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  • EisenFeuer


    #30397573 - 10 years ago

    Where individual messages can be left so everyone is on the same page.

    Instead of continually sending private messages or leaving comments. Just post it here. If there is something mission relevant that others are not supposed to know post it here.

    For ex.
    Sent 5 days ago
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    Hey this stranger is you. I haven't read all your missions or files in your journal yet. can I get a clue to that answer? or the answer?

    Gen Georgia
    Received 5 days ago
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    Adamantium Carbide Combat Knife.

    This was a message I sent to Gen. Geo because he asked me a question in RP that I did not know the answer to. However, in order for the story to continue as I hoped I had to have the correct answer. This is kind of a way to simplify the process. I recommend setting this forum to watch.