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RP - Wrecking Worse: A Modern Drug War

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  • StrangerCoug


    #16640620 - 5 years ago

    It's another day at the casino for de la Riva. He's at the poker room, and he's been around the block enough times to eat the stack of newer players who think they can win with everything. But what he gains from exploiting these fresh fish, he loses to being formulaic. He's passive. He's tight. He virtually never bluffs. That's how the other regulars take him out. And de la Riva doesn'r realize that they also know when he's on tilt—his breathing becomes noticeably more controlled.

    He hears something fall to the floor. It's his wallet. Someone behind him, who appears a tad too young to be on the floor, picks it up and offers it back to him. He takes the wallet back and gets suspicious—he's noticed the wallet is now lighter. He opens it up and looks inside.

    It's been looted. What's on the table—about $25 in chips—is quite literally all the money de la Riva has. He wises up and cashes out, trying not to make a scene. He leaves the casino and finds his car gone as well. The money and his phone are all he has left.

    "I am never coming back here again," de la Riva mutters. Somebody—he is convinced that it's the gang that tried to kill him—knows that he is a gambling addict and is taking a huge advantage of that.

  • bigbuck1


    #16641964 - 5 years ago

    I finish the beer and start to feel sick, I'm used to drinking on a full stomach. So I figure that I should get somthing soon.
    I go to the fridge hoping there will be some kind off food in there.
    When I stumble over to the fridge I open only to find it void of food and full of drink. So I take out another beer and stumble out.
    Out side I open the beer and stumble out the other end of the ally while drinking the beer.

  • jp4464

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    #16648047 - 5 years ago

    "License and registration, please."
    "Sure thing, officer."

    I show the officer one of my alias ID's. Keep cool, Ron. Keep Cool.
    "Alright sir, do you mind if I take a look around the car, check for any inconsistencies?"
    I nod, and the cop takes a walk around the vehicle.
    He taps on the trunk window, and I pop open the rear.

    "Alright sir, you have a nice night."

    "You too."

    Thank god he didn't open the false bottom. He'd be looking down at a dead corpse.

    We drive ahead, on our way to the hideout.


    It's not paperwork I plan to do back at the office. I need to do some recon. I'm hearing news about some big drug lord and his crew being at the center of a huge conspiracy. I thought it was just some bullshit, but I'm curious.

    2 Cops found dead at the docks, huge explosions heard on the water, and another cop shot in the head. They have to be connected, right?

    First, to look up Duke Crandel...

  • Thaydan


    #16648099 - 5 years ago

    I make it to the hideout, the sun now gone. Perfect. The air is crisp around me.

    Ideal for hunting...

    Perfect for head hunting.

    I gain a vantage point inside their compound and take aim with my rifle.

    Gunshots rung through the air, and Ingrid heard them perfectly. They sounded almost desparate.

    She then knew that she was right about Jax being here. She sped up, hoping to catch him before he vanished into the night again.

  • bigbuck1


    #16648634 - 5 years ago

    Ah the crisp night air, a sea breeze blowing in, and an empty beer bottle in my hand. That is the way it is right now. I can't believe that only hours ago it was different.
    Well any ways I go on stumbling along the side walk. Until I see a police cruiser turn my way up ahead. Oh shit. I think, then I stumble over and sit next to a dumbster while doing the best I can to ignore the smell. I mean did a skunk eat some rotten fish and climb into the dumbster and as a gift to the world it took a dump right befor it died in there.
    Any ways I turn my head towards the dumbster, lean against the dumbter like I'm going to sleep, and I push some of my long hair in front of my face, all in hopes that the cop or cops will think that I'm mereley sleeping off a night of drinking. which after they leave they might end up being right.