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  • epicFAIL_


    #30325557 - 10 years ago

    Otherwise known as FFF's.
    Having just begun my own, I began to ponder...
    "Hmm...could others have had the same ephiphany as I?!"
    And so here I am, bestowing my work upon you.
    Of course, it's no where near done, but it's pretty badass. Enjoy it.

    And of course, reading other's work is almost as incredible as creating your own.
    We want to read that work!

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  • Renkai


    #30325558 - 10 years ago

    Last mission was at a ghost town believed to be haunted, Agent Colorado was sent to investigate this town and came back to HQ empty handed. Agent Colorado had killed some covenant patrol units but didn't quite understand what they were looking for if anything at all. He searched the entire area from top to bottom and didn't find anything himself, after getting rid of the lingering groups he went back to HQ. Apparently after he left the seemingly empty town a covenant phantom came by and dropped off more units. Colorado got hit hard for the failure of the mission they accused him of knowing this was going to happen and looked down on him for that.

    They questioned him time and again if he knew this was going to happen or if he was somehow working for the covenant behind their backs. He said nothing as he turned away and walked out of HQ. Moments after he walked out they called out to all the bases they could to tell them not to let Agent Colorado do any military missions anymore from now on. Three years after that Agent Colorado had took on many other jobs to get through the months. He's had clients from time to time, come back and ask if he could do some job they had for him.

    He took the job willingly, he gladly took any job they had to offer him from day in to day out since the guards knew him well enough they asked him to go out on night patrol with them. He took his own weapons if he needed them of course, he was the only one there that could see in the dark without a flashlight due to his night visor. Everything seemed to be going really well for him here there was always something that could be done in the town. The next day Colorado had just woke up and was getting ready, putting on all of his gear so he could walk out of his small cabin. Something went off just before he was about to step out the door, "Hello, anyone there?" someone's voice called out, a radio transmission? Colorado thought as he tapped into it to give the voice an answer.

    "Agent Colorado here," he said waiting for a response
    "Agent who? Well, whoever you are can you help us?" the voice responded

    Colorado Stepped out of his cabin as he responded "What's your situation?" as he was walking away from the town tracking the signal. I have to head south, that's where the signal is coming from, Colorado thought as he started to run south. "We have no situation, but we're about to if we get no help!" the voice shouted, "Are you coming or not?" the voice asked harshly. Colorado started to run faster than normal, using his suits enhancement to get there in time from whatever was going on. "Yeah I'm coming, as fast as I can." he told the voice as he continued running as fast as he could until he got to the location where the signal was coming from.

    He didn't see anyone close but noticed that there was a drop off just a little further ahead, when he walked up and looked down this cliff he saw two ODST soldiers fighting covenant units. They were outnumbered terribly, he saw someone that looked like their commanding officer running up to them to regroup. Colorado took out his SOCOM pistol took aim at the covenant and shot a few rounds off killing two grunts and wounding an Elite. When the Elite fell back two more took his place, he jumped down the cliff sliding on the rough rocky surface. On his way down shooting a few more rounds only killing three more grunts this time as he slid down and hit the ground. He ran over to where the ODST and their commanding officer was and took cover as he poked his head around to fire at the covenant units.

  • Renkai


    #30325559 - 10 years ago

    The man in light blue armor looked at Colorado to speak to him "'Bout time you made it here!" the man said frustrated. Colorado took no notice to his harsh tone as he replied "What are the three of you doing out here?" as he looked out to fire again. "I'm the one leading this mission, I'm General Dean and these are Private Hudson and Sam." he introduced himself and his party.
    He continued "We were investigating this area on a search and destroy mission. The covenant landed here with more units than we'd expected. Two of my men died in this canyon." Dean said updating Colorado. A few of them poked their head out to fire at the covenant as they returned they're fire with plasma rifles and pistols. Dean looked at Colorado again "Who would you be? I didn't see anyone come with you so does that mean you lost all your men or just didn't bring them?" Dean asked as Colorado faced him.
    "I am Agent Colorado, a freelancer, my team mates were all killed by a traitor long ago on a recovery mission. That was the very same mission that made me a freelancer."
    "I heard of you, you were that one guy who was accused of being on the covenants side on your last mission."

    Colorado stayed silent as he fired at the covenant taking down a few more grunts, he saw one of them toss a plasma grenade. He quickly got back into cover, "Look out, incoming plasma!" he warned the whole party, they all stayed in cover as they heard the plasma blow. In return Colorado threw two frag grenades at them hoping to blow up a hand full of them, they heard the grunts scream as the frags blew. Dean sighed "I hope you have a plan, we're relying on you to get us out of this mess." he said harshly as he and the other ODST's fired at them. Colorado looked around the piece of a covenant phantom they were using as cover and saw that the covenant still had four units left including the unit of Hunters that now started to walk toward them.

    Colorado quickly got back into cover taking a glance at Dean, "Well of course I have a plan, an unless you want to die from Hunters shooting at you I'd advise we all run. Now!" as he got up so did the others. They all took off running leaving the covenant units behind as Colorado tried contacting any random branch of the military for help. They heard plasmas blowing up not too far from them and plasma rifles being fired at them as they ran and finally someone answered. "This is Commander Carter, who is this?" he said harshly as he waited a response from the one who was trying to contact him. A plasma blew up closer to them than before, "This is Agent Colorado, with General Dean and his team. We need assistance, now!" he replied as he took cover and everyone else did as well.

    Carter responded as quickly as he could "Okay, I know your location, I'll be there in ten minutes we were just coming back from our mission when you got us." another plasma blew up as the Hunters shot their cannon-like guns at them. Colorado quickly backed up as the Hunters shot went through part of the rock that he was taking cover behind "Roger that." he said as he took out his silenced SMG and fired at the Hunters. The others followed his lead and fired like he had except for General Dean he'd thrown a grenade at them and when it blew the Hunters flinched delaying their attack. Dean looked over in Colorado's direction, "We won't last much longer out here like this." he said as the Hunters attack blew through more of the rock.

    Hudson tapped Colorado's shoulder "Let me and Sam take it from here so you and Dean can get out of here." he told Colorado. He shook his head in disapproval "No I won't do that, I'll never leave another behind again." he told Hudson as he returned fire to the Hunters. Hudson pulled Colorado and Sam pulled Dean away, "You two have no choice you will take off without us." Sam said as he and Hudson aimed their guns at them. Dean shook his head as he and Colorado started to turn their backs on them.

  • Renkai


    #30325560 - 10 years ago

    "Why..?" Dean was cut off
    "Just go!" Hudson said

    So they did, they turned around and ran for the mountains that seemed so far away, Hudson and Sam stayed behind keeping the covenant at bay. Hudson fired at the Hunters as Sam came back around "Do you think they're far enough away? I set the explosives." he told him holding the detonator. Hudson looked at him and nodded his head "I think so, go ahead and set it off." he told Sam. He pressed down on the button and the rocks started to crumble and tumble down on top of them while the explosion blew them off their feet onto the ground. The rocks closed the clear path for the covenant, they wouldn't have an easy time following Agent Colorado and General Dean now.

    Colorado and Dean heard the explosion and turned to look, "They were good men, they always kept to themselves but they were good none the less." Dean said sitting on the ground. Colorado sat down next to him with his SMG still out, "I'm sure they were good men." he said as they both waited for help to arrive. Two minutes later a Pelican lowered down and picked up Colorado and Dean when they got in they took off, heading back to the base that Carter is stationed at. Carter glanced at the two sitting in the pelican and sat down across from them facing them. "Mr. Colorado, you are aware that you weren't supposed to take part on any military missions right?" Carter asked as he glanced at Dean.

    Colorado sighed as he looked out of the pelican as he responded "Yes I was aware, the charges for contacting a military branch is either prison or death." he looked back at Carter. Neo turned to face them, "If I may suggest, I would put him in the prison level." Carter looked at Neo and nodded slowly.

    The ride to the base was smooth and the skies were clear as they proceeded, every once in a while Carter and his men would talk quietly to themselves. An hour went by and they were still riding in the pelican, Colorado stayed silent as he glanced at Dean and the others. It seemed that from the little conversation that Carter was having with his men they would be arriving there soon. Thoughts were going through Colorado's mind as the ride seemed to move slowly and time was not on his side. Dean nudged Colorado as their time to talk was going to come to an end once they get to the base, they may never be able to talk again.

    Colorado looked at Dean when he nudged him, "Why did you help me and my men if you knew this was going to happen?" Dean asked curiously. Colorado shook his head as he looked at the floor "Cause it was the right thing to do. Anyone would tell you that." he responded as he looked out the pelican again. Dean looked down at the floor and nodded to himself as he put his weapons down next to him, since he wasn't going to be using them again anytime soon. Ken sat down across from Dean and Colorado and sighed as he did the same as Colorado and looked out to the land below. "It's nice isn't it?" Ken said to Colorado, he continued on "There's nothing like looking out on the world from high in the sky." he said as the it fell silent in the pelican.

    (story isn't done yet, the post will be the ending though, I'm pretty sure)

  • Renkai


    #30325561 - 10 years ago

    [Last part of the first half of the story]

    After an hour since Ken joined them Neo walked back and looked at Dean and Colorado, "We're almost at our base. Prepare to land." he told them as he went back to the cockpit. Twenty minutes later or so Colorado looked out of the pelican and saw they were coming closer to the ground. Once they landed Colorado got up slowly and walked off of the pelican as Carter, Ken, and Neo were behind him preparing to escort him to their prison level. Jonny was the last one to get off the pelican, once he did everyone else was heading into the base, he shrugged and went to his own quarters. Dean was the first to be at the door of the empty cells where they held any captives or prisoners, Dean saluted as they passed him with Colorado heading in first.

    Colorado nodded at Dean as he passed him looking at each empty cell, as he stopped at the last one and waited patiently for them to open the cell. Neo opened the cell for him and Colorado walked right in without no hesitation no thought of any sort as he walked in and sat down. He watched as Carter and the others left, noticing that Neo took another glance at him before he followed the rest of the way out. Ken closed the door to the prison part of the base as Carter looked at Dean, "You don't owe him anything." he stated harshly.

    "That you are wrong Commander. I owe him more than you can imagine, same goes for my men."
    "Why do you insist of owing him anything?"

    Dean started to walk away as he stopped to glance over his shoulder "If you have to ask for everything you'll never learn anything." he said as he continued on out the base. Neo looked at Carter wondering what he was thinking, if he was thinking of anything for the moment. Ken walked to the counter and took a seat glancing at Neo than to looking to Carter "What are we going to do with him now?" Ken asked Carter as he turned to face him. "We're going to keep him here for a few days, then interrogate him to find the truth." he said heading out of the room himself as Neo and Ken exchanged glances.

  • Renkai


    #30325562 - 10 years ago

    [The next half of the story...]

    Judgment Day

    After being imprisoned by the same military that used to be Colorado's only ally, only now it seemed as though his ally was now his enemy. He began to think to himself as he was alone in his cell, although not completely alone. Colorado has an AI that always stays with him and will aid him in combat if needed or necessary to complete his mission. Only now his only mission was to get out of this cell, no matter what the cost is either getting out alive or dead. Colorado looked around to see if anyone was around, luckily no one was there besides him and his AI, he stood and walked to the cell door and slid it back, opening it.

    He walked to the first door and looked at the electrical pad next to it, "Leo, do you think you can cause a disturbance from this pad?" Colorado asked waiting on a response. Colorado touched it as Leo answered back "Yes, but only a small one though. It will only last five minutes, can you get to the main control in five minutes?" Leo asked concerned. Colorado thought about it for a minute and then responded "Maybe, I'll have to improvise. Nothing new." he shrugged off the worry for now still touching the pad. Leo sighed and started to tamper with the system from this level "I don't want you blowing your only chance to escape." Leo stated as the lights flickered.

    Colorado chuckled "Blow it? You know me, I never blow any chances I have." he said as got ready to head out the door, never leaving his hand from the pad as well. Leo continued to tamper with the system until all the lights went out and the doors opened "I sure hope not, especially now." Leo said as Colorado was all ready on the move. He turned on his night visor and was slowly heading for the nearest exit as he listened to what sounded like Neo and Ken talking .

    "What is going on here?"
    "I don't know, everything just turned off."
    "Great! It's rebooting, by time everything is running again we might as well tell everyone how embarrassing our career ended."

    Colorado had no idea what they were talking about, or why they were so upset that the power went out at this particular moment. Nothing made sense until he walked outside, turning off his night visor as he walked out, seeing covenant ships lingering over the base high in the sky. Colorado ran toward the nearest building and went inside, he looked around for a computer or something that had more control over the base. As Colorado spotted a computer Leo said "You sure know the perfect time to lower defense systems." Colorado grunted at Leo. He started working on the computer and did as much as he could and then put his hand on the power cord on the wall.

    He then said "That's exactly why you're going to find the main control system right from this building." Colorado said sure that this would work for sure. Leo didn't say anything for a moment than spoke up "It'll take some time for me to find the main controls this way. About ten to fifteen minutes if I'm not mistaken." he said not sure about Colorado's plan. He didn't lift his hand from the power cord "This is the only way I can see this will work, besides I turned on the main defenses so you should be find to roam for at least ten minutes." he said sure of himself.

  • Muse

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    #30325563 - 9 years ago


    //Subject//Codename Agent West Virginia/Informal Personality Debrief

    Interviewer: *static* -rting at 14:53 standard time, conducted at Freelancer Headquarters. Present are myself and Freelancer Agent West Virginia.

    Agent West Virgina: Doc, I’ve told you, ‘West’ is just fine.

    I: Agent West Virginia, I know this is my first time talking to you, but I believe that protocol is important for a man in my position.

    A.W.V.: *audible irritated sigh* Suit yourself, Doc.

    I: And please stop calling me that. My name is *censor beep* and I would appreciate it if you would call me that.

    A.W.V.: Well, this is my first time talking to you too, Doc. And protocol can go whistle Dixie for all I care. *audible chuckle* How about this, Doc; I will if you will.


    I: *irritated* Very well. Subject Agent West Virginia will be referred to as ‘West’ from now on throughout the rest of this interview.

    West: *audible chuckle* Thank you, *censor beep* I appreciate that.

    I: Somehow, I doubt it.

    W: *laughing* Now you’re gettin’ it.

    I: *irritated* Please, stop this nonsense Agen- *sudden stop, strained pause* West. We are here to discuss you today. So if you could, please. Tell me about yourself and what it is you do.

    *slight pause*

    West: *plainly* ‘Infiltration’.


    I: Is that all?

    West: *chuckle* Well, the dictionary definition we’re all told on our first day of Recon training was ‘a way to enter or gain access to an organization or a place surreptitiously in order to gain information’. It’s somethin’ I’m supposed to specialize in, but you won’t find me boasting about it to anyone anytime soon. When I was first learnin’ about how to get into a building without anyone catching a peep of me in full Mk IV armor, which leaves me about as light on my feet as a bull tryin’ to tap dance, it was on the ground.

    I: An intriguing choice of words, West...

    West: But it was good, firm, honest to God soil under my feet and something I could more often than not rely on to stay pretty solid, ‘specially if someone had the forethought to lay down concrete as is the notion these days.

    I: Indeed...please continue, West.

    West: That said, when you’re an Agent, working for those nice, sideways smirkin’ people as a Freelancer, the notion of infiltration gets a little skewed. Then you’ve not gotta worry about some chickenshit building or room and hope nobody spotted you in the darkness and if they did they jus’ mistook you for a misplaced shadow or a spot in their eye that tells ‘em a 12 hour shift just isn’t for them; you gotta worry that the chute on your hastily converted ODST Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle will work when you’re ‘infiltrating’ a planet crawlin’ with people who’d rather see you dead than standin’, and worrying if the your heat trail comin’ down isn’t gonna get a ping of their radar systems whilst trying to silence the little voice in the back of your head that those rather misty reports about there bein’ some anti-air units based around the drop zone were simply added to the intel to make you think a little faster.

    I: And how does that make you feel?

    West: Landfall is never real easy. The mods to the pod don’t allow for any type of sophisticated electronic equipment; spooks say it’ll just light up an enemy’s radar systems like I was wreathed in lit flares, so I gotta gut the damn nav-comp and rely on my suit’s internal altimeter. ‘Course I could ask for some stealth ablative coatin’ that some of the bigger boys have and can pretty much do a big song-an’-dance routine as they come down and a radar operator wouldn’t see a damn thing until after he started hearin’ gunfire, but I’m a Freelancer; I’m not expected to do things the ‘easy way’.

    I: So, West, do you feel this places you under undue stress or agitation?

    West: *nonchalant* Only until my little titanium-armored booties touch soil can I really breathe and get my head back on straight. That is, providin’ I haven’t dropped right in the thick of it and have to hit the ground runnin’ and there’s bullets flyin’ through the air, all with the busy little task of catchin’ up with me.

    I: It is not unusual for Freelancers to be given more...‘interesting’ tasks. Tell me, West, why did you decide to become an Infiltrator and Reconnaissance Specialist?

    West: *sigh* My ell-tee was old school when I first arrived in basic. Pretty much drilled into me and every other person in that damned camp that sneakin’ around and acting all ‘stealthy-like’ was a coward’s game and that my place as a jarheaded rookie was to go head on and face the enemy’s gunfire and hope to the almighty that if I got pinged, I’d land face first to show I’d been movin’ forwards with honesty and honor. Though it shows you what he knows when he got pinged himself on Cydonia, ‘scarce four years back by a sniper. Word came back that he was found face up too...some odd kind of injustice bein’ served out there amongst the more ‘honest and honorable’ types by ‘cowards’. But I’d decided that perhaps bein’ that one coward could break the entire platoon of potential heroes. But who am I to judge?

    I: Do you see yourself as a judge then, West? 'Punishing the wicked'?

  • Muse

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    #30325564 - 9 years ago

    West: *chuckle* Well, my SRS 99D-S2 Anti-Material Sniper Rifle tends to work better than any judge’s gavel I tend to find and the sentences it dishes out in the form of 14.5mm x 114mm Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot rounds are pretty much final. Sure, the 99D-S2 in pretty much anybody’s hands can kill a man past spittin’ distance, but I guarantee that you put it my hands and I can paint a Picasso with an enemy’s guts on the ground, and leave ‘em breathin’ long enough to admire it. ‘Course, you could say it ain’t exactly sportin’ of me to go and do that, but the whole point is me not bein’ seen, and whilst I like think my ass still looks as pretty as it always does in my Mark IV, I tend to stand out in six foot tall armor, so I gotta keep aforementioned pretty ass as far away as I can from those who can distinguish between a nice, leafy bush and a Freelancer Agent and would have something unbecoming to say about it and might even go so far as to start hollerin’ or shootin’, and most likely in that order.

    I: I see.

    West: That said, whilst the scope on the 99D-S2 allows me to check whether a man a mile away needs to get a new shavin’ razor or deigned not to brush his teeth that mornin’, it don’t see through bunkers, locked doors or concrete walls where all the intel is. So despite bein’ easier to spot than a neon-colored chicken with its tailfeathers on fire, I do what I do best; I run in.

    I: You ‘run in’ you say? How exactly does that help?

    West: One of the only things that those bushwhacked eggheads managed to give me was this godsend of a system that makes me as heavy and slow as an oil tanker with a drunk at the wheel into something that makes a Longsword fighter look clumsy and ungainly. With M.OV.E. I can run so damn fast, I will swear blind my feet hardly touch the ground. You blink and you will miss me. And that’s what tends to happen; all I need is the blink of an eye to get up to speed and squeeze through a closing door and anyone in the way will just think that things got a bit more breezy all of a sudden.

    I: Yes, I have seen the specifications of the Mobility OVercharge Enhancement and the results it has yielded under, West. I will admit they are nothing more of spectacular. Please, continue.

    West: ‘Course sometimes runnin’ ain’t gonna be everything; I can jump distances that seem impossible and land without so much as a puff of dust ‘neath my armored feet. I can cling and hang off of things in such a way that makes even spiders and bugs scratch their heads. I move like the damned wind and nothin’ can see or stop me. I feel like my armor isn’t there...but it is comforting to know that it still is, considering if it wasn’t, then for one, I’d be a mite less confident at getting shot at, and two I’d probably be a bit more distinguishable seein’ as I’d been as naked as the day I was born and like my Momma said, that’s no way for a girl to go into combat. Or meet strangers. I forget which one it was she told me exactly...

    I: I feel that were’ getting slightly off topic here, West...

    West: Sorry...But despite havin’ all this techno-jiggery-pokery, my pretty little ass doesn’t get things done with stunnin’ good looks, gadgets and guns alone. I got Mu. He’s an AI I got back when I became a Freelancer and people started callin’ me ‘West Virginia’ like my Daddy’d called and told everyone that Ayrin was actually his second choice and he’d never the heart to tell me after I’d been born. But despite the new moniker and swanky new duds, Mu was a bit more of a handful. Perhaps handful ain’t the word seein’ as he’s not so much something you can hold, but he’s pretty much ‘the voice in my head’ now; I was pretty much told that there was room in my head for one more and the next thing I know I’m hearin’ this pretentious little Limey voice in my skull, talkin’ very politely about new and inventive ways to gut a man with nothin’ more than a soup can. Disturbin’ stuff for sure, but after a while he calmed down and told me how he liked to create things and since I was a soldier, what better stuff to create than new ways to kill folk?

    I: I understand that there were some ‘teething issues’ during the initial phases, yes. And how are things now?

    West: Well, s’been more than a few years now since I was stuck with the annoyin’ little guy, but he’s endearing in his odd little fashion. He’s helped me out of a few scrapes when runnin’ didn’t solve much, thinkin’ up a way out that only he can see and yet always seems to work no matter what. One time in particular he suggested I sneak my way out of a fortified asteroid which was on full alert after I went an’ very slightly killed the administrator of said floatin’ rock in plain sight, and I found myself clinging to the bottom of a patrol ship that they sent out, letting go and floatin’ for a scary while back to the recon boat that was waitin’ for me to come back. If Mu hadn’t suggested I go and do somethin’ as dumb as takin’ a three hour drift through that inky blackness, I’d prolly have been found, caught, tortured and killed and probably in that order, so I’m greatful to him. He’s managed to convince me to do other stuff that ain’t just trainin’ or lazin’ in my bunk when I’m off-duty, to try and be creative myself. I tried poetry, but when Mu laughed for about seven minutes straight after I read my first one out to him, that came to a rather abrupt end. So then I found that harmonica my Daddy gave me when I shipped out to basic and Mu told me to start blowin’ in one end to make a tune. Does rile up the Administrator when I know they’re monitorin’ me which tickled me some and now I feel I have to play it regular or I start feelin’ all tetchy.

    I: So you prefer to keep to yourself, West?

  • Muse

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    #30325565 - 9 years ago

    West: Well seein’ the kind of work I do, I tend to work alone, save for Mu of course, but I’m not adverse to a little company every now and again. I just hope that whoever I work with stays on the job and professional, but doesn’t have a case of ‘stick up ass’ syndrome at the same time; you even tickle me some and I might just call you friend. O’course you push me the wrong way, I will not hesitate to push you back, though keep in mind I don’t so much push or prod as in more punching or shooting; mostly depends on the kind of day I’m having.

    I: Well it is good to know you’re not incompatible in working with others.

    West: So that’s me in a cute l’il nutshell, Doc. You want someone to get somewhere that somehow seems inaccessible? All you gotta do is ask.

    I: I fear that I will not require your services to do so, West. Project Freelancer will have the say in that of course.

    West: *uncomfortable shifting sounds* So, that it then, Doc? I’m feeling like I’ve spilled all I can to you. Brass said they needed a word too and I’m feeling a mite uncomfy this long separated from Mu.

    I: Yes, Agent West Virginia, that will be all. Concluding inter-*static*


  • SmiteThyFace


    #30325566 - 9 years ago

    //To// Codename: Big Daddy
    //From// Codename: Little John
    //Subject// ODST Squad Charlie

    The following is com chatter of the ODST squad Charlie on November 15. 2546

    //File Begin//

    //Transmitter// //Message//

    ONI Agent: Milo Charlie squad this Milo from command, are you ready to drop, over?

    ODST: Eagle That the new lady from Command? Man she has a beautiful voice.

    Milo Can it Eagle, I can here you, over.

    ODST: Mitch Aw crap, now you’ve made the lady mad Eagle

    ODST: Sheperd Affirmative Milo, all prepped and ready to drop, just waiting for your signal, over.

    Milo All right boys drop in 5…4…3…2…DROP!

    Eagle OHHH Yeah, we’re on an express elevator to hell!

    Sheperd Milo, any new intel on our objectives, over.

    Milo Negative Sheperd, nothing new to report yet, over.

    Eagle Hey Sarge, remind me of our objectives again.

    Mitch Don’t tell me you’ve forgot already, Eagle!

    Eagle No it’s not that, I just wasn’t listening.

    Milo Eagle, if you weren’t the best sniper I knew, I would have you demoted, over.

    Mitch Ouch.

    Sheperd To answer your question Eagle, we have to protect the generators holding our MACs in orbit.

    Eagle Ok, but this sounds like a job for a Spartan, or Freelancer, why us?

    Milo Because the Covenant is already at the generators, and you guys can get there faster than a Spartan, or Freelancer, over.
    Eagle Oh, ok.
    Sheperd Alright men we’re entering the atmosphere, chutes on my command!
    Mitch Here we go.
    Sheperd Ready…NOW!
    Milo Good luck Gentlemen.
    //End File 1//

  • SmiteThyFace


    #30325567 - 9 years ago

    In reply to SmiteThyFace, #10:

    crap, that was an accidental posting don't know why it did that, corrected version to come

  • SmiteThyFace


    #30325568 - 9 years ago

    //To// Codename: Big Daddy

    //From// Codename: Little John

    //Subject// ODST Squad Charlie

    The following is com chatter of the ODST squad Charlie on November 10. 2546

    //File Begin//

    //Transmitter// //Message//

    ONI Agent: Milo: Charlie squad this Milo from command, are you ready to drop, over?

    ODST: Eagle: That the new lady from Command? Man she has a beautiful voice.

    Milo: Can it Eagle, I can here you, over.

    ODST: Mitch: Aw crap, now you’ve made the lady mad Eagle

    ODST: Sheperd: Affirmative Milo, all prepped and ready to drop, just waiting for your signal, over.

    Milo: All right boys drop in 5…4…3…2…DROP!

    Eagle: OHHH Yeah, we’re on an express elevator to hell!

    Sheperd: Milo, any new intel on our objectives, over.

    Milo: Negative Sheperd, nothing new to report yet, over.

    Eagle: Hey Sarge, remind me of our objectives again.

    Mitch: Don’t tell me you’ve forgot already, Eagle!

    Eagle: No it’s not that, I just wasn’t listening.

    Milo: Eagle, if you weren’t the best sniper I knew, I would have you demoted, over.

    Mitch: Ouch.

    Sheperd: To answer your question Eagle, we have to protect the generators holding our MACs in orbit.

    Eagle: OK, but this sounds like a job for a Spartan, or Freelancer, why us?

    Milo: Because the Covenant is already at the generators, and you guys can get there faster than a Spartan, or Freelancer, over.

    Eagle: Oh, OK.

    Sheperd: Alright men we’re entering the atmosphere, chutes on my command!

    Mitch: Here we go.

    Sheperd: Ready…NOW!

    Milo: Good luck Gentlemen.

    //End File 1//