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  • xXSWATXx


    #30319148 - 10 years ago

    If you have been writing a freelancer story, post the index or a link to your journal and a short description of the story here. Don't give anything away, just describe what its like.

  • xXSWATXx


    #30319149 - 10 years ago

    Geo's Index
    Its the continuing story of Geo's missions and past, and how he changes throughout his service.

  • psyco38


    #30319150 - 10 years ago

    Here is mine

    Colorado index

  • Camper666


    #30319151 - 10 years ago

    West's Story

    More to come later.

  • RJ1984


    #30319152 - 10 years ago

    story on yuni and italy

  • TbErNaNd


    #30319153 - 10 years ago

    Tennessee Documents Index

    Uhh, hope that this is fine...

  • Ruhiel


    #30319154 - 10 years ago

    Agent Arkansas' Index

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30319155 - 9 years ago

    Epsilon went missing? The Director got off scotfree? Omega on the loose? They all want something more, bigger than the Freelancer Project, bigger than the Alpha... They want a Covenant army. So why are they after Tex, Missing in Action since Blood Gulch? Church barely escaped AI purgatory once, will he risk it all for the woman he loved and lost? As they cross the reaches of space being pursued by Section 3, vengeful Freelancers and Covenant forces, can the same social retards save the human race?

    I also have this!

    Remedial Kick Ass!
    Unsure about paragraphing? Not certain about what punctuation? Need inspiration finding a title or the do's and dont's of fanfiction summaries? It never hurts to drop in, check up and rope those extra reviews!

    If you'd like banners I do have a lot of pretty buttons at my disposal. Anything to grab the reader's eye, eh?

    Fanfiction is my thing on the internet and I do love betaing, reading and reviewing. If you'd like me to review your fic I'll pounce on it! Rawr!

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