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  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30717198 - 9 years ago

    Heyo! Let's talk Freelancer fanfiction! Let's get the party started!

    What's your fic? Where is it housed? How did you chose it's title? Who are it's main characters? Are they OC's (Or OF's as the case may be)? What inspired you to make an OF? What part of your OF are you most proud of? Do they hang out with other member's OF's? What's the plot of your fanfic? Where is it going? Have you stalled?

    What's your favourite Freelancer fic? Why? Why do you write fanfiction? How long have you been writing fanfiction? Do you write for other fandoms? How do you overcome writers block? What do you look for most in a fanfiction? Do you have any tips for people just starting? Are you looking for help? Are you a betareader? Have you found many Mary Sues or Gary Stus in the RvB fandom? Do you know what they are? What is the most difficult part of writing RvB fanfiction for you? What cliche's have you found?

    So mates, talk! Talk! Talk!

  • darkspudd


    #30717199 - 9 years ago

    Right, I know I'm being a forum necromancer here, but since I'm new I shall simply just have to use the timeless excuse: It's my first day

    Anyway, I'm currently working on a Freelancer fan-fic on Agent Idaho. I've yet to choose a title, as I am still not entirely sure where this will go. However I have roughly planned out the first and second chapters, basically a little bit of background on the character of Idaho and a few tiny, tiny hints about Project Feelancer.
    I've posted some introductory background on my Journal, look it up if your interested.

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30717200 - 9 years ago

    Feel free to resurrect! There isn't an active fic thread in this place! I'd very much like to read it. I recommend figuring out a basic plot for your fic or otherwise you could waste time and effort writing yourself into a corner. You've got an excellent bio, especially considering your age. I enjoy Idaho being older than the usual Freelancer OC (Guilty!) but would love to know more about his personality, quirks and flaws. I'd also love more detail to his Argus Visor. I suspect I know what it does but could you tell us more, or will that be spoilers!

    How did Project Freelancer affect him? I like Pandora's appearance and her personality as the Alpha's curiousity but Project Freelancer AI are defined by being named after the Greek alphabet.

    Can't wait to see the fic!

  • darkspudd


    #30717201 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Tuckapenguin, #3:

    The reason I differentiated with "Pandora" was because I found there wasn't a letter (for example Psi) that made me feel comfortable with the character. And because there are only 24 letters in the Greek alphabet, I thought it wouldn't hurt to keep the base of an A.I.'s name (Greek origin) and then combine the personality (in this case curiousity) with the name of a Greek god or character (in this case Pandora).

    Idaho's age was chosen because I wanted to create an experienced who would become aware of the differences between normal field-work and that of a Freelancer.

    I'd actually prefer if you guess what the visor does (please feel free to do so in your next post). I have a detailed idea etc. but I like to hear other people's opinions and guesses.

  • darkspudd


    #30717202 - 9 years ago

    To any of you who are interested: Idaho Chapter 1 is up on my Journal. Please feel free to criticise and analyse

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30717203 - 9 years ago

    I still don't agree with the AI thing but to each their own. Everything else is fantastic. There's actually a couple other Greek letters that were faded out as the language changed. Digamma, Qoppa, Heta, and a couple that I can't remember. Still keeping the Greek theme and matching her with Pandora is fantastic. It reminds me of a poem,
    Too oft is curiosity
    The cause of fatal woe.
    A secret that may harmful be,
    Why should we seek to know?

    It is a weakness of womankind,
    For witness the first created,
    From whom Pandora was designed,
    And Psyche imitated....

    And so forth.

    I actually have two ideas about the Argus visor, named after the hundred eyed guardian of Hera. I could either imagine that his helm using microscopic cameras gives a detailed 360 vision which is transformed and interpreted by Pandora and since his mind has adapted to the wider field of vision... Or else the visor has adapted to several different lights, eg infrared, ultraviolet, night vision. Or maybe both combined!

  • darkspudd


    #30717204 - 9 years ago

    I came across those letters not long ago, but they were deemed obsolete, so I just decided to pass. I have to say that poem was lovely, what's it called?
    Great guess on the Argus visor! It IS in fact both, a number of microscopic lenses have been engineered into the Visor (thermal, ultraviolet, electromagnetic, telescopic and night vision were the few that I had written down). These lenses are activated by Idaho through a switch at the side of his helmet. The visor also has scanners, which analyses substances, and life-signs.
    The reason I decided to give Idaho this visor, is due to Pandora. As mentioned before Pandora is the curiousity of the Alpha, because of this she asks questions about her surroundings. And because the Argus visor is one of the most effective tools for analysing your surroundings, it seemed ideal to partner the A.I. and equipment to suit each other.

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30717205 - 9 years ago

    FIGJAM! (Aussie slang for Fuck I'm Good Just Ask Me). Does it have any weaknesses, can Pandora be blindsighted? Does he rely on it too much? Finding the flaws in character and enhancement make writing fun.

    If I hear right from the series, the enhancements came first. They invented these fantastic new adaptions to the Spartan armour, except they didn't have the computer power to run them. The Director requested multiple AI but was only given one and told to make do. Did he ever.

    I then expanded and said that since the Alpha was screened from the Director, the mind in question had to match his brainwaves to be able to fully synchronize with their AI.

  • darkspudd


    #30717206 - 9 years ago

    The main weakness behind Pandora is her ability to question the little things, as the story progresses tiny bits of her memory banks lapse, and her questioning increases to a degree (it does become a problem, but not until later). This questioning distracts Idaho during intense situations, creating tension between the two at times.

    Well how I thought orientation would have worked is that he gets the special issue Freelancer armour, followed by enhancements, and then finally the A.I. Implantation procedure.

    I like how you expanded upon the Alpha and how it was screened etc. But I think in the case with Pandora, full synchronization would lead Idaho to chase birds or stare at a rock endlessly...actually that just gave me an interesting idea.

  • nova_starr


    #30717207 - 9 years ago

    hey I'll be writing a "fan fic" soon. I don't know If I can call it a fan fic, because it talks about RVB for a short time in passing. It centers around Agent Philadelphia, As you can already tell, it's not an official Agent status. The story will basically be his 3 run-ins with the agency, his missions as an agent, why he removed his AI but still keeps it around, and why, if he's such a intelligent person with an malicious disposition, the agency gave him armor that messes with other people armor.

    Story: After Running out on the UNSC, which was self deemed tedious, became a drifter and a booster of weapons for rival companies and pocket profit in-between. Crossed the Agency twice and escaped both times. The third time was unprovoked, so he decided to get on their good side. 3 years later he's an official agent, but still gets a chaperone from time to time.
    Addition: (to be dropped at the sign of trouble) His jamming equipment in his armor can mess with other stuff in other armors if prolonged to exposure. This makes him a team liability and a powerful asset.

  • AgentUtah


    #30717208 - 9 years ago

    My fic is on RvB Society. Of course, you know all about it.

  • Tuckapenguin

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    #30717209 - 9 years ago

    Assume people don't! Tell us and link us! Here you go guys! Advertise your fic! Show us why we should read it!


  • Kaykayslayer

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    #30717210 - 7 years ago

    Ok so my Fanfic is on, it is under the author name of Chantelle Jefferies, (the real name of my Freelancer.) its about Agent Alabama and its not finished but it is about how she started out when she was little and her journey to becoming a Freelancer.

    I'm only really at the prologue, I should be posting Chapter 1 soon.

    The story starts out with Chantelle as a little girl, about 8 years old. She is happily living on her home planet of Biko. Biko is glassed and she loses everyone. She is sent to many different orphanages until she gets to one on Reach. She meets some fellow orphans who are like her in wanting revenge on the Covenant. It basically is a mix of the Halo stories as she is briefly a Spartan ||| before she is recruited to be a Freelancer.