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Make A Funny Slogan For Your City

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  • ilikeme101


    #8054550 - 11 years ago

    Its pretty simple, think f a funny slogan that represents your city, town, etc.

    For example:
    I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada, so some slogans would be,
    "Edmonton, gateway to Ft. McMurray"
    "Edmonton, largest city in Newfundland"
    "Edmonton, why rent, when you can pitch a tent"

    Now you try!

  • slightlyoff


    #8054602 - 11 years ago

    I'm sleepy so this probably isn't funny, but here goes.

    "Culver City, letting Hollywood take the blame for over sixty years"
    (more movies are made in Culver City than in Hollywood every year)

  • blank


    #8054607 - 11 years ago

    "Fernandina Beach, oh shit, now the internet stalkers know where I live."

  • Green_knight


    #8064308 - 11 years ago

    Well, hmm.....

    Portland, OR.....Home of the Silicon Forest!
    We bring new meaning to USB "Port"!

    Portland, A river runs through it.....No, really it does.

  • exniner


    #8066043 - 11 years ago

    Delano, CA

    Where bad manners, taste and hygene come to die.

  • ilikeme101


    #8076707 - 11 years ago

    Edmonton, we'e like Canada's oil and gas pimp!

    Edmonton, SUCK IT CALGARY!

  • The_Voices


    #8668932 - 11 years ago

    This thread has been dead for agez.
    Lets try and bring it back 2 life.
    I'm from Gosford.
    'Where good cars come to die'
    Seriously park your car here overnight and it'l be a flaming wreck with no wheels or engine by morning. Sometimes sooner!

  • reygar


    #8668992 - 11 years ago

    Montreal, where Americans come to get drunk when they turn 18.

  • Green_knight


    #11303217 - 10 years ago

    Vancouver, the City that thinks it can be Seattle.