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  • WrightOmega


    #30047433 - 10 years ago

    I gotta say. I saw the preview and I was hooked from. Tonight's episode, titled "Safe", is number 10. #11 is the halfway point. Now the question is, will there be another season. I sure hope so, but let's get some opinions, and don't just say "Of course!". Explain.

  • WrightOmega


    #30047434 - 10 years ago

    UPDATE: After watching episode 10, I gotta say it was amazing! But the one thing that pissed me off was the following quote after the show...

    "Fringe will return with an all new chapter this JANUARY."

    Sob...I hate you FOX, but you have such great shows!

  • Adder


    #30047435 - 10 years ago

    We all feel the same way.

    They get you hooked, and BAM! Season over.

  • Sircatnipman


    #30047436 - 10 years ago

    It better not turn out like Standoff did. I loved Standoff, 18 episodes I think, and then canceled, no dvd makes me sad.

    I doubt Fringe will go that way, too much awesome.

  • WrightOmega


    #30047437 - 10 years ago

    Fringe is the the 2nd best show on FOX according to the response by FOX regarding their Fall line-up. I dought they wouldn't bring it back. And if they only have one season, there is going to be a DVD, I have a feeling. But all this new episode withdrawal is affecting me. And if you want to know how much, let's just say eggnog never tasted so bad.

  • Glazdon

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    #30047438 - 10 years ago

    Or you could not watch Fox and watch the episode on Fancast.

  • darnclem

    darnclem King of Dongs

    #30047439 - 10 years ago

    I'm sorry, but I just read this thread title and the first thing that popped to mind was, "That's what she said."