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If you could make a pony

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  • Zombiekat89


    #31449105 - 7 years ago

    If you had a chance to make your own pony, what would she/he look like, what name would they have and what would their back ground be.

    Mine would be Rosie Posey
    a white pegasus with black and pink hair and a red rose as a cutie mark.

    She would deliver flowers and own her own flower shop where her roses would be the best


    I made my pony on a pony creator for inspiration check it out here

  • Nyrufa


    #31449106 - 7 years ago


    Epic Quest, green and blue unicorn who writes many kinds of stories. He lives on the edge, and frequently ventures into the Everfree Forest, to seek inspiration from the monsters that live there. Also has a spell to enter the books themselves and write the story based on how he undergoes the adventure.


  • Nyrufa


    #31449107 - 7 years ago

    edge of, I meant he lives on the edge of the forest.

  • SurfingCA


    #31449108 - 7 years ago

    It's just a Cave Johnson Pony I made a while back, but I would love to see him in the show. P.S. The background would be The Enrichment center if I could easily do that with paint. ;D

  • papercamm


    #31449109 - 7 years ago

    Make a pony? I'd make a griffon.

  • DeadlyTiger1


    #31449110 - 7 years ago

    My pony would probably be based on my character Corbett, but be more of a hero and more forgiving to evil. His cutie mark would be a raven with it's wing spread out and rays of light coming from them. His fur would be a deep navy blue with streak of purple or blue. And his job would be as a royal guard.