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  • DustBunny01


    #31900920 - 6 years ago

    Captain Marcellus

    *Transfer to Atalanta and have the ship leave the Epsilon Eridani System and enter slipspace.*

  • DustBunny01


    #31900921 - 6 years ago

    Captain Marcellus

    *The Atalanta exits slipspace and enters the New Netherland's System.*

    Nav/Com Officer Christine Stark
    "Sir, it appears that some sort of massive gravitational displacement has recently occurred in the system. There are even residuals of a recent MAC launch from the planet's Space Elevator. Also, the Ragnarok is in system."

    "Interesting. Run a full system scan and compare it to established norms and cross correlate it to SatCom data."

    "Captain Sparrow, I'll be departing in a pelican and meeting with the New Amsterdam government per the negotiations via the Free Trader Network. Keep the ship on full alert status. You have the Con."

    *Proceed to a pre-loaded Pelican and depart Atalanta, heading towards the planet's surface.*

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    #31900922 - 6 years ago

    Captain Marcellus

    *Having demonstrated the value then concluded the sale of specially trained anti-nanite sentient virus mixed with a timed activation anti-virus/virus to eliminate the sentient virus, return to the Pelican and depart the surface.*

    *Back aboard, dock then lock down the Pelican. Back on the flight bridge of Atalanta.*

    "Captain Sparrow, take us out of system. Heading is Paris IV."

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "Sir, Ms. Stark has completed the analysis of the system and determined that a rather large asteroid has been disrupted from its position in the asteroid belt and will pass in immediate proximity of New Netherlands. They can anticipate severe weather disruptions and possible minor debris fallout from the passage."

    "Advise the New Netherlands' government of your findings. No charge."

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "Yes, Sir."

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    #31900923 - 6 years ago

    Having departed the New Netherlands system, the Atalanta exits slipspace outside the Paris System.

    *Sit in the Command Chair on the Bridge.*
    "Ms. Becket; kindly plot a course to take up to LaGrange Three of Paris IV."

    Pilot Tammy Becket
    "Yes, Captain."
    *Program and lay in the course specified.*
    "Ready to execute course at standard speed."

    "Reduce speed to one quarter standard and proceed. Keep a weather eye out for space debris. Ms. Carruthers, kindly run a full system scan, plot all significant space debris and their orbits. There should be two blasted apart Frigates out there and there might be other small space craft. I want a complete accounting as well as salvage status on any craft that you pick up.

    Weapons Officer Addie Carruthers
    "Yes Captain. In work."

    *Moving at dead slow, the Atalanta enters the system.*

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    #31900924 - 6 years ago


    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "How in Hell did the Covenant miss that?"

    "It started out as a probing action on the part of a small force of Covenant ships. There were three Frigates in system when the Covenant patrol arrived. One of the Frigates was supplying power to this O.D.P. as it was being constructed. The Commander and a half dozen engineers stayed behind to shut down all power and illumination while the Frigate broke away to provide cover for the evacuation from Paris IV. Once the O.D.P. went dark, the remaining crew would have probably departed in a BumbleBee to join the escaping ships.

    However, after action reports listed the Commander and all station engineers and workers as MIA presumed KIA. Only one Frigate managed to limp out of the system with some survivors from the planet prior to the Covenant glassing the world. A survey ship after the war assessed the system and discovered the untouched and unfinished O.D.P. with seven dead as well as the remains of two Frigates and several smaller civilian craft. The information was logged and the Q.M.S.S. acquired the remains as salvage.

    I intended to bring the O.D.P. to Alpha Omega but various officers cautioned me that its reputation as a Ghost Station would be bad for morale. So, I moved the salvage rights about through various dummy corporations until squirreling them away in a Free Trader salvage company which was part of the Ironclad Legion."

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "A outdated, unfinished and dark ODP in orbit about a lifeless moon of a glassed and dead world. I don't see ... you are going to turn it into some sort of Free Trader Space Station?"

    *Arch an eyebrow.*
    "Very good, Phillip. This is the perfect place to plant our flag. Who else but Free Traders would travel to a Ghost Station above a dead world named after the City of Light to conduct business?"

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    #31900925 - 6 years ago

    Captain Marcellus

    *The Atalanta exits slipspace and enters the Epsilon Eridani System.

    On its way in-system to take up an orbit of Reach so the crew can enjoy some shore leave,
    Excalibur 15 transits to Camelot.*

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    #31900926 - 6 years ago

    Camelot Base

    *Sit at a large table in the Hanger 1 Cafeteria in the company of The Quartermaster, Captain Blood and The Gray Lady going over various documents of cost estimates, profit projections and logistics issues of the topic under discussion.*

    *Chef Samantha Wood arrives at the table with a large platter of donuts and a pot of coffee. She refreshes the cups and leaves the platter then returns to the galley to continue work on the upcoming meal.*

    The Gray Lady/Sorcha Ben-Nevis
    "Every time I attend one of these meetings, I gain two pounds."

    Captain Blood/Jeffry Flint
    "Me, I gain at least 3. Why not you and me meet between a set of silk sheets to work it off Sorcha?"

    "In your dreams, Jeffry. Forever in your dreams."

    The Quartermaster/Thomas Silver
    "If we can return to the agenda item."
    "Marcellus, I applaud your effort on this but the original plan was to rent out Hangers at this base as a revenue stream, not go out to a glassed planet and rehab an ODP, turning it into a orbiting Free Trader business center.

    "Every Free Trader Captain submitted for review by Doctor Aneko comes back with betrayal of the base and its subsequent destruction greater than fifty percent with the exception of Captain Sumbhaji Angria and Captain Charlotte Badger. No one at this table can stand to be in a room with that officious, nose in the air twerp of Angria longer than thirty minutes and, unfortunately, Charlotte simply doesn't have the funds to pay her way."

    Captain Blood/Jeffry Flint
    What surprised me was Count Mauricy Beniowski near the top of your list of betrayers.

    The Quartermaster/Thomas Silver
    He reeks of ONI. I don't have a problem doing business with him but I don't trust him with any information that I don't want getting back to ONI.

    The Gray Lady/Sorcha Ben-Nevis
    "It is a question of cost savings. I know some dark engineers that would work to get the station on line but they would want a piece of the action.

    Captain Blood/Jeffry Flint
    If we extend exclusive food contracts to a few restaurateurs that I know, they might be willing to front the expenses for the hydroponics and protein tanks. Also, guest accommodations might be a way to bring in revenue. I know one or two entrepreneurs that would be willing to handle that end.

    "I'm getting a hint of a casino, Jeffry...that is a lot of risk."

    The Quartermaster/Thomas Silver
    Ultimately, the issue will be where we draw the line on both activities that we host and activities that we condone. I know your mind Lucius so slavery is out but what about artifacts and weapons?

    "Once the station is moved out of L3, we can use that as a holding area for items that might prove hostile. If something goes wrong, there will be a moon between the station and the event and if it blows up the moon itself, then it doesn't much matter where you are."

  • DustBunny01


    #31900927 - 6 years ago


    *Sit at the console station in the Captain's Quarters/Office of Hanger 14 which had been set aside to house the Oracle of Freyja/Doctor Aneko. A knock at the door reveals a visitor.*

    "Come in."

    The Gray Lady/Sorcha Ben-Nevis
    So, this is the infamous Oracle.

    Oracle of Freyja/Doctor Aneko
    You may refer to me as Doctor Aneko, Captain Ben-Nevis

    Interesting. I am almost impressed.

    You should be, Captain Ben-Nevis, one of your crew has broken through their thralldom and is planning to betray you to the UNSC through an old warrant for your arrest. I have partially confirmed this through the discovery of certain activities on the Free Trader Network regarding outstanding arrest warrants. Your file was recently accessed and the cut outs, while good, still lead back to your ship, Midnight Oasis.

    "Doctor Aneko, please state the probability."

    Betrayal probability stands at ninety two percent. There is an six percent possibility that a bounty hunter has recently accessed your file and set a false trail back to your ship as a means of creating dissension among your crew and a two percent possibility of error regarding betrayal and that your file was accessed simply for research purposes.

    I've gone beyond impressed to downright concerned. Have you considered the addictive problems of this device Lucius?

    "I have. To know the future leads one to be trapped by that knowledge by reacting to future events that may not even happen and in so doing, create the event least desired. This is why I asked for the percentages."

    You don't approve of my thralls.

    "Thralls are one step above slave and you know my opinions regarding slavery. But, this isn't what brought you here."

    It isn't. While I don't have a full vote in your council, I will back you on the Casablanca Project. The Dark Engineers will want a piece of the action, they will want ten but I can get them to see reason and take seven. Is that acceptable.

    "Seven percent is acceptable but, I want each and every one of them scanned prior to working on the project and more importantly scanned at its conclusion. I don't want any surprises, shoddy workmanship or time release sabotage devices laid into critical systems."

    Done. One other thing before I leave. Thomas has a personal problem with this project. Very personal. Jeffry will back you so you don't need his approval but I suggest you find out what his issue is prior to forging ahead.

    "Thanks for the advice. I'll look into it."

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    #31900928 - 6 years ago

    BaseSnowFlight-2.jpg?t=1292319619 Camelot

    Captain Marcellus
    *Stand in the far tower on the outer perimeter and watch a solitary figure make his way to the tower. The individual finally trudges his way up to the tower and climbs up the ladder, enters than takes off his helmet.*

    The Quartermaster/Thomas Silver
    "Why you feel it necessary to stand guard in this isolated tower on the edge of a frozen lake. Perhaps it reminds you of your days in the Legion?"

    "Not as a Legionnaire. However, other times and other uniforms staring at a frozen landscape. I'm glad you decided to join me. There is coffee in the cabinet."

    *Pour a cup of coffee.*
    "You obviously don't need my vote to proceed with this project but you still want my consent. Why?"

    "Your Great Grand Uncle is aboard the O.D.P."

    "That BITCH!"

    "Sorcha simply picked up an impression. However, her view was not necessary. Having lived over two millennium, I knew something was bothering you outside economics and logistics. You are too centered to be concerned about ghosts so it had to be something personal. Something that created a dilemma within you. So, I simply cross checked your personnel data with the data of the fall of Paris IV. It didn't take long. Your Great Grand Uncle was among the seven who remained."

    "Family obligations and rituals versus cold logic. Once I had my own ship, I was; obligated seems too large a word, to go there and see that his mortal remains were properly put to rest. I set those thoughts aside. There was no profit to be had and the risk of annoying the UNSC by probing around one of their old ODPs was too high for a task I had no desire to perform."

    "I will be leaving soon so I can be on hand to monitor events at the site. As I will be arriving prior to anyone else, I intend to angel flight the remains into the sun."

    "For that, you have my thanks and my vote. You also have an added bonus. I know of a team of scientists and engineers working on a system of mining Deuterium from glassed planets. They know that if they attempt to do it openly, H3 will shut them down with enough legal paperwork that being glassed might be a more humane form of execution."

    "I've heard rumors. Breaking the monopoly of H3 makes my mouth water so the risk might be worth the opportunity. Are these people ready to prototype?"

    "They are. I can transfer a surplus firebase to act as a base of operations and then transfer the equipment and personnel. As Deuterium becomes available, we can set up a refueling station in one of the LaGrange points."

    "The payout?"

    "Sixty-Ten-Thirty once operating costs are dealt with. Depreciation of hard assets on the planet will be at twenty percent which will be factored off the top. We score thirty and the ten goes into replacement of fixed assets.

    "Sounds fair. Work your magic on the hard assets. Also, we will have to work out a dummy gas mining facility or two to explain our new found power source."

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    #31900929 - 6 years ago

    Camelot Base

    *Sit at a large table in the Hanger 1 Cafeteria in the company of Major Stox, Camelot Base Commander, Engineer Flynn, Paul Duncan, Graham Moody and Surgeon Dika Simza. A mission profile is on the table before each member, all having been read and studied.

    "As you can tell from the written description, it is a big job but not impossible. Major Stox will be in charge of the overall operation with Mister Moody as his second. Mister Flynn will be responsible for safety and Dr. Simza will, of course, be monitoring for radiation exposure."

    Major Stox, Camelot Base Commander
    Sir, If I May, this isn't just a big job, it is the largest and possibly the most risky that we have entertained; and I am including the cleaning up of the Hangers in the list of those jobs.

    "I've surveyed the FENRIS Nukes and they are fine. All you have to do is re-palletize them for shipment."

    Engineer Flynn
    I'm more concerned with a criticality accident. These nukes are old and internal safety features may have deteriorated. Shipping them to some god forsaken place for them to be broken apart then the plutonium repackaged is risky; very risky.

    "Which is why it isn't happening here. But the simple truth is that this operation had to happen eventually. The storage lockers of Hangers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 will be processed first then 3, 5 and 9 if necessary. I don't know how much plutonium will be lost to pilferage by the contractors that we've hired but I can guarantee it won't be substantial. And, of course, the basic reconfiguration will result in spoilage, if that word could be applied to nuclear material. If necessary, the storage locker of Hanger 13 will be transferred though the pallets placed in Hanger 10 for shipment off world."

    Paul Duncan
    "So, I go with the first shipment to Paradise Falls Colony.

    "Yes, you and Mister Moody will be reassigned permanently to the Casablanca Project. Eventually, you two will be in operational command of the Paris Station."

    Surgeon Dika Simza
    Just think Paul, you get a change of scenery. You get to move from a base on a cold, icy planet to a base above a dead and glassed planet. I believe you have managed to piss off some higher God.

    "Wrong on one count Dika. This is going to be a very tight operation with minimum personnel. The more people on board on a permanent basis, the lower our profit margin. There will be a three person command team on the Paris Station and there will be rotations so most will serve out there."

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    #31900930 - 6 years ago

    250px-Epsiloneridani.jpg Epsilon Eridani System's Asteroid belt


    Rendezvous with the Atalanta
    Captain Marcellus
    *Exit the shuttle and proceed up to the Flight Deck.*
    "I have the Com."

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "I'm surprised that you didn't take Excalibur 15."

    "You will be needing it to transfer the FENRIS Nukes from Camelot to Atalanta. The amount of shuttle flights back and forth would eventually alert someone that something was unusual. Also, I don't want Excalibur 15 anywhere near those Dark Engineers."

    "If the course has been laid in, Ms. Becket, take us out of the Epsilon Eridani System and to Paris IV."

    Pilot Tammy Becket
    "Yes Sir; course is laid in; executing."

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    #31900931 - 6 years ago


    *Stand in Atalanta's Hanger Bay outside the Pelican with Captain Sparrow.*

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "You should have someone with you. Seven days is still seven days should something go wrong."

    "You are going to need everyone here to handle the job. Remember, this is not a race. Slow and steady. Tired people make mistakes and mistakes can be fatal."

    Captain Phillip Sparrow
    "There won't be any mistakes on our end. You just watch yourself."

    "I'm pretty sure that I packed a mirror; hopefully, I haven't dropped it."
    *Reach out and shake Captain Sparrow's hand.*
    "I'll see you in seven days."
    *Take my leave of Captain Sparrow and then Atalanta's. As the Pelican docks in one of the O.D.P.'s Hanger Bays, Atalanta breaks off and begins to depart the system.

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    #31900932 - 6 years ago


    *With the angle flights completed and the pelican locked down in the Hanger Bay, take a break from the various tasks on the Paris Station and monitor the ebb and flow of information on the Free Trader Network. Discover that no one has yet to respond to pleas by the government of New Netherlands for assistance in dealing with their asteroid problem.*

    *Send out a few messages and call in the favor owed by Captain George Booth who would lead the attack with assistance of Captain Charlotte Badger and Captain Stede Bonnet*

    *Make arrangements with Captain Khidr Barbarossa to supply the ordinance.*

    *Work up a proposal and submit it to the government of New Netherlands for payment and trade concessions. With the confirmations obtained, give the information to Captain Booth to organize the weapons rendezvous as well as the transition into the system to attack the target asteroid.*

    *Button up my suit and return to the airless station to continue work on making the Auxiliary Bridge habitable.*

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    #31900933 - 6 years ago


    *With the airlock back in operation, complete the isolation of Auxiliary Control electrically then link up the two Sinoviet Generators to the internal systems of Auxiliary Control, the O2 equipment as well as the scrubbers.*

    *Open up the portable air tanks and start to fill the room.*

    *Activate the various terminals and start to run system checks. Verify that the Halon 1301 system is on line and functional.*

    *Utilize ONI code clearances then link up a Data Storage Unit and begin the process of copying the station's files.*

    *With pressure holding and internal air at habitable levels, remove my helmet and gauntlets. Move to a terminal with a keyboard more suitable to flesh and blood hands and start to review logs and data.*

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    #31900934 - 6 years ago

    P-IV-S-D-1.jpg Paris Station

    *Circuit trace to an external dish that is still operational then hook up my last Sinoviet Generator to the system to power it up so that a Com Link is established to Auxiliary Control.*

    *Back in Auxiliary Control, fire up a terminal and complete the link to the dish then run protocols and a de-bugging program. In an hour, through a series of cut-outs, link up to the Free Trader Network.*

    *Discover the news from New Netherlands and just shake my head.*
    "Those stupid bastards. It isn't enough to have ONI and the UNSC after your collective sorry asses, you have to start a war with the Free Traders. You might as well haul up the ol' Jolly Roger and start singing Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates' Life For Me over a bottle of rum.*

    *Pull in all the data and image files and start to run an analysis of the Ragnarok's offensive and defensive capabilities.*

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    #31900935 - 6 years ago

    PSys-IV.jpg Paris System

    *Over the course of several hours, the The Lost Fleet assembles outside the heliopause. Once the fleet was assembled and communicating through laser link com, two Charon-Class Light Frigates, Manhattan and Star Fort enter the system at flank speed while the remainder of the fleet envelops the system and slowly moves inward.*

    *As Manhattan and Star Fort reach the orbital path of Paris IV, the Manhattan flies high cover to maintain contact with the enveloping fleet while the Star Fort progresses towards the abandoned O.D.P. then stops. With its weapons ranged, a Pelican departs the Star Fort and heads towards the dark O.D.P.*

    Lc< We are picking up power emanations from the interior of the O.D.P. Proceeding as ordered.>Lc

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    #31900936 - 6 years ago

    *Arrive at the Hanger to pick up some equipment and supplies when my HUD lights up as a half dozen weapons are trained on me.*
    Well, this royally sucks.
    *Slowly raise my arms.*
    <I am one of the owners of this military surplus. However, we are accepting applications for leasing space.>

    <Shut Up! You are our prisoner.>.

    *With my hands brought down and tied, I find myself escorted to the nearby wall as a Pelican enters the Hanger to land. Notice the Q.M.S.S. logo still stenciled on the craft. Once loaded, a com cable is attached between the leader and my armor to allow for private 'non-broadcast' communication.*

    "Who Are You?".

    "I am Captain Marcellus, Free Trader. I am part of a consortium who own this former O.D.P."

    "How many are on this station?".

    "I am alone though I expect a group of engineers shortly along with the delivery of some power equipment. By the way, who are you and why are you flying Q.M.S.S. equipment?"

    "I'm asking the questions, not you.".

    "A name at a minimum would at least be common courtesy."

    "I am Lieutenant Commander O'Connor.".

    *Think back and run the rosters through my mind.*
    "Any relation to Lieutenant JG Danny O'Connor, formerly of the ... Star Fort I believe."

    "Who The Fuck Are You?!?".

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    #31900937 - 6 years ago

    K-B-O-C-a.jpg Kuiper Belt of Paris System

    SOFsm.jpg Forbidden City

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "I have been reviewing the information on this Captain Marcellus and his Ironclad Legion. He reeks of ONI.".

    Captain Tabatha 'The Magician' Bruce
    "Then is it wise to bring him here? I'm not advocating that we space him as we can't exist without the Free Traders but, it is a risk if our existence becomes officially known to the ONI.".

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "Something is wrong here. Even a well briefed spook would not know the name of a low level junior officer in the Q.M.S.S., let alone his prior posting unless they already suspected that we exist.".

    Captain Tabatha 'The Magician' Bruce
    "We need to move very, very cautiously here. Neither ONI nor the UNSC positively know of our existence - as far as we know. A few Free Traders know of the existence of a couple of our ships but not the full extent of our fleet. If we ever hope to establish some sort of base, this is the only thing viable for us to work with.".

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "My plan is to treat him with the respect accorded to his rank. At most, he will know the existence of two of our ships. If he is truly a Free Trader and, as records show, the owner of this O.D.P., he might be willing to work a deal.".

    Captain Tabatha 'The Magician' Bruce
    "Let us hope so.".

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    #31900938 - 6 years ago

    *After being given the opportunity to clean up and make myself presentable, though in a blue uniform without rank or insignia, walk familiar steps to the Officers' Wardroom.*

    *After the customary knock initiated by Lieutenant Commander O'Connor, enter to find Captains Tamar Chang and Tabatha Bruce. Notice both ladies with expression bordering on amazement and almost terror.*

    "Greetings Tamar and Tabatha."
    *Register a significant jab into the back by O'Connor followed by a harsh whisper.* "Show respect or I'll burst a kidney.".
    "Would you kindly inform this officer who I am since before he punches me in the back again."

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "Lieutenant Commander!".

    "My apologies, Ma'am.".

    Captain Tabatha 'The Magician' Bruce
    "You should address your apology to the gentleman, he happens to be Chief Warrant Officer Bunny; the man responsible for the Quarter Master Special Services.".

    "That is a fact that I would appreciate did not leave this room."

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "So, the rumor is true. A god-cursed immortal. If preventing the start of a new galactic war combined with a star going nova isn't sufficient to put paid to your karmic debt, one wonders what it would take.".

    "My money is on a black hole but that is for another day. My understanding is that the Quarter Master Special Services were disbanded, its surviving ships scrapped, placed into various moth-ball fleets or transferred to the UNSC. The fact that the Q.M.S.S. logo is still present suggests mutiny and desertion and/or some strange idea to seize power from both the UNSC and ONI."

    Fleet Admiral Tamar 'Empress' Chang, Commanding
    "It has never been our intention to seize power. We were just disinclined to cooperate with the complete dismantling of the Q.M.S.S.".

    Captain Tabatha 'The Magician' Bruce
    "Our purpose, is to wait out the coming war.".

    "Which presupposes more than two ships but less than a full armada."

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    #31900939 - 6 years ago

    *As punishment for the punch to the kidney, O'Connor is tasked with the job of seeing that my armor is cleaned and deodorized.

    *In the hours that followed, share a decent meal not squeezed out of a tube, some real fresh perked coffee and obtain a complete briefing. An accommodation of sorts is arranged and the Paris Station has not only a security blanket but also an upgrading of its defensive measures beyond my wildest imagination. Engineering teams will be dispatched to position Covenant shields generators as well as power units to generate the shielding into the station. The power units can be tasked with getting power into the station for the short term until all the PB reactors are on-line.*

    *After a restful night's sleep in my former quarters, obtain a lift back to the Paris Station.*