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  • EisenFeuer


    #30397565 - 10 years ago

    Post random ideas that can be implemented into the story at some point. Not all participating Freelancers can be the Story/Mission initiators so if you have an idea for the Story/ Mission Initiators post it here!

  • Be2Rad


    #30397566 - 10 years ago

    How about you have the freelancers work on a mission to get stuff out of the orbital before it falls or rather while it falls and even after it falls and is enemy controlled?

  • EisenFeuer


    #30397567 - 10 years ago

    ? Give me more I am a little confused?

  • Suck_It_Grif


    #30397568 - 9 years ago

    It would seem two of our ex-agents, Washington and Mane (AKA 'The Meta'), have gone rouge, and one of them has killed two simulation troopers from outpost 17b.
    We may have to intervene...

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  • Raptor8999


    #30397569 - 9 years ago

    how about the freelancers have to break in and destroy a covenent base and one dies by saving another freelancer

  • Raptor8999


    #30397570 - 9 years ago

    In reply to Raptor8999, #5:

    and then they escape missing their friend (the guy who dies is supposed to be their sarge)

  • Yopie


    #30397571 - 9 years ago

    Does nobody get on the freelance forums anymore...?