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Destroy the Godmodder

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  • IsaacWillia3


    #17013669 - 5 years ago

    ((credit for the idea and game goes to TT2000 of

    So, if you Roleplay over the internet or play rather hackable/moddable games, chances are you've encountered a godmodder at least once. For those of you who haven't, a godmodder is somebody who, in an online game, has hacked it to make themselves invincible, super fast, super strong, aimbot, uneffectable, basically a god (hence the name). In online roleplay, a godmodder is somebody who refuses to let their character be hit by attacks and takes control of your characters to make sure your attacks fail, and theirs always hit. Normally for bullshit reasons.

    In this game, you get to kill one (controlled by me). All you have to do is think up an attack that is so unique and wonderful, that I (the godmodder) cannot think up some way to block, stop or avoid it. Imagine we're in the Halo universe, but don't let that stop your creativity. Punching, shooting, dropping a creeper on, bending reality, all can be used, but I'll probably godmod it.

    1) Each person may only use one attack per post
    2) Each person may only post once inbetween my posts
    3) Don't expect your attacks to work, I will survive them through ridiculous means
    4) This game is not you competing with each other. You are working to bring me down
    5) I lose when I (The Godmodder) reach 0HP
    6) Chances are I will invent game mechanics
    7) Please be really imaginative


    Godmodder HP: 100/100