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  • TbErNaNd


    #30033548 - 9 years ago

    In reply to nova_starr, #326:

    Hmm, its inspired, I approve but Maybe I should wait on Geo

  • xXSWATXx


    #30033549 - 9 years ago

    Sorry for the late post. Been Busy. Looks Good, welcome aboard.

  • nova_starr


    #30033550 - 9 years ago

    Alright. someone responded. going to be awesome!
    also my characters backstory I've been working on.
    (incomplete as of today)

  • Raptor8999


    #30033551 - 9 years ago

    agent Maine
    gender: male
    armour:recon helmate scout shoulders recon tourso
    colors secondary:blue
    personality:aggresive a team player skilled sniper
    bio:watched his brothers die in front of him Emile bought his first gun an M16 joined the unsc then became a freelancer. he wants revenge on every red sometimes blues his Ai makes him aggresive and he loves tex.overall hes a guy you want when your swarmed.

  • Raptor8999


    #30033552 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Raptor8999, #330:

    armour ability stop time

  • xXSWATXx


    #30033553 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Raptor8999, #330:

    I would refrain from the Maine choice... The name's already got a backstory and the META's infamous. Trying to change the story with the same name will just confuse people.
    There's a list of open State names in the group News section, just look back a few news posts. And if your armor ability is stopping time ("Temporal Distortion") that one is Wyoming's. You can have the same one, but most of the armor powers people came up with are original. As long as it's possible within the Halo or RvB universe I'll accept it within reason.

  • Brutus745


    #30033554 - 8 years ago

    Agent Kentucky
    "Jack of all trades"

    More info later I just wanted to go ahead and claim Kentucky

  • BeatZERO


    #30033555 - 8 years ago

    I really wish I would get back into this story, it’s a very long lasting group and I would love to actually be involved. Anyways so I know by now all agents have been taken. It would be nice to actually start on making a agent I’m actually happy with *looks at all his documents* -_-

  • BeatZERO


    #30033556 - 8 years ago

    Dear Director, Here is our new agent I’m sure you will like our choice and be glad to let him join your…special agency.

    Name: Justin V. Hammerstein

    Freelancer State: Michigan

    Age; 25

    Years in service: 5

    Personality Profiling: After Interviewing Him and taking his data from his past missions in the ODST 45th he seems to be sain which is something a lot of your so called “Freelancers” lack. In the interview we asked him what he believes is his role in this military and this is exactly what he said “I believe that I’m here to do my job and if something or someone tries to stop it than it is my enemy. I am here because I am needed sir.” From that we can see that the military has made him… obedient. He seems to be a military man threw and threw but when we watched him in his reports he has taken in kids and sheltered them while in battle and seems to think that his life is much less more important than his own which is a great trait but not so in a soldier. He is happy (maybe to much so) and usually smiles and stays cheerful but it only hides his true nature in a fight. To make him perfect we need to match him with an A.I to kill that side of him, to get rid of his emotion.

    Tactics and Specialty: His battle tactics are precipice and accurate, never risking anything. He is comfortable with almost any weapon human or covenant and is a considered hyper lethal. In many battles he has had trouble when it comes to the choice of protecting innocence or doing the job which could cause some problems. He is not good in a team area and prefers to get his own job done instead of having to worry about the team failing him. All and all he is a jack of all trades.

    History: He grew up on reach and was raised by a Commander in the northern parts of the planet and his mother was a medic so he grew up mostly on military bases around reach gaining a reputation with his father’s friends and was taken a liking to by Staff Sergeant Ryder. When he asked his father to go into military school to try and be like his father and Ryder, a hero of war. When he went threw military school till he was 17 he was automatic to join the UNSC. He was after a 2 years he was drafted to join the ODST’s and gladly accepted. As he went threw his battles and gained many medals and honors but this is just simple things. He has proven himself time and time again that he should be taken from the ODST’s to the Freelancer program.

    • Helmet: Security
    • Left Shoulder: Operator
    • Right Shoulder: Operator
    • Chest: HP/Parafoil
    • Visor color: Silver/ Grayish
    • Main Color: Steel
    • Secondary Color: Drab Green.

    Misc: He has a tendency to sleep whenever he is able (do to his Insomnia) and is a little….happy at times when with female company (not in a perverted way sir more of a girly way.) but other than that he will make a fine addition if you accept him.

  • Brutus745


    #30033557 - 8 years ago

    Way to go man! Lets get this group cooking again!!!

    Dear Director, the following is a profile for for a, albeit unusual, but undoubtedly useful "asset" for your project.

    Name: Classified

    Freelancer Identification: Agent Kentucky

    Age: Classified

    Years in Service: Classified

    Specialty: The Jack-of-All-Trades

    Personality Profiling: Agent Kentucky, first of all, is not some rural gun toting moron like some of your more elitist staff may believe by judging where he is from. Agent Kentucky is nothing but a devoted soldier to the core and one of the most clear minded soldiers the entire military has to offer. His intelligence is not to be trifled with, for he is within the 99th percentile of intelligence and has even devised battle plans that have outwitted scores of ODSTs in training exercises and even a few Spartans have had trouble beating his plans. He is also skilled in numerous areas including basic programming, markmanship, CQC, aviation, heavy weapons, explosives, public relations, knows 5 languages, phsyciatric understanding, and even more fields listed on the next 2 pages. Sir, this man is undobtedly what you require for your project to succeed. He is good with people, military and civilian, and I am sure you will be somewhat swayed by this man's positive personality. There is one problem though... he has a tendancy of being, how shall we say... ambitious. He is an idealist and a strong believer in provincial self rule and sometimes thinks too much on how things could be fixed in a way he sees fit. He has printed several works which I have read with great attention, and I have observed that he has the possibility of being a problem if there are times when tough choices might be made. Unfortunately, he may be prone to making the right decisions. Normally this is a positive trait in a soldier, but if this man were to understand the full nature of your project, and to find a better solution than your projects involving the Alpha, he will not hesitate to bring you down, gain support for his own plans and take your project's recources. But with your ability to hide information, I do not forsee this becoming a problem. I cannot give you more info yet as I have some matters to attend to.

  • Brutus745


    #30033558 - 8 years ago

    Tactics and Skills: Like I mentioned before, Agent Kentucky is a man of many talents, and though they are not all at a legendary stauts like how some of your current Agents excell in one field, he is very good in almost every field. His variability makes him an excellent soldier and a sort of Ace-up-your-sleave. Oddly enough his tactical expertise surrounds the defensive side of combat. When it comes to booby trapping, setting up ambushes, flanking an advancing enemy, etc. he excells. he is less prone to be actually pre-emptively attack an enemy, unless he has a plan for falling back and luring an enemy force into a trap. His skill also lies in understanding the area around him and he will take great lengths and time to understand the surrounding area before even considering engaging the enemy. Skirmish tactics are also a good area for him. When he is in command he always stresses on finding a "command area" or "fall-back point" on every mission. He is not very fond of occupying enemy territory, because he becomes stressed at the thought of enemies hiding in the area where they know the terrain and he does not. Like Wellington and Waterloo, Agent Kenucky likes to pick his battle grounds. Also, he is proficient in scorched Earth tactics. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for purely offensive actions, he is nonetheless a handy soldier to have in an engagement. As a leader he always takes in input and listens to those under his command, and will act on those suggestions accordingly. Though he is often stubborn if someone presents a plan he does not like, he can be swayed if his team presents evidence that their plans or suggestions would work. He also lets his soldiers act fairly autonomously, depending on the situation.

  • Brutus745


    #30033559 - 8 years ago

    History: Agent Kentucky is a sort toss up when it comes to his history. We currently know that he was born and raised in Louisville, one of the most developed areas in the state, and had done many different things befiore he took the call. He was good a student and especially excelled in military history. From then on until he enlisted I am unsure of his whereabouts, but the oddest thing is that he signed up on the planet Reach, which leads me to believe he spent much time traveling in order to better understand how things work in Human space. His training went excelently, and he served in a few tours of internal campaigns against some of the more openly militant insurrectionists. According to my information he also was under the command of one of your um, "training dummies" namely a, I am missing some of the file, sorry. But from what I gather about his tactical savy, he was influenced by this particular sargent to avoid direct offesive action, due to the insane suicidal plans often carried out by this particular sargent. A way of compensating if you will in order to protect the rest of his squad. After serving with this sargent for a stint as a regular ground unit and as a temporary ODST, he went on to command several squads who have met nothing but success in defensive opperations. And he is now very interested in Project Freelancer and awaits your response. Damn, excuse me I have some more things to handle before I can finish writing to you.

  • Brutus745


    #30033560 - 8 years ago

    Other Facts:

    Armor Color: Light Grey Base, and Gark Grey Secondary Coloring, Blue Visor
    Head: JFO
    Chest: Collar/Breacher
    Shoulders: Both are UA/Multi-Threat
    Wrist: UA Bracer
    Knees: FJ/PARA
    Accessory: Tactical/CHOBHAM

    Ability: An advanced 3d mapmaking system that uses a small probe to create a constant 3d map of the battlefield.
    AI: Self created "dumb" AI he uses for personal management and organization, oddly enough it has taken on a sort of Mobster/Accountant appearence, apparently it also helps him with his cardplaying.

    Misc.: He is one of the cleanest/financially soldiers we can find, hardly drinks, only smokes a tobacco pipe once in a while, and has placed most of his money from his service payments (aside from what he needs for his job and health) into an unkown account. The only problem is that he enjoys gambling, and wins most of the time, making him fairly unpopular to go up against in Poker...

  • laserJohnson


    #30033561 - 8 years ago

    Agent Echo.
    Ai: Summer.
    Gender: Male.
    Armor Class: Mark VI Scout armor with rogue helmet.
    Personality: Quiet, leader-like, kind.
    Weapon of choice: Sniper rifle, DMR, Battle rifle, knife, ''Becky'' (trusty pistol)
    Armor ability: Jetpack, armor lock, hologram, suit's strength upragrades
    Armor color: Primary-(on lone wolf mission) Black (on team mission) Faint green, Secondary-(on lone Wolf mission) Grey (on team mission) faint red, Detail-blue
    Story: Echo was a hired killer until a contract went wrong. After the agency found him dying on the streets and kept him alive, Echo joined the Agency. Unfortanely, because of his wounds he has gone into major shock and back, which means that he sometimes can not speak. His crinimal record was cleared and he has a deep friendship with a Lt. Dust on camp Helios.

  • clasickila


    #30033562 - 8 years ago

    although im male id like to make a female freelancer heres her story

    Killie stood on the mountain top dreading her brother David Washington from finding her as her best friend had already fallen by his friend meta
    Killie was a terrible sight she had blood on her face black eyes and a sprained arm it wasnt long before wash found her she ran randomly shooting behind her when she tripped and fell into a secret teleport and so she was found on the floor of a freelancer base
    she went to the training room there she met odst Buck who she went out with she was equipped with and AI called climally found her weapons and shot a bullet 500 yards and hit a covenant elite in the head and killed it. It was then when she realized it was in her blood to be a freelancer.

    5 years later wash found her and they both fought she ran and hit as fast as if she was falling head first eventually she killed him and burried him using concrete

  • xXSWATXx


    #30033563 - 8 years ago

    In reply to clasickila, #341:

    .....You can't just kill off a Cannon character.

  • BeatZERO


    #30033564 - 8 years ago

    In reply to xXSWATXx, #342:


  • TiberiusVIII

    TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

    #30033565 - 8 years ago

    Agent Colorado/"Reaper"
    Gender: male
    AI : Thomas
    Armor class: ODST
    Colors: Primary; Black, Red, robot arm
    Specialty: Reverse Magnetism, Demolitions Expert, flaming helmet (only in a rage)
    Attitude: Lone wolf, headstrong, daring

  • Cyfenger


    #30033566 - 7 years ago

    name: Missouri

    Armor: Hayabusa

    He is trained in close range combat, there is one problem...he is a coward, A BIG ONE. Most of the time you can see him following Washington around, and he is always avoiding Carolina. As far as reliability goes he is one of the most reliable of the bunch. Even with all his cowardly actions when his friends are in danger he will be the first to jump into the action to save them no matter what the cost, and that is one of the things that make him one of the more deadly of the Freelancer units.

  • Toasted_doom


    #30033567 - 7 years ago

    Name : Agent Alabama
    Armor : Scout
    Gender: male
    Colors:Green/Crimson(primary) Silver(Secondary)
    Armor ability: Hologram
    Specialty: Pyrotechnics, computer hacking,Spotting
    Personality:Friendly but doesn't talk much, Small frame
    Friends: California, Arizona, Alaska
    C team: made of Five freelancers, California -leader, Arizona- demo man,Alabama-computer expert, Alaska-infiltrator, Nebraska-snpier

  • Toasted_doom


    #30033568 - 7 years ago

    In reply to Toasted_doom, #346:

    Alabama was kidnapped by project freelancer like everyone else. He was put in with C-Team. When insurrection became a problem. C-team was put into action. During infiltration of the sarcophagus C-team Helped b-team for a bit but was needed elsewhere near the end of the mission they provided evac for a special agent named Texas. soon they were deployed fight insurrection with the other freelancers. Alabama liked his squad however he didn't trust the agent Connecticut. He was happy that Texas tolerated him for he did not take kindly to pain. Soon he received an A.I named Zeta, Zeta enhanced his agility and perception. Zeta himself was alpha's perception. He was ranked just above California on the list as #10

  • Candel

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    #30033569 - 6 years ago

    Name: Freelancer Delaware (The First Freelancer)
    AI: Upsilon
    Armor Class: MARK V with a Recon Shoulder on the right side
    Colors: Ice and Pale
    Specialty: Assault Rifle and magnum
    Attitude: Man on a mission with the though of a casualties are none