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    #30531441 - 10 years ago

    Life was good.

    Brigadier General Porter was probably pretty comfortable to allow such a thought as he helped himself to another glass of orange juice. Not the shitty freeze-dried stuff that came in silver packets and happened to taste somewhat like orange if the UNSC’s version was meant to make people hate the mere taste of oranges; no this stuff was the real deal, freshly squeezed and even sweeter because of it. He relished each and every glug, letting out a genuine sigh of contentment as he polished the glass off with relish, placing it back on the polished counter of his kitchen.

    His gaze flitted back to the jug sitting nearby, still half full of the precious nectar, but he thought better of it and reached instead for a slice of recently buttered toast that laid infront of him, taking a large bite. The bread was fresh too, and the butter came from real dairy cows, and the fact that the quadrant he currently resided in, only ten or so cows existed to supply about 50 inhabited planets and colonies, was pretty impressive. There had been about triple that number before he had moved in to this particular part of the galaxy, but something about real beef had seen that number drop quite sharply after only six months.

    As he chewed on his toast, the fact that each bite he was taking of that single piece of toast would cost another human being more than two months pay to even smell stuff this fresh. Of course, ever since the Brigadier General and his men had moved in, a lot of things that seemed delicacies were quickly becoming things that people barely dared even dreamed about, trying to sate themselves with pitifully meagre protein and ration packs that they slaved to buy.

    It had been a war that had seen the arrival of the general and his men. Nothing big enough to truly cause a blip on the UNSC’s radar, but big enough that an entire planet on the outer rim was embroiled in it and civil war was quickly escalating in the favor of a side that the government stationed there couldn’t keep under control. In an act of desperation, the acting prime minister had sent out a call to a mercenary force of ex-ODST troops, led personally by Brigadier General Porter himself. Their record had spoken for itself, the company of troops having amassed enough military experience and might to quench the rebellion. The only thing was the price that was asked of them; it would bankrupt them. But the alternative of being overthrown and shot in the streets by people who were thought to simply run the planet into ruin if given the chance was enough to convince everyone who had a vote to ask for help.

    That had been nearly three years ago. Despite being unable to pay the full amount that had been asked, the planet’s government were pleasantly surprised that Porter had accepted and arrived within mere days of the request, seemingly willing to drive down their price for the sake of the stability in this particular sector, something the UNSC had considered as an acceptable risk and had not been willing to act upon. WIthin another week, the main capital was declared secure, despite having had guerrilla attacks perpetrated daily that saw scores of innocent citizens die that seemed to stop overnight. Another month or so later, the capital country had seen the rebels ‘withdraw’ under a vicious offensive from Porter’s forces.

    It was a few months later that saw the rebels all but blown like dust to the wind of the might of the mercenary forces and peace coming back to this troubled planet that saw a coup d’etat that struck like a hammerblow, the entire head of the government being cut off as they were assassinated in one night by plants and operatives under orders from Brigadier General Porter who immediately assumed leadership of the once again troubled planet and declared himself the leader of its people.

    It had been a cold and calculated move that had been set into motion from the first second he had received the call for help, strategizing and planning the entire time they had been there, with moles and plants being placed within all sectors of the government in places that, when ordered to and at the drop of a hat, would strike swiftly and precisely to give Porter power. It was reported in one case that one plant had become romantically involved and at a public restaurant in the capital had proposed to her, to which she had emphatically accepted. But a mere five minutes later, during their public celebration that had seen friends and family congratulate the pair, after receiving a phone call out of the blue, the plant pulled a pistol and had shot his new fiance in the head twice before walking out of the establishment, not a trace of pity or regret on his bloodstained face. The revolution had begun.

    But that had been two years ago now. A distant memory as far as Porter was concerned as he strode lazily to the balcony of his chateau, still chewing on his toast as his gaze fell upon the barracks that laid nearby. He smiled thinly with pride at the structure, something that had once been the city’s palaces of government and a beautiful building, was now his stronghold and his base of operations that saw all of his troops stationed there, able to respond to any rebel uprising within less of ten minutes. They were becoming an annoying regular occurrence these days, ex-government forces finding themselves, ironically, the rebels now and striking with guerrilla like tactics. But against Porter’s men, it was pretty much futile, being outclassed in terms of experience, equipment and manpower. Reports suggested they would be al but gone within two to three weeks, intelligence operatives managing to work its way into the inner circle of the rebel hierarchy.

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    #30531442 - 10 years ago

    “Sir! We’ve brought what you have requested. We did a check on her and found nothing that brought up any red flags.â€Â

    Porter checked over the paper, his eyes scanning the details briefly before he looked up with a wry smile, his eyes twinkling as he spoke in deep, clipped tones.

    “You sure about that, son? I’ve seen a couple of the reports of a couple who slipped past even me who managed to find their way to you.â€Â

    There was a slight pause that settled, Domingo’s professional facade dropping for a moment as he met Porter’s smile with a smirk of his own.

    “She’s quite the filly, sir. Not your usual fare on this piss-stain of a planet. You were lucky to find her if I’m honest and some of the boys had to be held back from denying you sir.â€Â

    Porter let out a deep, rumbling chuckle as he finally nodded his consent, Hook remaining grim-faced and steadfast as always as he stepped back outside for a moment returning a few heartbeats later, pushing before him a girl, and as soon as Porter set his eyes upon her, he couldn’t help but take in a sharp breath at what he saw.

    The first thing Porter noticed was her eyes. She appeared scared and rightfully so, but despite that shining behind those eyes of hers, they couldn’t hide how much they shone. A pair of deep, sparkling green emeralds that alighted on him as soon as she had stepped into the room. Her face was pretty enough too, full lips that seemed to fit despite the apparent trembling they were doing thanks to her fear, the shape of her features not too skinny or affected by the type of expensive surgery that the city girls seemed to get every other week to try to pretty themselves up, but nowhere near as pudgy as the faces of those toiling farmhands who looked to be more manly than some of his men with the amount of toil they did under his rule. Said face not painted but there didn’t appear to be a need to and was framed by a cascade of scarlet hair that despite being slightly unkempt, still had a sheen and a quality that suggested that she had no need for expensive products to keep it in check.

    Then there was her body. Once again, not overly skinny or fat; like an old saying went it was ‘just right’. There were some painted whores who strode the streets at night with bodies that seemed to have been sculpted out of some plastic surgeon’s wet dream, with obscene curves. This girl appeared to be a plastic surgeon’s worst nightmare, with no real flaw to her frame. Aside from being a little shorter and not as well formed as a girl her age, 22 as he remembered from her file, she was lithe and slim; a small handful he might say. Quite a bit older than what he liked, but she would certainly make do.

    The fear was clear on her features, as her eyes flitted to and from the General, alternately looking at Domingo and Hook chancing a few glances around the room she’d been pushed into. Porter couldn’t really blame her; she’d been kidnapped after all. He’d spotted her a couple of weeks ago on a trip that had seen him visit the outlying regions of the planet where intense mining and farming was concentrated and provided the cities with power and supplies. She seemed to be a hardworking girl and seemed to stand out from the dregs that toiled around her, exuding a sort of beauty that hypnotized the men around her. The men who’d reported back to him about the various stages of her capture referred to her as the Redhead.

    He’d seen her type on his various tours; diamonds that popped up in the rough with no rhyme or reason. They just seemed to exist and ever since he took his first one back on Noveria twelve years ago, he’d made a habit of trying to find one to sate his needs. They lasted for a while until he tired of them and usually threw her to the men before they tossed her back out onto the streets to fend for themselves, but not before disfiguring her to ensure that nobody else would ever want her again.

    As his eyes roamed over this girl, Porter had no doubt that history would repeat itself once again, but he felt himself beginning to relish the prospect of working his way towards that inevitability. He smiled at the girl, something that he hoped would belay any fears and that would put her at ease as he approached her. A slight nod to his men sent them saluting and marching out of the room, the door closing after them. The sound of the bolt locking into place made the frightened Redhead jump, drawing her arms around herself and the clothes that she had been hastily dressed in to be presentable to the General, who idly wondered why they bothered, seeing as they would usually end up tossed aside or torn within a few minutes.

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    #30531443 - 10 years ago

    He reached for the Redhead, making calming cooing noises, his fingers beginning to close around her wrist, wanting to feel her soft skin under his rough fingers, his eyes boring into her supple body. Images of her being pressed to him in various states of undress as she screamed and begged for mercy only made his heart beat faster and quickly brought him to attention as heartbeat by heartbeat he closed in like a ravenous wolf on a hapless little lamb.

    But then something changed in those eyes. Those twin sapphires staring back at him seemed to harden in an instant, the fear being dispelled from them as if a switch had been turned off. Something in those eyes was oddly familiar as the General felt a small lump of disquiet form in the pit of his stomach. He now felt as though he were a wolf stalking something that was only dressed in sheep’s clothing, that he was striking for the kill on a beast that was all to familiar to him; another wolf.

    That cold, hard stare that looked back at him made him begin to recoil, the hand he was reaching out coming back too late as he felt his own wrist being grabbed by fingers that despite their delicate looks, felt like bands of steel tightening into his flesh. Bewildered and now feeling pain that lanced up his arm he managed to reconstruct his tactician’s brain and began to draw breath to yell for help that was standing just beyond the door before he found himself strangely unable to breathe, a dull pain emanating from his throat. It took him a moment to realize why as stars begin to fill his vision and he felt his body choking for air, his free hand clutching at his quickly bruising throat; the little bitch had delivered a swift strike that had pretty much crushed his windpipe, leaving him gasping for air as he felt his legs give out from underneath him.

    Porter crumpled to the floor, feeling his arm being released and he clutched at his throat, fighting for every wheezed breath of air, unable to so much as squeak for help now, his blurred vision alighting on the figure that stood above him. All of that fear that had been painted across her features was gone now, replaced by something that appeared to be something between amusement and disgust as she let out a small sigh, shaking her head and folding her arms.

    “Y’know you could have at least bought me breakfast before you’d raped me. That could’ve buttered me up some.â€Â

    A sweet, southern drawl came from her lips, something quite alien to a planet like this, but something that seemed to fit the girl standing before her. Confidence and purpose now moved her body, where before they’d stuttered and shuffled with terror, something that despite his position, Porter couldn’t help but admire. He wanted her even more now, but there was the more pressing issue of having been laid out by a girl who probably weighed less than a third of him, who now appeared to be moving over to the jar of orange juice, grabbing a glass and casually pouring herself a glass.

    “Though I suppose you won’t be mindin’ if I have a small sip of what I spy on your kitchen counter over there. If my intel’s correct, this stuff is real an’ I can’t help but wonder what the real thing actually tastes like.â€Â

    The Redhead took a delicate sip, letting the liquid sit in her mouth for a moment to savor the taste before swallowing it and running her tongue across her lips with a smile.

    “Mm-mm. Now that is tasty. Though it does go a little bitter to know that thousands die under you each and every month to keep the oranges growing so you can have enough to fill a ruttin’ pool of the stuff if you felt so inclined. However, catchin’ corrupt merc generals does leave me a mite thirsty.â€Â

    So saying, she quickly drained the rest of the glass, letting out a satisfied sigh that the Brigadier General had exhaled himself only a few minutes prior. She let slip a wry grin as she placed the glass back on the counter and moved slowly back over to Porter, still wheezing uselessly and rubbing at his damaged windpipe.

    “Sweet as a sweetheart’s first kiss, ain’t it? Though despite the sour aftertaste of the lives squandered to make it, it does feel even sweeter to know a man like you is captured by a mere slip of a girl like me. Though, if your mind’s as quick as they say it is, you’ll have guessed I ain’t any old slip of a girl. You’re going to be thinkin’ that maybe I’m a rebel who’s managed to just score the jackpot and get an audience with the head of the enemy, Lord Porter himself, all alone. Afraid that ain’t the case, seein’ as my accent is as native to this planet as a penguin is to a desert.â€Â

    She casually reached down at Porter, batting away a weakly thrown punch by the injured Brigadier General and grabs him by a finger and without a moment’s hesitation snaps the digit, pulling into an unnatural angle. He grunted and squirmed in agony as the Redhead sighed and tutted.

    “By the way, that’s fer dressin’ me up like some goddamned doll. Lord knows I’m pretty and you’ve got me wearin’ stuff that makes me look like some street-bound whore. Plus it itches somethin’ fierce what with the fact your boys decided to neglect attachin‘ any underwear to this ensemble.â€Â

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    She looked down at herself with a disgusted sigh, pulling at the offending articles but not before moving away towards a corner of the kitchen, the unfortunate Brigadier General getting to see the redhead disrobe, pulling the expensive garments off and discarding them, but not in the manner he’d intended. But unclothed, and despite facing away from him, her supple and lithe body was finally revealed to him and he couldn’t help but stare as she continued to talk, moving towards what appeared to be a cupboard that she bent over unashamedly to reach, making Porter stare even more. He raged sliently about not being able to feel it for himself or look upon it under his own terms as she began to talk again.

    “But back to the matter at hand; you’ve gotta be askin’ yourself, who the hell is this girl with the fantastic ass? Some merc hired by the rebels and just managed to sneak her way in? Well, I suppose you could say that, but you know that any and all ships that come your way get scanned and each and every passenger accounted for; a girl like me would have come to your attention a long way back.â€Â

    An irritated grunt passed her lips as she didn’t appear to find what she was looking for and padded over to another drawer, this time crouching behind the counter out of sight of Porter. There’s a short, triumphant whoop from the redhead and the sound of something heavy being moved around.

    “Ah, here it is. So you’ve really gotta be wonderin’ just who in the hell I am? What kind of merc is able to get onto a planet that you know is pretty much locked down by your sophisticated radar that tells you if so much as a pebble enters your atmosphere, make her way into some godforsaken slum of a town that you just happen to be visitin’ and catch your eye in such a way that you can’t help but have a closer look for yourself?â€Â

    The sounds of something like a crate being broken open reaches Porter’s ears. Considering where the girl is looking in his kitchen, he manages to deduce that she’s broken open a one of his crates of oranges that came in a couple of days ago, but that he hadn’t been able to open for himself. His mind races, wondering what she could want with them. Suddenly her head pops up from behind the counter, that annoying cheery grin still plastered on her face. If he could move, Porter would take great pleasure in making sure she never smiled again, a look that the girl seems to pick up on, putting on what appears to be a mock expression of hurt.

    “Oh sir, if looks could kill I would be deader than one of your cropfarmers. But there is somethin’ I will admit; you, General, are a very, very hard man to get ahold of.â€Â

    As quickly as it popped into view, the redhead’s face along with her grin disappears from view, more sounds of odd activity coming from behind the

    “And considerin’ the people who want you, want you alive, I couldn’t just pop you with my rifle as I’m used to and collect my pay. The only people you’ll see face-to-face and not behind some pretty sturdy bullet and bomb proof vehicles are your own men. You trust them and only them and anybody else is just a liability. This way, everybody you speak to is willin’ to follow your orders to the letter and there’s no chance anybody would ever disobey or betray you. So how does a girl like me, a girl who managed to slip past your radar and get enough intel on you on the ground to know your schedule for the next month and managed to fake an ID and profile that fooled both your and the government computers and files by the way, get to a man like you?â€Â

    There is an audible set of metallic clicks and hissing from behind the counter, something not all alien to Porter’s ears and something that is soon confirmed as the Redhead came back into view. His men wore a modified version of the ODST armor, which made them look like metallic gods among the civvies. They were already built like statues, physical specimens of a perfect training regime that weeded out the weak. Of course the regular supplements of steroids and mood enhancers helped eke out a bit more of an advantage than a regular soldier. But when the redhead reappeared, the armor she was wearing made his blood run cold; Spartan Armor. She casually placed her helmet upon the counter, still slightly shorter than most of his men, but the white suit seemed to have made her grow. It still retained some feminine lines but like all Spartan armor, it was made to intimidate and terrify. And yet at the top of all of that armor, was the Redhead’s grinning face.

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    #30531445 - 10 years ago

    “Simple; you get him to come to you. Well, make you come to him, in this case, but I’m guessin’ you’re probably ahead of me on that by now.â€Â

    She seemed to finally notice Porter’s new expression and bulging eyes, something that only made that rage-inducing grin grow even bigger on her pretty face.

    “Oh, you like? Felt it was a mite more fetchin’ than standing around, jawin’ whilst I was as nekkid as I was when I came into this world. ‘Course I would have been a lot more smaller and a bit more slimy, but that’s besides the point. You make your way through enough oranges to make sure that the people workin’ on the trees often just drop dead from exhaustion, so I just managed to slip my armor and weapons onto a crate I was hopin’ would find its way to you.â€Â

    The Redhead managed shrug, a movement that seemed a little ungainly considering her armor as she moved out of sight once more, this time the unmistakable sounds of a weapon being assembled reaching the Brigadier General’s ears.

    “But ‘course, that all involved a little luck on my part that you weren’t too ravenous and discovered what I’d planted. I had my fears that instead of bein’ picked up, I’d find myself gettin’ shot at before I’d even laid eyes on you but that’s all moot at this point, ain’t it?â€Â

    There was a metallic clang as the sound of a round being chambered into a weapon rang through the kitchen, followed by a thud as a Battle Rifle was placed onto the counter next to the helmet.

    “You shouldn’t really beat yourself up about gettin’ pinched like this though, Brigadier General Porter. I’m guessin’ you’ve already figured out who exactly I am and what I’m supposed to be capable of. Us Freelancers are a tenacious bunch, and I understand you’ve even tried to hire a couple of us...somethin’ that actually brought my you to HQ’s attention. Y’see we’ve been watchin’ you for a while now and we figured that you’ve had your fill of suckin’ planets dry of what they have to offer before you leave them barely even able to keep goin’ for a few weeks before they turn on each other for scraps and that your actions needed curtailin’. I just happened to be the lucky gal who got the assignment of haulin’ your fat, pedophilic ass in.â€Â

    She appeared once again, grin still intact as she moved around the counter to pick up her helmet, placing it over head to obscure her pretty features behind the emotionless, polarized visor that dominated the front with a hiss as it locked into place. Her voice came from under it amplified by the speaker next to the mouthpiece as she reached for her rifle.

    “Though I can’t put all of what I’ve managed here down to my charmin’ good looks and military intellect that’s been drilled into me so hard that I could disassemble and reassemble this rifle in my sleep faster than any of your men could on a good day when they’ve been stimmed up on hoppers. I could never have dreamed up this kind of plan on my own if I’m honest; hell I was thinkin’ of just popping you through your balcony window with my rifle and just be done with it after a couple of days of tryin’ to come up with a plan.â€Â

    There then came a voice from the Redhead that seemed quite unlike her. It was infact, male, the accent clipped, professional and calm compared to the casual tone Porter was becoming annoyingly used to.

    “Please, West. I was wondering when you were honestly going to stop all of this exposition and finally give me the credit I’m so painfully due. Without me, I predict that you would have been discovered and executed mere minuites after you’d even attempted to fire a shot at a distance that is mathematically impossible in order to escape initial detection.â€Â

    “Well there’s no need to sound all cocksure and pretentious about it, Mu.â€Â

    “I’m afraid it seems I can’t help myself when I’ve been partnered with someone who’s willing not to try to at least think a little more creatively than the feeble-minded blunt instrument she is.â€Â

    Porter wondered if he’d lost enough oxygen to start hallucinating, as it appeared the Redhead was arguing with herself.

    “Don’t make me uninstall you. I know I can do that if you piss me off enough, Mu and I’d be greatful for the amount of peace it’d bring everyone else.â€Â

    The male voice, in it’s clipped, professional tones managed something that sounded like sarcasm as the Redhead tapped the side of her helmet.

    “And I love you too, West. Now would you mind setting the final phase of this operation into motion? I’d prefer if you would take into account that the fact you’ve been babbling on about how clever we are for so long, that the two guards outside would notice that you haven’t started screaming as the good Brigadier General ravishes your beautiful yet shamefully defenseless body for some time now and are about to enquire as to what’s wrong.â€Â

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    #30531446 - 10 years ago

    So saying, just as the voice quieted, there was a loud knocking upon the door followed by Domingo’s voice.

    “Sir? Is everything alright in there?â€Â

    Porter knew he couldn’t, but he tried to yell anyways, only managing a feeble croak that had him wheezing even harder. The Redhead’s helmet swiveled towards the door and she let out an irritated sigh.

    “You know, I really hate it when you’re right, Mu. Time to start being a blunt instrument though.â€Â

    So saying, she brought up her rifle to bear, aiming it square at the door, her thumb moving to uncheck the safety with an audible click before the gun barked out a trio of shots that lanced through the entrance, followed by two more bursts that punched through the walls either side of it. There were a pair of strangled yells of pain followed by the sound of two bodies hitting the floor as Porter watched helplessly from his crumpled position on the floor as the Redhead moved towards the door, pushing it open and aiming down, shooting his two best men dead with a shot to the temple each.

    A quick sweep outside the door and the Redhead turned back to the Brigadier General, stowing her rifle as she approached him. He couldn’t see it, but somehow knew that sickening grin had to be plastered on her face as she stood over him, her white armor glinting slightly in the sunlight as it streamed through the open window.

    “Well, you probably think that was foolish of me. I’m supposin’ you’d have made your men do that a little differently in this kind of situation. Been a bit more quiet and sneaky so as not to alert the whole platoon of men garrisoned just down there, not more than five minutes away at the first sign of trouble. As a matter of fact...â€Â

    She was cut off as the sound of an alarm began to blare through the complex, drifting through the open window from the barracks as the alert had been raised, the sounds of some yelling coming faintly from down the hallway, followed by some footsteps.

    “Man, your guys really are on the ball and they certainly endear themselves to you. I’m pretty sure most of ‘em would be willin’ to die for you too. And the fact you were so kind to send the barracks a crate of oranges to supply each man for a job well done only just this mornin’ was just so nice of you too.â€Â

    Puzzlement creased Porter’s face as he looked up at the Redhead, who appeared to be looking past him, out the window, folding her arms. He turned his head, wincing at the pain as he managed to look with her out and down at his barracks. He also just managed to catch the first set of explosions that rocked the building, gouts of flame shooting out of the windows and exits, followed by a rumbling set of detonations that tore the hardened structure from the inside out, flame and smoke billowing as the structure laid ruined. Porter‘s mouth sagged, open his eyes staring at what had been his prized base of operations only moments ago. The Redhead remained stoic and unflinching the entire time but finally let her gaze fall to the Brigadier General, his expression one of utter shock.

    “Thirty or so crates, pretty much packed with enough explosives to level...well, that building, I guess. Havin’ an AI that can fudge the shippin’ details and ensure they don’t get scanned makes my life a heck of a lot easier when I want to have a whole platoon of ex-ODST troops eliminated.â€Â

    The male voice chipped in, a level of amusement in his voice.

    “I was considering this an early birthday present, West, but I calculate that you may have been able to handle them with a 75% level of success on your own, and that destroying the facility or indeed needing to kill a single mercenary was wholly unnecessary and this mission could have been completed with a 0% fatality rate.â€Â

    The yelling in the hallway increased in volume and the footsteps grew louder, signalling the approach of the remaining men Porter had at his disposal. His mind raced, trying to remember who they were; Mendez, Chueng, O’Keefe, Manning, Toye and Carter. All good men and had been with him from the start, along with Domingo and Hook. There was a faint flicker of hope that since the bitch was outnumbered, they’d have no problem in taking her down.

    Suddenly there was a tugging at the back of his robe, the Redhead dragging him out of the way and behind the counter as the footsteps seemed to be nearly outside the door, slowing as they seemed across the bodies of their dead comrades. She dropped him before moving around to face him, seemingly unfazed at the fact she had her back to the door.

    “Quick question for you, General. You come across two of your best buddies all riddled with holes outside your commander’s kitchen. What are you supposed to check first?â€Â

    More puzzlement crossed Porter’s face, as there was a voice outside that barked uneasily to check the bodies. Realization came a little too late as his eyes bulged and he tried to uselessly yell again, managing a small croak as there was a ‘ping’ from outside. The ‘ping’ of a grenade on a short fuse priming as it was disturbed from under the body of First Sergeant P. Domingo.

    There was barely enough time for them to swear.

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    #30531447 - 10 years ago

    There was an almighty blast that shook Porter’s world and left his ears ringing. Shrapnel that should have sliced through his flesh pinged uselessly off the Redhead’s armored back, positioning herself to make sure her target wasn’t killed by the booby-trap she’d left. Dust and plaster fell down from the weakened ceiling, making the Brigadier General choke and splutter even harder as the Freelancer drew her sidearm and made her way through the smoking hole the grenade had torn through the wall, checking for any survivors. When she found none and heard no more footsteps approaching, she stowed her pistol and walked over to Porter crouched in front of his coughing form. Once again he could tell she was grinning behind her visor. Oh, how he hated that grin. How much he wanted to slap it off her face and rip her limb from limb.

    “I think it’s time we left, General. Your chariot awaits in the form of your personal Pelican on the roof. But I think it’d be quicker if you weren’t in a position to squirm whilst I carried you. So...â€Â

    In a swift movement, the Redhead lashed out with a balled fist to Porter’s temple, the impact sending his vision and his world into inky blackness as he was knocked out.

    “Nighty night~â€Â


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    #30531448 - 10 years ago

    The sound of Pelican engines was the first thing Porter heard when he finally came about. They were roaring at full capacity, filling his ears as he fought to wake up, his eyes coming open to confirm where he was. Pain throbbed like a drum in his head and he brought a hand up to touch tenderly where he’d been struck, hissing in pain as he stirred, trying to bring himself up. Disoriented, he tried to remember what had happened to him

    “Ah, you’re finally awake. Pleasant dreams?â€Â

    The sound of the cursed Redhead’s voice cut into him and brought reality back to him with a shuddering realization where he was. Porter looked about to locate her, but couldn’t see her around in the back compartment with him. Her voice came again, this time from the speakers.

    “And just in time too. We’re on a full-burn, about to break atmo and link up with the ship that’s here to pick us up. Should have you in a nice comfy brig in no time, General.â€Â

    Porter scowled, his mind racing as he looked about the cabin, searching for a way out. Sky flitted past the back window as the Pelican climbed towards the heavens, clouds racing past. In a few minuites, they’d be in space and there could be no hope of escape then. There had to be a way. There was always a way out.

    He rubbed at his throat, coughing again but managed a grunt, finding his voice was coming back. He clambered to his feet and staggered his way uneasily to the cockpit door, trying the handle, only to find it sealed and locked. Porter knew it was useless, but he tried the keypad and his own personal code, only to have it rejected. He cursed quietly and kicked the door in anger, only succeeded in hurting his foot.

    “Uh-uh-uh, General. Passengers need to remain in their seats at all time. The in-flight entertainment should be starting shortly though, so why don’t you just settle down?â€Â

    Desperation began to claw at the Brigadier General’s mind, the helplessness of his position beginning to sink in. There had to be a way out. He managed to croak his words out as he pounded on the door again.

    “You bitch, let me go at once! There’s nothing you have on me, you’re just wasting your time!â€Â

    There was a sigh over the intercom, followed by a tutting.

    “Mu, if you please.â€Â

    “Ahem. By UNSC law, you are formally charged for dereliction of duty during the campaign on Lobos approximately 14 years ago and taking a regiment of men with you, detonating a tactical nuclear device that resulted in catastrophic losses to the rest of the forces that were under your command. That accounts for 10,864 counts of murder under UNSC code 870.a, section c. This was followed by the several illegal operations that you perpetrated as a mercenary, including uncountable numbers of murdered civilian casualties and wounded, grand larceny, extortion, rape, prostitution of prisoners, drug, human and black market smuggling, production and use of biological weaponry. Acts that the UNSC would refer to as terrorism, and, most recently, coup d’eteat of a UNSC sponsored government.â€Â

    “ not parking ticket type stuff?â€Â

    “West, I felt that minor crimes were not required, considering the gravity of the situation.â€Â

    The Brigadier General ground his teeth, managing a hoarse yell as he angrily pointed at a nearby speaker.

    “You have no goddamned proof! I demand to see a warrant for my arrest, or I will get a lawyer who wi-â€Â

    “Brigadier General, I don’t suppose if you’ve been takin’ much notice of who I am and what I do. If we felt the need to present you with a warrant, there’d be a few dozen UNSC ships in the sky and you’d probably have seen them comin’ far away enough to run off to the next planet you can leech off of. I’m gonna see you burn, General. Enjoy these last moments that you have with me as you will.â€Â

    The levity that had been in the Redhead’s voice before had disappeared. It cut into Porter and made him shiver. A silence descended upon the Pelican, save for the tortured whine of the engines as it screamed for the heavens.

    “ much?â€Â

    “I beg your pardon, General?â€Â

    “I said... how much do you want? You’re a merc, just like me. How much is it going to take in order to set me free? I’m sure even you have your own pric-â€Â

    There was a thump as suddenly the Redhead’s face appeared through the porthole in the cockpit door. Her face appeared to be incandescent with rage, her voice coming throough the speakers with a fierceness that sent Porter reeling back.

    “No. I am nothin’ like you you sick son of a bitch! I took a personal interest in this particular case because the thought of some pompous war criminal like you bein’ able drink juice whilst he sends most of the population he dictates to an early grave just rubs me the wrong way. The fact I had to look at your face whilst that sick twisted lust-ridden mind of yours was thinkin’ up ways to make me call out your name whilst also wishin’ I was about ten years younger makes me sick enough to want to just tear my own guts out.â€Â

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    #30531449 - 10 years ago

    She narrowed her eyes at him, glaring at him in such a way that made him unable to return the stare in the same way.The Redhead’s voice dropped, the rage seeping from her tone, replaced by a cold, icy sound.

    “I said I was gonna see you burn, Porter. And I keep my promises.â€Â

    There was suddenly a beep and hiss from behind the Brigadier General, followed by a sound that makes his blood turn to ice as the doors behind him beep their opening warning lights.

    “I figure at this current altitude of 70,000 feet, any liquids will boil in an instant thanks to the low pressure. That includes water, saliva...and blood. I imagine it’s quite exrutiatin’. I suppose you’ll have to tell me, providin’ you don’t get sucked out the door first.â€Â

    Brigadier General Porter’s eyes bulged as there was a hiss behind him as the doors began to cycle. He babbled incoherently for mercy, scrabbling uselessly at the unbreakable plexiglass, behind which was that bitch. And on her face was the last thing he would ever see.

    That fucking grin.

    “Happy landings, General.â€Â

    The doors began to open, the air being pulled and whipped around the cabin with a vicious howling. The wind tore at his face, the heat being sucked out of the compartment as the low pressure air tries to equalize. The sudden change in temperature was enough to freeze his breath, inside his bloated body, his blood was boiling his guts to mush. Within a couple of seconds his final scream become a sickening gurgle as he boiled from the inside, his body expiring in a manner that made even the Redhead turn away as what eventually remained of him was a smear that was sucked out of the cabin and into the high atmosphere.


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    West slumped into the pilot’s cot, letting out a sigh as she pressed the button to close the door, hearing it ‘thunk’ back into place behind her, letting the air cycle and the area equalize in pressure. The smile was no longer on her face, the sense of satisfaction she’d just had fading quickly as she ran an armored glove through her hair. Silence reigned for a while before the British Accented Mu spoke up.

    “That really wasn’t necessary West. The Brigadier General did have an execution order, but there was supposed to be a trial that would warn off others.â€Â

    The redheaded Freelancer immediately snapped back, her patience shot.

    “You’ll have to excuse my language, Mu, but who gives a fuck? That bastard murdered and raped his way across the outer rim and giving that piece of shit a trial would be like spittin’ on every grave he’d ever helped make.â€Â

    An uneasy silence fell once again in the cabin, before Mu’s calm tones came over the speakers.

    “I never said I didn’t understand, West. Who do you think took the time to subconsciously suggest to you such a creative way to make him suffer?â€Â

    West arched an eyebrow, blinking in puzzlement.

    “Take away his pride by letting a the type of female he is used to dominating sexually in order to satisfy himself, disarm and belittle him. Take away his security by managing to sneak your armor and weapons in on something he covets. Take away his confidence by killing all of his men in a manner that seems like they were nothing. Then take away his life by killing him in the most horrific way you could think of. And with you doing all of this, I thought you might be able do you say; ‘get a kick out of it’.â€Â

    The redhead stared at the console, bemused and with a blank expression on her face before a grin slowly crept onto her pretty features, followed by an amused chuckle that sounded like bells ringing.

    “You really do know me, Mu. And that scares me a little sometimes.â€Â

    “Only some of the time? I must be losing my touch, West.â€Â

    “I trust you’ve already doctored the files to make it look like he was killed in the initial explosion and I got some intel wrong?â€Â

    “It was an honest mistake really, West. Who could have known a sudden uprising by the workers on the fringes of the city would have him there that early in the morning?â€Â

    West’s grin grew only wider as she leaned back in the seat, a beep telling her the Pelican had broken atmo, the inky, star-studded blackness embracing the ship as she floated towards the rendezvous point.

    “Such a sad state of affairs, ain’t it? Oh well, guess I’ll just have to find another war criminal to sate HQ’s needs. And with a galaxy this big, how hard can that be?â€Â

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    SWAT- You definitely have a talent for storytelling. My stories never get quite this in depth because of the simple fact that I cannot write story in a year that could possibly top what I just read above this post. I have a knack for flair, action, and violence, but nothing this dramatic.

    Georgia- I agree with West though, thinking is overrated. Violence is what the people want and violence is what I'm good at. I ain't dramatic, so what? I can create artwork with a shotgun and a knife. I'm a tank, not an orator.

    SWAT- *sigh* Sometimes I wish you were...

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    Tennessee- Epic ...... need to advertise this, which if you want, i can do here in a news entry

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    Advertisin', eh? Sounds fair.

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    Just write a few more chapters and then i'llpost your index