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  • Jakato


    #8006286 - 12 years ago

    Basically how the game works is, a person post a paragraph filled with lots of references and everybody else has to guess what all of them are. The person who gets all of them or was the most close then has to post a paragraph themself and they also get mods from the person who posted the paragraph before hand. The only rules are keep it clean and also make most of them easy. I'll start off. The one with the most correct answers gets +15 mods.

    My name is Kurt Wagner. After the end of World War II, the world was split into two. During that time I bought a car, turned out it was a robot. Who knew. So after much thought I decide what to do with it. I decided to preform a much needed job in this city amnesia and became the city's top negotiator. I went on being one until a man in dark clothing showed up. He asked me if I was a Son of Sparta, I gave him the answer and he sent demons to attack me and they total recked my shop, And I didn't even name it yet! So after more demons arrived the goverment had to seal of New York City and I knew I had to escape it. During the escape my parents got killed by a man named Joe Chill in Crime Alley. So now I had a personal Vendeta against him and I took upon a V. I knew I couldn't let him get away with doing that and I confronted him in a abandon building, but I found out that He was the guy who I let get away with money from a Greedy owner of a wrestling ring just because he ripped me of when I won a match! I was about to do something to him when he was shocked at my appearence, but he said something. He challenged me to Mortal Kombat. We fought until I got killed but a miracle happened, I was reborn as a White Wizard and Told Him "You Shall Not Pass!" To defeat him I had to use my Clans blood line trait, The Sharingan. After I activate it something amazing happened. This hand of mine glowed with an awsome power! It's loud Roar telled me to defeat him, So Here I went. I clapped my hands together and then transmuted the floor and it became a spike pit. Before he died he told me that he killed my master yoshi when I was still a pet rat in a cage and learned ninjutsu by watching him. So after the fight I had to get out of the area. I made a raft and I got of the island, but I lost my Volly Ball friend Willsin, and Jenova's Head which I was hiding from Kadaj. I kept sailing till I hit a wall and I found out my entire life was a show under Truman. After I found that out, I also found out I was the one and I went further down the rabbit hole. The End.

  • Imshadow22


    #8006643 - 12 years ago

    I think you watch too many movies.... and maybe a little ADD.

    You seem to talk about the cold war, transformers, 300, Batman, spiderman, Mortal Kombat, LoTR, TMNT, Cast Away, the Truman Show, and ended with the Matrix. I know I missed quite a few in between, but I got most of them.. I think. I think there is a reference to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in there somewhere.

  • Jakato


    #8006684 - 12 years ago

    Well you got most of them, I'll give you that. I'll wait a couple of more minutes and if nobody else replies, I guess you get the mods.

  • iamcevrus2


    #8008211 - 12 years ago

    X-Men, Transformers, 300, Batman, V for Vendetta, Spider-man, Mortal Kombat, Lord of the Rings, TMNT, Castaway, the Truman Show, and the Matrix

  • Jakato


    #8009464 - 12 years ago

    Heres a clue there are eight more references left.

  • Jakato


    #8009846 - 12 years ago

    Okay if one more person says one more reference that hasn't been said then I guess that person ets the mods.