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    #10784422 - 10 years ago

    Alright folks, I know a lot of you have been looking for a home for your forum games, so here it is! This is the place for any forum game you want to play. Four word story, guess who the next poster will be, word association, trivia, it doesn't matter. If it's a forum game, it can live here without discrimination. The rules for this forum are few and lenient:

    1) Only post forum games. This isn't a place to debate whether Martha Stewart could kick Oprah's ass, it's a place for forum games. --- DiMono

    2) This rule is more important than any other rule in any other forum... Have fun! If you don't like one forum game, there will probably be dozens for you to choose from, and if you don't like any of them then start your own. As long as you're having fun participating in the forum games, it's all good. --- DiMono

    3) ANYONE who tries to re-start that damn tag game in people's profiles, journals, private messages, etc. will be banned. Period. --- dark54555

    Newly Updated Fhajad Rules

    4) Grammar and Spelling will be enforced on the first post of each thread. The purpose is to explain the rules and how the game works to people. If we can't understand what you're saying, how can we play your game? Punishment for horrid grammar/spelling in the first post will result in a temp ban from your own thread.

    5) This one so far is experimental, but I'm going to play with the fact of ending some games early to have them refresh. It'll turn into a common thing if it works out well. They'll be locked and restarted every 200 pages or 6 months, not sure how it's going to be done yet.

    The Reason: It makes it easier for some people to join in later in the game. It'll also keep people break character and post. Therefore allowing for more posting in the appropriate threads for random talk instead of inside the thread itself taking up space.

    6) At the start of the Title for each RP, put "RP - nameofRPhere" as the format style. If this doesn't work well, I can edit them back to the traditional style.

    7) Keep an eye out for new rules each day. I'm still trying to figure some rules to add/change. So far everyones been pretty cooperative working with me. If you have any argument/suggestions, please go here and speak your mind.

    8) I will NOT tolerate misspellings of my username in a demeaning manner. In doing so, I'll just edit your post to reflect the true and proper spelling.


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