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  • Biolith


    #31394602 - 7 years ago

    The following character sheet will be used by everyone in this RP, and will be posted in the 'Pending Character Sheets' thread until approved, at which point it is your responsibility to post them here.

    The format is as follows:




    Appearance: (try to be creative with this one. Any characters that are rips from a series, blatant or otherwise, even if they have a different name but operate with the same personality, will be met with a very swift end.)


    Faction: (Your 'nationality' before you became stranded in the Wasteland with the rest of us)

    Skills: (Your character's basic and trained skills. Don't go overboard here.)

    Equipment: (This will be largely unregulated, but is still a required field. If I say you can't have it, though, I'll likely suggest something else that will be more or less similar.)

  • xXSWATXx


    #31394603 - 7 years ago

    Name: Jack Howard

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Appearance: 6' tall, Medium Build, Highly athletic, Tan (only areas exposed to sunlight), Short dark brown hair, moderate facial hair. Cold Weather survival gear.

    History: Jack is a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, the only Branch of the military too stubborn to abandon it's Historic posts in the mainland including North California. Though no longer a full military outpost, it was an outpost for the Marine's advanced winter survival school. Trainee's from the school would go on to a testing site farther north in Washington where the their skills could be put to the test against the lethal cold. Jack was currently an instructor and had finished this season's round of recruits. He took leave to head south for a break for some cold weather hunting.

    Faction: US Marine Force Recon

    Skills: Recon training, Advanced survival, Hunting & stalking. Minor mechanical knowledge.

    Equipment: Heavily modified Baur H-AR. Modified for increased accuracy and range as an Enhanced Marksman Rifle, Rate of fire reduced dramatically. Wilson Combat Hunter Advanced Survival Equipment.

  • da_anaconda


    #31394604 - 7 years ago

    Name:Carl Goering



    Appearance:Fully operational Battle Gear, Average build, short black hair, straight, pale skin.

    History:Carl is Descendant of one of many German refugees after most of Europe be uninhabitable, and ended up signing up with 'Coalition' forces who were fighting to hold any scrap of land they possessed, A few days before RP start, Carl's Platoon was being moved up crossing California, where a strong snowstorm picked up, causing his transport ship to loose control and crash, being the only survivor of the crash, and assumed KIA he was stuck miles from anywhere, he dragged with him from the wreckage his own kit, which comprised of of his basic Toolkit and Tablet, Mp-7, A standard issue Revolver, and A broken AV-18 Launcher. But he couldn't get far, and stayed with the wreckage, delusional with some hope of rescue.

    Faction: NorthAm Col

    Skills: Standard combat training, Combat engineer, Tank Pilot and Anti Armour

    Equipment:Mp-7 with several Magazines, P33 Pereira, Repair tools, Tablet PC for vehicle maintenance, and broken AV-18 launcher

  • cote117


    #31394605 - 7 years ago

    Name: Phillip J. Coté

    Gender: male

    Age: 18

    Appearance: 5'8" tall, medium build, dark brown hair (stubble), light facial hair (five o'clock shadow), SOG Arctic combat armor

    History: born in the harsh in environment of alaska, he learned to survive the cold and unforgiving blizzards. at 17 he and some friends decided to go and raid the abandoned military Fort Richardson by anchorage. inside they fond not only supplies and weapons, but armor and knowledge on the rest of the world before the now ice-age. believing that they would survive better in california, the small group with their warm armor and supplies made their way their. only phil survived, as the group was attacked by raiders. after about a year of traveling, phil finally made it to california.

    Faction: united states

    Skills: arctic combat and survival, stealth, repair

    Equipment: prototype XM8 rifle post-100287-1271751566.png, armor (image), tool kit, kabar knife, half mask balaclava

  • Wikia


    #31394606 - 7 years ago

    Name: Alexander Carter

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Appearance: 5' 9", long light brown hair with no facial hair; dark brown eyes and a thin face. Lean body build but has a permanent limp thanks to a band of rogues deciding that the convoy he was in (before finding a settlement to join) would make good target practice. His leg never healed properly so if he's not on crutches, he's in an antique battery powered wheelchair. Usually you'll just see him as bundled up in anything he can use to protect himself from the cold.


    Alex was just your average introvert nerd who seemed to enjoy military history a little too much. 1 year before his region of Texas finally collapsed socially, he was set to go to West Point; that however never went through as riots got worse and he was eventually forced to flee with what supplies he could. His parents elected to stay behind, hoping that their only child would have better luck heading towards the more civilized parts of what was left of the United States while they continued to scrape a living where they could in the Dallas area.

    He continued towards along the border of Mexico trying to find others to join with until that one fateful night when a group of bandits trying to prey on his supplies thought he'd be an easy target. He proved them wrong, killing two of the men and wounding the third with his antique firearm but he took two rounds to his left leg; one shattered his kneecap and the other glanced off of his achilles tendon. He hasn't been able to walk ever since. As of right now, he's with the others along the Southern California border, helping however he can and trying his best not to piss anyone off... or socialize with them for that matter. With any luck, however, they may run into a few of his friends from online, or God-willing a woman that doesn't shun him for once.

    Faction: North Texan College Student/Civilian

    Skills: Genius level intelligence and amazing understanding of tactics and logistics thanks to his love of studying history. Severely lacking in actual combat and shooting skills. (It took him four rounds to kill two men and wound a third, and that was beginners luck.)

    Equipment: His wheelchair (which he modified to move via salvaged snow treads) and his crutches, other than that his mind and his vast library (contained in a single nanocell filing computer that he stole from Fort Hood after it was abandoned) that he has managed to salvage and has been adding to since his arrival are his greatest assets. As for firearms, he has his great-great-great-grandfather's Luger (said relative stole it off of a dead Nazi officer and preserved the weapon as well as 3 magazines and the care of them has been a family tradition.) Luckily, Alex has only had to use four rounds, leaving the rest to be used only in emergencies.

  • Joykillery


    #31394607 - 7 years ago

    Name: Horatio Reinhardt / Nikola

    Gender: Male

    Age: 30

    Appearance: The man stands at 5'5", bearing both a gaunt frame and pale skin with a set of inquisitive grey eyes. He has long blonde hair which he keeps in a tight braid. His thin figure is normally masked well beneath the layers of winter gear he's always wearing, of which the most distinctive piece is his large, forest green, hooded parka.

    History: Horatio grew up in a colony somewhere in the midwest of the U.S. His mother and father being climatologists, he grew up with a strong interest in science. Most of his childhood was spent indoors reading and studying the educational databases at an ancient library near town. When he was in his early teens, tragedy struck. A raving lunatic charged into the town with an army of angry yetis in tow. At his command, they plundered and looted Horatio's hometown, murdering everyone he ever knew. Truthfully, that was only about five or six people, as the yeti army was terribly inefficient. It was only after the invasion was quelled that the true tragedy struck, in which a celebratory bonfire went horribly wrong and burned down the entire town. Being an angsty teen at the time, he convinced himself that he didn't care and that he was obviously a heartless monster, even though he cried himself to sleep every night for a month afterward. He packed up what few non-charred belongings he had left and began wandering east. Fairly certain that he was going to die alone in the snow, his luck took a sudden spiral upward and he found the company of an expeditionary force heading into the New England area. They allowed him to join, provided he didn't run them dry of resources, and together they traveled until they reached the state of Massachusetts The force wanted to continue North, so Horatio broke off from the team and made himself a home in the city of Cambridge, where he found work as a custodian at MIT. In his free time he had access to most of the libraries and databases there, and he never wasted a moment in reading and studying whatever was available. He kept this job for the next few years, slowly gaining more knowledge and money.
    Then the yetis struck again. Somehow, the madman had managed to rebuild his entire yeti army and pursued Horatio halfway across the states. In a moment of striking luck, he managed to put the Yeti Commander on a false lead, buying him just enough time to leave the city due westward. The next four years of his life were spent wandering the country, occasionally finding a place to call home, only to have the Yeti Commander find him and ruin everything. What the man wanted with him, he didn't know, but the constant paranoia began to take a sizable toll on his mind. He began carrying on full conversations with himself as he traveled, thanks to the solitude. As time went on, he developed something of a second consciousness that kept him engaged in idle chitchat. This consciousness began to grow, developing its own personality and soon, it's own memories. As it became more defined, it grew more hostile and irate. This condition soon grew to the point where Horatio and this being --dubbing itself after the scientist Nikola Tesla-- began struggling for control, which ultimately led to a sort of Jekyll/Hyde complex as the two balanced out. Horatio maintained the calm and shy aspects of his former self, while Nikola seemed to embody his more hot-headed traits and developed a nasty drinking problem in the process. Horatio/Nikola eventually found a knack for minor repair work and began making extra coin in his travels as a wandering tinkerer. Being drunk half the time, he always worked up the most ridiculous solutions to little problems. The odd thing was, they always worked out. Horatio remained convinced that it was either dumb luck or the physical universe was collapsing at the seams, whereas Nikola firmly believed that he was shooting traditional scientific laws in the face. Whatever the case, they managed to scrape enough money to make their way across the states until they reached Southern California, where he currently resides in an old workshop, doing odd jobs and surviving on a day-to-day basis. Above all else, he maintains a constant vigil, preparing himself for the return of the Yeti Commander, his lifelong enemy.

    Faction: Civilian Consultant

    Skills: The hand of probability has been placed warmly upon his shoulder. It's the only reason he's still alive to this day, and it's the main thing that makes Nikola's creations work flawlessly, despite how ridiculous they truly are. However, he has no combat abilities whatsoever. He can hardly swing a baseball bat without beaning himself in the process. That's actually exactly what happened the last time he held a baseball bat. His best bet in a combat situation is to run and hide until it's all safe outside.

    Equipment: A box of toothpicks and a snow jet ski.

  • LinkGandalf


    #31394608 - 7 years ago

    Name: Fergus Murphy

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Earth_battle_weary_by_kelbykross.jpg

    History: Stranded in America as he was on holiday when Europe collapsed his parents died in a bandit attack so now he's sticking it out on his own, He scavenges most of his weapons and gear and does whatever he must to survive. He doesn't trust others easily. (I'll add more later, people over and can't concentrate)

    Faction: Irish

    Skills: Is a pretty decent cook. Has a knack for somehow using junk to keep his equipment in working, albeit shabby condition.

    Equipment: Combat knife and AK-47 salvaged from a Military museum.