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  • EisenFeuer


    #30397572 - 10 years ago

    Where everyone can go to see what is on the leader of the missions mind without having to send messages to each other. This will allow for people to constantly be working on something vital to the mission.

    Ok if the above didn't explain it well enough this is where the Mission writer can leave the ideas he can and probably will implement. This is to avoid massive confusion and to prevent the original ending from changing. When I was working on the previous Mission my story had to change because of things you guys did while I was gone. Here is where you can go to see what just happened and what to or what not to do. This may seem like a restriction of your talents and creativity. But in my opinion and a few other of your opinions that last mission could have been better with a different ending. I wish you guys could have seen my original ending but it has since been deleted.

    Basically, try not to post in here because each time there is a post it kind of hides the message left. Many of you do not go back and read 10-12 pages back so lets try to keep chat in here to a minimum.