like to note to everyone, telekenesis and whatnot is allowed, but it will be regulated, you cannot fucking throw away everything coming at you.Also bullet proof and whatnot isnt fully bullet proof in the actual tournament stories, it will wear down and last a long as time. as a real bullet proof item would.

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