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  • drunkyhippo


    #14282296 - 8 years ago

    hey guys this is specifically about Roosterteeth

    so check it i love roosterteeth and shit, enough to purchase a $100 gift card to by some stuff from their stores. So now i found awesome things to buy, it is great, but then there's a shipping fee that is basically a quarter of my fucking payment, causing me to barely stay under my gift card limit. So here's the question:

    What can i do to decrease my shipping fee?

    And now the second thing is that this credit card is kind of a bitch... therefore i don't want to pay another $10 in 6 months (due to some stupid fees) and so i want to pay $20 flat right now via credit card. How do i do this

  • Royplayer89

    Royplayer89 RTX Guardian

    #14282310 - 8 years ago

    In reply to drunkyhippo, #1:

    .... Get a job?

  • drunkyhippo


    #14282371 - 8 years ago

    i do have a job

    this just kinda cut alot of time and money for some roadblocks

  • MuffinProof


    #14283234 - 8 years ago

    Just be glad you can even shop at RT. They don't deliver to my place :(
    The US, and international shipping have a lot to work out.

  • drunkyhippo


    #14284205 - 8 years ago

    okay so check it.... i caved in and paid 20 stupid extra dollars to love you guys a lil more... now i want to sponsor for 6 months.. BUT i feel like the site doesn't accept prepaid credit cards when it comes to sponsorship subscription... THAT being said, i highly doubt this is possible and feel like i am missing something of importance (note all other info is done except renew which is no) (account number was written exact and so was expiration date