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i need some help

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  • sherwood784


    #14285144 - 8 years ago

    so my xbox live gold account ran out and since i'm broke i cant get anymore. i was thinking of saving $10 and getting a walmart giftcard. I was hoping that the giftcard could be used to buy the 1 month sub. for gold membership. Will it work? I'm getting the one month because i'm 17 and its winter time so i have no jobs lined up. i'm getting money for the holidays but thats not til the end of the month.

    Will this idea work? can you tell me what will?

  • SkittlzLaRae


    #14285302 - 8 years ago

    As far as I know, a Walmart giftcard is to be used strictly for Walmart purchases. Microsoft probably will not accept this for of payment because it is not a debit, credit, or prepaid debit card. Without any of those forms of payment, a one month will be unavailable and you will just have to resort to purchasing a 3 month since they stopped selling the one month cards.
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    I hope I was of some help to you.

  • xvandalx


    #14285387 - 8 years ago

    Your best just waiting for Christmas man and picking up a 12 month subscription.

  • sherwood784


    #14288465 - 8 years ago

    ok i mean those walmart card thing i'm not sure what theyre called but i was wondering if i could use it online i wanted to get a amazon acct too. but like its a visa card that you put money on to buy stuff online.

    thanks for the help