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  • OhOak

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    #15654995 - 6 years ago

    I recently remembered a creepy experience I had a few years ago, and I was curious what things have you guys had happen to you that just really creeped you out.

    As for mine, I was out of town for work and staying in a hotel in a small town. It was my first time on a job site and I had to wake up super early, earlier than anyone should ever have to. In my groggy state I waddled into the bathroom of my hotel and took my shower, when I got out I saw the words "I'm watching you" freshly written in the fog on the mirror. I was so tired I just got dressed and went to work. When I thought back in it, I realized how freakin scary it was! smiley7.gif

    So, what are your stories?

  • Raf

    Raf Raf

    #15655117 - 6 years ago

    In reply to OhOak, #1:

    Damn, lol I guess you can dismiss anything when you're still groggy from sleep

  • caitlynne


    #15655265 - 6 years ago

    Mine isn't terrifying but I was pretty freaked out by it looking back. I was sitting alone in my room one night when I heard someone call my name twice. I yelled out in reply and got no answer, so I went around the house to see if I could find who had wanted me. Everyone who was home denied trying to get my attention. As I was walking back to my room the phone rang with the news my grandmother had passed.

  • BatJeff


    #15655822 - 6 years ago

    I remember one day I was home alone... the girlfriend was at work, and my daughter was at school, and I was lying down mid-day to have a nap. JUST as I start drifting off, all of the sudden I hear someone scream my name (like, a female voice that I didn't recognize, but it sounded very distant), and felt like someone slapped me in the face HARD. I woke so frigging suddenly, I got my stuff on, and left the house. Didn't go back in there until that evening. Went to a friend's house lol. Not even gaming could get my mind off that. Freaked me the fuck out.

  • LocoGravy


    #15656190 - 6 years ago

    Ok I have a couple but first ones first. Let me first say I am not a "I believe in aliens visiting and ghosts walking the Earth" guy.

    In my youth I took a job in security as a part time gig. One of my assignments was at this facility which was surrounded by fields and fences and pretty far out from people in general.
    The layout was one of courtyards, there were buildings with open area courtyards inside which weren't open to the outside, you had to move through the buildings to access them.
    Anyhow it was summer and a sunny day and coming up to 5pm when I would close the place down and set the alarm system for overnight. The alarm was in the central building which had a main corridor leading to the outside of everything.
    I checked the doors were locked and walked to the alarm room but as I did I noticed singing. I listened for a minute and it sounded like children singing in the distance. I dismissed it as maybe some children were in the fields nearby and it was echoing through the tunnels and courtyards.
    I walked up to the alarm panel and started to push in my codes... Now next to the panel is a mirror to ensure no one is standing behind you to see your codes, and I glanced in that mirror.
    Behind me, outside the glass doors was a little girl in a yellow dress with a white apron on.... I was like "What the hell?!?" I figured some kid had wandered in at some point during the day and had got inside the courtyards, so I spin around and look and there is no one there... Then I realised all the singing was gone and the place was so silent I could hear my heart beating.
    I turn back and quickly punch in my codes and start to walk down the corridor, but as I was walking I could hear the singing again.

    That scared the hell out of me.

  • JackalStew


    #15656199 - 6 years ago

    Yesterday, I was walking my friends dogs through the woods in the middle of the night. (She's a nervous pooer, the dog, not the friend). Soon, we started joking about the similarities between this and slender. It was all very funny, then I saw this:

  • noisedrifter


    #15656701 - 6 years ago

    Well, okay, I can think of two right now.

    When I was 12 or 13, I attended an anime convention, and naturally, people will ask to take your picture when you are cosplaying. However, I can't help but feel weirded out when a 50 or older year old man who was alone at the time asked if he could take my picture...

    And another time, one night, I slept in my bed with all of my clothes, mind you. Then, when I woke up the next morning, I was stark naked. I was like, "what. the. hell." Still, when I get really sleepy, I can't remember things really well, and I probably went to sleep naked or took off my clothes at one point because it was too hot.

    ...And now I kinda regret telling that story! :'D

  • LocoGravy


    #15656744 - 6 years ago

    Story number two was in the same place as the last. One evening I get called to say the alarms had sounded and I had to go meet the police. So I head there and the police are just leaving because they didn't find any sign of a break in. So now it is 11pm and I am sitting in this dark hall waiting for the alarm guy to show up and reset them.
    About midnight he shows and finds out that one of the IR sensors in the hall had tripped so he said he would replace the unit. So I tell him I am going to check the grounds and I leave him there.
    1am I am walking back with my flash light and I see him sitting in his car... and he is as white as a sheet.
    I walk up and ask what is wrong and he says "I am NEVER f***ing coming to this place again." Then he tells me how he was in the hall and there was something behind him. So I convince him to come inside and show me after some talking. We go inside and we walk into this big hall, he is pointing to where he put his ladders up and replaced the sensor and then I notice something. Out of the corner of my eye I look at the stage area and there is someone standing near the curtains. I take a few steps back and press the banks of lights and the hall all lights up as bright as day, but now there is no one there. The alarm guy says "You saw him too right!?!" and takes off.
    So I am left standing in the hall alone at about 1:30am.
    Lets just say that is the quickest I have ever set alarms and got out of a building.

    So I do some research and I find out that during the war, the place I was working at used to house German pilot prisoners of war during air raids. They used to use the underground tunnels as a bunker for them.

  • SpazzFiend


    #15657494 - 6 years ago

    I work at a fire station in Oregon, and we have a station #4 in our district, and its where we can call in the helicopter for if we need a faster transport time. Coincidentally, if someone has coded out and were are transporting them because there might be able to bring them back, we call it at the station with the helicopter medics there to back up our decision. If pronounced there, we take them inside of the bays. And they lay there as long as it takes the morgue to get there. Ive only been here a year and Ive seen it happen 3 times. A lifeless body in a sheet in the next room to where we sleep.

    This station is in the middle of a big open field next to a forest, and pretty much isolated from town because it only responds to outlying neighborhoods, so you feel somewhat alone there, and theres always creepy stuff happening. My lieutenant refuses to sleep in the front office, becuase he swears there are footsteps going up and down the hallway all night, evel though the rest of us are all sleeping at the back of the station. Ive even witnessed wierd stuff myself. My friend found a dice in his pack, and multiple times he, and I, have found it with the number 4 standing up after you leave it alone. Once him and I even set it on the number 2, and an hour later I checked on it it was a 4 facing up. Thats probably the creepiest thing thats happened to me because if ghosts exist, I know theres been bodies in there. Hopefully the story itself is creepy, becuase living i is pretty creepy haha

  • DavidStrouse


    #15661034 - 6 years ago

    Creepy/comforting story. My aunt had recently died of cancer, and I was not taking it well. We had been pretty close so her death hit me hard. I was on the computer one day, feeling depressed, and suddenly, I felt like she was in the room with me. It was only for a few seconds, but it felt like she was there.

  • GabeGarcia

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    #15661242 - 6 years ago

    One day I when I was younger I was sleeping in my bed when I started to hear my dog Alex making noise from the living room. Groggy, I instinctively whisper-yelled at him to be quiet then I went back to sleep. Unfortunately I could not sleep because he would not stop making noise. So I tiredly got up to go see if he needed to be let out or something. This was at my mom's old house where in the living room there was a very large windowed that spanned half the wall and peered into our front yard. When I got to the living room to see what Alex wanted I noticed he was starring directly out of the window and growling. I looked out the window myself to see a man standing directly behind it and looking into our house. I froze. He stood there for a few moments then casually walked away into the night. I told my step-dad who is a police officer immediately and he got up to look around outside but didn't find anything. That memory still scares me.

  • default_ex


    #15661365 - 6 years ago

    When I was around 16 years old we had this old stereo system in our living room. It was almost the anniversary of my father's death when me and six of my friends were in the living room were playing MTG with the stereo going full blast. The power cut out, and a few seconds later we heard what sounded like a heart beat coming from the speakers attached to the stereo. We all got real quiet listening for it again when the power cut back on, the stereo made a loud screeching noise, scared the shit out of all of us.

    It wasn't until everyone went home that I figured out what had happened, primarily because the stereo stopped working and I wanted to fix it. There were scorch marks leading from the power tubes to a couple of capacitors as well as a line of melted solder crossing two sides of the circuit. Essentially a feedback loop had formed between them which explained the heart beat, the screech came from the tubes burning out when power surged back through it.

  • ConnorDJenkins

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    #15671302 - 6 years ago

    A few years ago hair started growing in places it shouldn't. I shaved it but it keeps coming back! HELP ME!

  • ZebbraFries

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    #15671535 - 6 years ago

    A few months ago my mom was doing an event down in Bisbee, AZ (an old, haunted mining town) for her job. We stayed the night in one haunted hotels down there. I was the last one awake and I was watching a movie with my headphones in. I heard laughter in my headphones, and thought "It's just background noise in the movie" even though, I knew there wasn't any laughing in that scene. Later, I paused it so I could lay down more comfortably, but when I stopped the movie and the laughter quickly turned into screaming. I ripped out my headphones, and it was gone. I put them back in, still yelling. When I started the movie again, it immediately stopped, scared of seeing anything, I buried my head under my pillow and went to sleep. It was one of the most horrifying moments in my life.

  • abs0up


    #15672729 - 6 years ago

    I live in a pretty haunted state, so there have been a few weird things that have happened to me.

    But, the first thing that popped into my head happened nearly a year ago. My great aunt had passed away and it was a week or two after her passing when I was home alone. I was getting ready to go out and the shirt I wanted to wear was wrinkled, so I threw it into the dryer. I put it on a random amount of time [it was more than 20 minutes or so] and turned it on. I then went about my day, doing stuff around the apartment, when about five minutes later I hear the dryer stop. I figured maybe I wasn't thinking and set it on a weird amount of time, so I went to check and the dryer door was wide open. Now, the dryer won't start unless the door is shut and "locked" into place, so I didn't leave it ajar. When I checked the timer, it still had more than ten minutes to go. The only way it could be open is if someone had opened it, but it wasn't me. My grandma thinks that it was my great aunt visiting me/giving me a sign and letting me know that she's okay, because my grandma also experienced some weird things after her passing.

    tl;dr -- My dryer is possibly haunted.

  • chompaykid


    #15761897 - 6 years ago

    I'm that type of guy who gets bored and just goes on exploring the forests. So picture a beautiful forest with bright sunshine and birds chirping. I'm just walking around contemplating school, friends, my future all that crap and I come across an abandoned tree house. I'm a few feet away but you can clearly see inside it. Inside of the window was something that to this day I don't know what it was to tell you the truth. It was a little girl in a white dress, at first I am like "Is this someones backyard?" but it couldn't be because the land was being sold. I knew something was off about the whole thing so I just ran away. I look back and see her standing in front of the tree house and then I hit my head against a tree knocking myself out.

    I wake up like a few hours later with the sun setting. I faintly remember what happen and jump up to my feet and I look at the tree house. It is empty, no sign of the girl. I remember walking back home, my dad kept yelling at me for being out so long. I go to my room and immediately got the urge to look out the window. From my window you can see where I entered the forest, and I kid you not, there in the distance I saw the little girl. Almost as if she was watching me and then she disappeared into the forest.

  • Clarkemenson


    #16005180 - 6 years ago

    First off I'm going to say, some of these are probably not the best thing to read before going to bed.

    One time in my local suburb there was this half build castle thing that hadn't been touched in over 60 years or so. Being a 10 year old and with a friend, it didn't take much convincing to check it out. The older kids had told stories (such as a guy was building it for his wife who had cancer, she died and he hung himself in the half built castle because he couldn't take the pain. Though that is some of the story, he didn't kill himself, he just gave up on building it and moved elsewhere.) We snuck in the back entrance of this place and decided to check out this basement sort of thing. Mind you it was just a small hole in the ground with the dodgiest ladder I've ever seen, myself and this girl I was with decided to climb down there and see what was there. We only had our phone screens to use as some sort of light seeing as it was pitch black down there. We walked half way through this tunnel and heard this loud sound as if it was a person screeching or something. We stopped and looked at each other confirming that we had both heard the same thing, but stupid us decided to keep walking down this tunnel type of thing and we heard it again right at our ears, but this time there was this massive flash of light that went through the tunnel. (just so you know, there was no electricity connected with this place, nor were there any lights and our phone screen lights barely lit up anything as they were old nokia phones.) We both just turned the other way and ran out, never have I climbed up a ladder so fast. We refused to ever go in that castle again.