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Epic Nachos

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  • shiuzu

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    #14755883 - 8 years ago

    So a few months ago some friends and I decided to make a some nachos, but not ordinary nacho's would satisfy us. We needed some nachos that were piled high and covered in liquor. Initially we had an idea to made deep fried shot glasses that had a tortilla base and would be wrapped in bacon, but after we made a prototype we realized that idea was full of holes (ba-dum-pssh). The bacon and ground beef were marinated in jack daniels, the nachos are tortilla's we took and cut up and deep fried. The bowls are whole deep fried tortillas that had a light beer batter, and instead of salsa we used poutine. Yes we are Canadian. Then we cooked the shit out of it in the oven. Oh and there was a deep friend banana. Y'know for potassium.