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  • DrunkenToast

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    #11858356 - 10 years ago

    It is well known that civilians are often injured in police chases. Is it the fault of the officers pursuing the offender, or does the blame rest solely on the bad-guy? Should police pursuits be banned? Are the police liable for damages caused? I've seen chases that ended tragically, peacefully and even with the offender jumping a fence and literally blowing his head off with a shotgun (No exageration, it was on the roof of the house and the shed, in the tree....the K9 unit couldn't lock in on a scent because it was everywhere.) I feel suspects are going to run no matter what. They must be stopped or they will go for a bigger crime next time. Getting gradma's car back this time is not as important as the next grandma not getting her head smashed in over her Buick.

    NOTE: This does not carry over to traffic stops. Traffic stops are an entirely different subject from pursuits.

  • Titan332


    #11858456 - 10 years ago

    Every car needs to have a censor built into the engine, so that when you get your liscense plate, the code for the censor is the liscense number. So, when somebody is a retard, the police just put the liscense number into a scanner, it shuts down the engine and locks the offender in the car for the police to apprehend. They could put the censor in when you go in to get your liscense plate.

  • Green_knight


    #11859057 - 10 years ago

    Actually, I believe the vehicles with that "OnStar" thing already have that, as well as some other vehicles, too.

  • theironpaw


    #11859268 - 10 years ago

    In reply to DrunkenToast, #1:

    everything you said was right

  • alexkerensky


    #11861103 - 10 years ago

    You have got to take these chases on a case-by-case basis. One sweeping generalized approach is not going to solve everything, since different chases take place in different places, on different roads, at different times and in different traffic patterns. A chase down a backcountry dirt or gravel road is different than a chase down the interstate during rush hour. As such, there needs to be different ways to approach chases. Sometimes, a pit maneuver (that's the take-the-car-out-from-behind-because-a-spin-sometimes-kills-the-engine thing) works safely, but other times, not. If a helicopter is overhead, back the cop cars off and hope the suspect slows a bit, becasue you aren't going to lose it with a copter overhead. There's also the tire-blowing stopsticks, the projectiles from too fast too furious (don't know if those are really real, but the idea is nice), etc. And yes, sometimes the cops are better off just letting the suspect go, in cases of nonviolent crimes and if the suspect has been identified positively--you can catch them later, like when they go home.

    Point is, the cops need to be able to decide what the best option is, based on the circumstances. And yes, they are responsible for their choices, even to the point of being sued. A bad decision needs to be dealt with appropriately.

  • bigrig56


    #11864024 - 10 years ago

    hell, the ppl running should have a cop pull along side their car and shoot out a tire or headshot them. that will end the chase quickly but it should only be done where there is not alot of traffic so it will minimize some casualties.

  • John117_MC


    #11864244 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Titan332, #2:

    Yes, giving the police the unchecked power to stop all motor vehicles with the push of a button sounds reasonable and entirely unexploitable.

  • DrunkenToast

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    #11864333 - 10 years ago

    #5 those EMP projectiles would be great and there have been different versions that never left the planning stage. there is no such thing. as far as a lawsuit, police get suid all the time. don't believe for a second that any agency can't get out of a simple lawsuit.

    #6 honestly? headshot them? shoot out the tires? contrary to common lore, police don't want to kill people if they don't have to. shooting out the tires would work great in slow, controlled circumstances. sadly, these circumstances never exist in a persuit making tires not only difficult to shoot, but highly, highly dangerous to all nearby when it would take place. cars don't offer a steady base to shoot from, so pistols out the window wouldn't work. long distance shots are hard enough to pull off, let alone on high speed targets surrounded by friendlies and by-standers, so rifles are out. shotguns would be the most likely choice, but buckshot bounces off of pavement, making it incredibly unpredictable. forget the fact that blowing out one tire at high speed can make a car lose control and possibly flip, injuring or killing anyone too close including possible hostages.

    #7 come on, you don't think certain cops might become dirty oor backhanded do you?

  • Titan332


    #11865913 - 10 years ago

    In reply to John117_MC, #7:

    Ah yes that is a very good point. Maybe...I dont know. I dont have anything to beat your arguement with.

    In reply to DrunkenToast, #8:

    I think maybe he was being sarcastic...

  • osiris32


    #11866256 - 10 years ago

    Stopping a car chase is basically saying, "Hey, you broke the law. No biggie, we'll let you go." Legally, in my mind, the chase would not have occure but for the actions of the suspect. Therefore, he is liable criminally AND civily for anything that happens in said chase.

    Having a degree in Criminal Jusitce makes you see things in a different light. And no, you CAN'T shoot out the tires or go for a headshot while traveling at speed. Movies are not a basis for reality.

  • hkieme


    #11884854 - 10 years ago

    maybe that cop was pissed off and decided to take it ot on the civilians by locking everyone in there car and stopping the engines

  • UltimateZ


    #11888650 - 10 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #10:

    I completely agree. Letting criminals go gives incentive for the criminal to get cocky and attempt the same crime again, except next time he'll be more reckless and confident, and most likely will end up with some innocents being injured.

    Having cops have total control over everyone's car would suck, but hey, it'd make an interesting drive to the grocery store, right?

  • farfegnuggent


    #11892201 - 10 years ago

    In reply to DrunkenToast, #1:

    Its both and the civilians. The bad guys cause they didn't stop in the first place and caused risk to everyone. The police cause even though they have their sirens on, it does not give them the right away. The civilians cause they fucking didnt stop when the sirens were going. Thats one thing, why dont you stop when no they shouldnt be banned. AT ALL. Everyone would just drive away. Even though it is dangerous for everyone, there are a lot of successful chases and they shouldn't be banned cause civilians can't stop. They usually don't run if there is a 9mm pointed at them unless they do something horrible and know they are going to prison. Just look for pursuits or sirens or brights and lights. I think they should just do their job cause they do a hell of a job and we shouldn't get in their way.

  • osiris32


    #11892321 - 10 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #10:
    Having cops have total control over everyone's car would suck, but hey, it'd make an interesting drive to the grocery store, right?

    They have tried that, a number of different devices have been designed to help stop cars in mid-pursuit, including one little nifty gadget that worked by rocket power and was launched under the fleeing vehicle, whereupon it created an electromagentic field and turned off the car. There are a number of variations on this, most of which involve remote-controled mini vehicles driven by the passenger of the police car. Pretty much all of them, while being cool and futuristic, didn't give nearly a good enough performance in accordance with their cost. So those techniques have pretty much been abandoned, except for the military trying to make them into offensive-capable weapons.

    The vast majority of vehicle pursuits that are ended mechanically are either done with spike strips or using the PIT manouver. In either event, damage is done to the fleeing vehicle and occasionally to the police car. Either way, PEOPLE NEED TO STOP RUNNING FROM THE POLICE. It doesn't make things better for you!!

  • DrunkenToast

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    #11896204 - 10 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #14:

    This is true. In fact, 'fleeing and eluding' is a felony offense in and of itself. Not to mention the 'resisting arrest with / without violence, assault with a dealdy weapon (the car) and any damage the perp caused in the chase. At least in Florida. In fact, in Florida, if you are committing a felony and someone is injured or killed, you are then held accountable for that injury/death, even if that death was caused by someone else. There was a case some years ago, 2 guys tried to rob a pawn shop, both were shot at by the owner. 1 died, the other got the wrap for the death and the attempted robbery.

  • osiris32


    #11899015 - 10 years ago

    In reply to DrunkenToast, #15:

    That's called the Felony Murder Rule, as is ubiquitous nation wide under the Model Penal Code. If anyone dies during the commision of a felony you are guilty of muder (usually 2nd degree, depending on your state's individual statutes)

    Hmm, in Oregon we have two seperate charges, Eluding and Evasion. Eluding is a felony, and if order to get that you have to be in control of a motorized vechicle. Evasion is a misdemeanor, and is usually given to those who literally run from the cops. However, one of our local guys arrested someone for that (plus a laundry list of other stuff) after he tried to evade the police on a skateboard.

  • UltimateZ


    #11899595 - 10 years ago

    In reply to osiris32, #16:

    Haha, I can see it now.

    Get him! HOLY SHIT, he's grinding, take him down!

  • osiris32


    #11902005 - 10 years ago

    In reply to UltimateZ, #17:

    Tazer him, he's kick-flipping!!

    Actually, I think he got taken down by a horse cop. Which was even funnier. That one has been making the rounds of "funny cop stories" for about 6 months.

  • DrunkenToast

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    #11907152 - 10 years ago

    I can top that. In my area, a cop tazered a guy on a bicycle from the cruiser. I thought it was hilarious, but the dude got his lawers involved and it went quickly downhill.

  • thecia

    thecia DOMINATOR

    #13065306 - 10 years ago

    police chases are fun to watch and are exciting =)