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  • EisenFeuer


    #30402945 - 10 years ago

    As I stated in the RP section I was going to post a poll regarding what to do with the phoenix armor. For more information I am going to post everything I know regarding the issue because hell I thought up the shit.

    1. I chose Tenn because his RP was different than everyone elses it stood out and he gave ulitmate sacrifices without boosting his abilities and caring if he could handle the situation.
    2. When Tenn was badly wounded (emminent death) the UNSC scientist which I made up in a moments notice retrofitted Tenn with a suit of armor that was not only his new way to combat but his only means to survive.
    3. Tenn liked his upgrade and never truly gloated about it. He went about his RPing as if it were just for fun. Which this is a fun way to release creativity safely.
    4. Iowa then shows up trying to join the fun. There was nothing wrong with that. However, God modding got out of control and people started acting crazy.
    5. People drew on this insanity and wanted the armor destroyed. (wow way to go people get jealous over a fucking armor variant that doesnt even exist)
    6. I had to read through 25 pages of crap that made no sense what so ever. Imaginative but not one bit realistic. (WOW)
    7. So I came to a decision. I am considering writing a chapter to end the Phoenix non-sense.

    Place your votes and comments.

  • EisenFeuer


    #30402946 - 10 years ago

    messed up first poll sorry!

  • Be2Rad


    #30402947 - 10 years ago

    Yeah, I'm Tenn, and I'm not voting, I'm letting others decide. I just want it to be on the record that I did some random things to try get a focused RP started and also try to give purpose back to the armor since it was no longer the most powerful. But every attempt ended up being that I died or was mortally wounded and was told to destroy my beloved armor, but they wouldn't just let me die!

  • jedidonut1


    #30402948 - 10 years ago

    I decide keep it because without it my background makes no sense and the whole phoenix project will better the freelancer program in the long run.

  • dachsund


    #30402949 - 10 years ago

    i say rid of it i want my best friend back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperPriv4te


    #30402950 - 10 years ago

    Could there not be a compromise?

    What about Tenn coming back - as himself?

    (I refer to an idea i had for a mission statement; Operation Ressurection?)

  • SuperPriv4te


    #30402951 - 10 years ago

    I mean. mabye ditch the armour, but keep the agent?

  • Be2Rad


    #30402952 - 10 years ago

    I want the armor!

  • IncenoMan


    #30402953 - 10 years ago

    Get both.

  • xXSWATXx


    #30402954 - 10 years ago

    Don't care either way.
    (already explained to Feuer in message)

  • Be2Rad


    #30402955 - 10 years ago

    Pheonix- I will rise from the grave and take my horrible wrath and vengence upon you all!
    Tenn- shut up, all you ever do is threaten people, can't you come back and just hang out?
    Pheonix- yeah, but what would be the point?
    Tenn- I dunno, thats what i asked when they said I was back, WTF is the purpose anymore? Tenn has no real ability.