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Nice deeds.

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  • almosteasy


    #15258943 - 7 years ago

    Share nice things youve done.

  • ChaosAD


    #15259556 - 7 years ago

    I loaned a friend some money so he wouldn't lose his house, and then told him not to both "paying back" and instead "paying forward."

    I won't go into exact details, but it was a lot more money than I could really afford at the time, but he seemed to need it more.

  • Scutterbotch

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    #15259994 - 7 years ago

    Less fortunate friend of mine got a 360 arcade for christmas, i gave him about 20 games. Such titles as BF:BC2, Halo 3, so on, so forth. Prooooooobably the only nice thing i've ever done, sadly.

  • SpartanJason


    #15260041 - 7 years ago

    Not from me, personally, but thought it was worth sharing. An old picture from 4chan, we shall never forget this anon.


  • smokemonster


    #15260109 - 7 years ago

    Last week I saw a truck hit the back of a car while pulling out. I grabbed the jerks plate number as he drove away and got it to the owner of the parked car. He put a big crack into the bumper.

  • matt12046


    #15262186 - 7 years ago

    I didn't set anyone on fire.