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Your worst break up

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  • seoulspirit


    #17166566 - 4 years ago

    To preface this, my girlfriend and I dated for 9 months before she broke up with me. We were both very depressed when we met but I outgrew my depression thanks to taking medication while my GF stayed depressed. She broke up with me because she thought I was too busy with school and that she was distracting me. I loved her because she was selfless, I never thought it would be the reason we broke up.

  • Metasponge

    Metasponge Ocean Voyager

    #17166656 - 4 years ago

    broke my wrist playing football down park when I was 14.

  • MrDakota


    #17166939 - 4 years ago

    Ha, Mine is going to sound rather depressing and sad. However about two years ago. I was dating this girl for roughly 8 months. Things seemed fine oddly enough. You're typical relationship.

    Then I find out around our 8th month together. A friend told me that my girlfriend had been seen with some guy. I play it off as her friend. I see the guy out at the mall while I was doing some shopping for early xmas gifts and ask him if he knew my girlfriend. He replies "Know her? I'm her boyfriend.". After we sat down, talked. She had been cheating on me for about four months.

    We both drove over to her house and dumped her at the same time. At the time, I was in the shell shock state. Didn't phase me, until about two hours after the break up. Was a bit nasty in my book.

  • ZahmbieSam


    #17166999 - 4 years ago

    Mine literally sounds like I made it up, so I'm really sorry if that's what you think.

    I dated a guy that I met online for about 8 months. We lived together with another friend of mine. One weekend, I was out of town for work and our other roommate was off camping, and my then-boyfriend burned the house down with our three cats inside it because he didn't want to date me anymore and he wanted me to have to move back in with my family.

    I don't know why he felt that was a decent option, but it didn't work and I'm living life and he got really fat and he might still be going to jail for it.

  • Mxrcus


    #17167073 - 4 years ago

    My worst break up happened quite recently. She just broke up with me a week after we started dating and I STILL don't know why she broke up with me. I just want a cute long lasting relationship where I don't have to worry about anything.

  • Baddertoe3


    #17167217 - 4 years ago

    I dated a girl for about 8 months and we were sitting in a mall one day and she pulled the "I think we should see other people but we can still be friends" line. I couldn't help myself from telling her that that was like having my dog run over and my saying "But you can still keep him". Needless to say we never spoke again.

  • josef22

    josef22 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #17167306 - 4 years ago

    When I was a freshmen in high school I dated this girl for 9 months. Neither of us knew what the hell was going on and were completely clueless about relationships. After nine months of dating we had still never kissed. (I know sad and pathetic)

    Well one night she told me that she wanted to break up because we had never kissed and then after we broke up I kissed her. TALK ABOUT AWKWARD! To make things worse she was in my class and I went to the smallest high school in Kansas and there were only 8 people in my class.

  • lightseyker


    #17167358 - 4 years ago

    Dated a guy for about a year. I turned him down multiple times before finally deciding to give him a chance. He was weirdly obsessed with his ex and kept telling me about how he though he still loved her and he wasn't sure if he would ever get over her - even though they had been broken up for 3 years at this point.

    He also liked to tell me about how his other ex girlfriends were "crazy" and they were always messaging him and trying to get into contact with him - I thought he just really had some crazy exes, but after we broke up I realized why.

    A lot of things led to our break up
    - He had no job, but was living alone with a cat, which meant I was helping pay his rent/food/cat needs/gas
    - He was a HUGE momma's boy, which I don't have a problem with, I love my mom. But we would have plans that we had made in advance, and he would just not show up (not even a call for warning) because he needed to see his mom
    - He also went to jail for beating up one of his friends, and guess who ended up paying for some of his lawyer? Me...
    - My family helped him out in way unimaginable, and he refused to meet them
    - After beating up one his friends he was on probation, but he'd tell me about all these different people he was fighting
    - He was rude about what I enjoyed music/games/tv show/movies - anything he could make fun of, he would

    Right before Christmas I had plans to meet him at his place, I had someone drop me off, and I went inside his place to find he wasn't there. But two of his friends were over, eating the food that I had spent money on because he had "no money for food" and turns out my ex had gone to his mothers (big surprise.) His friends ended up kicking me out of the house. It was 2am, freezing cold, in the downtown of my city where it isn't very safe. I ended up finding a Tim Hortons that was closed, but there was staff inside cleaning. It made me feel safe enough that other people could see me, I called a cab, crying outside a Tim Hortons and I went back home. When my mom found out she freaked out and I had stopped talking to him until Christmas.

    It was finally Christmas (at this point I had given him $2200 over the year, that's just rent and lawyers, not counting any food/cat needs) and he wouldn't come over to my house to open presents with my family. My family had never met him but they still bought him presents. I just got fed up over everything, I told him to forget seeing my family and just come pick up his presents. When he showed up he tried to come inside to see me, and my step dad wouldn't let him. My mom just gave him his presents and told him to leave. Once he left he texted me to ask me if I was inside and I told him to never speak to me again.

    I finally understood why he said that all his exes were crazy - obviously he used them in the way that he used me, and like any person, they were trying to get their stuff back. I never ever got any of the money back from him (even though time and time again he promised he would pay me back.) He had a big amount of my videos games that I never got back. I guess, yes, I was naive. But when you fall in love, you want to help someone, and that was all that I wanted to do - and he just used me.

    And the worst part was, I felt horrible after. I cried for days. Even though I knew it was for the better.

  • Mxrcus


    #17167406 - 4 years ago

    In reply to lightseyker, #8:

    damn.....heavy .-.

  • JrHunter


    #17167409 - 4 years ago

    Moved in with my ex, she didn't come home from work one night, I went to work the next morning, I came home from work, she had a bag of my stuff packed and a flight booked back to Ireland for me, said it was over cause "I just don't want to be in a relationship at the minute" turns out she was fucking her boss.

  • lightseyker


    #17167484 - 4 years ago

    In reply to HawkXXRising, #9:

    You live and you learn.

  • Mxrcus


    #17167487 - 4 years ago

    In reply to lightseyker, #11:

    That's true .-.

  • wyndy

    wyndy Jizanthapus

    #17167517 - 4 years ago

    Well after reading these mine seems pretty trivial. No cheating or abuse or whatever. Dated a guy for a little under a year, broke up with me right before my birthday by basically telling me he didn't feel it anymore. About a month before that we nearly broke up for the same reason but he told me he wanted to give it another shot and naively I agreed. Later I found out he had been planning on breaking it off before he went off to school anyway so I guess I was just being led on, at least in the beginning and at the end. I dunno if it actually became something real for him somewhere in the middle. Anyway, it sucked really bad at the time for reasons I won't bore you with. It kept me down for a whie until one day I was listening to a song that sounded a lot like my situation and moving on from it and I decided, fuck it and him. I cut ties, refocused my life and greatly improved my attitude, and haven't spoken to him for about two or three years. I don't exactly regret the relationship but in hindsight he wasn't the best person so

  • Cove

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    #17168389 - 4 years ago

    She broke up me over text while I was at work, two weeks before I was moving back to the same city as her. I when I got back I found out she cheated on me and had gotten engaged. Sounds ridiculously made up, but she was that immature!

  • lightseyker


    #17168581 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Cove, #14:

    Oooh harsh. That's super immature and just.. weird.

  • Cove

    Cove FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Dancing Shark

    #17168602 - 4 years ago

    In reply to lightseyker, #15:

    You're not wrong!

  • Kassina


    #17168728 - 4 years ago

    My junior year of high school I was going pretty steady with a guy I met through my little sister. I asked him to prom a few months before and we were just like 'fuck it, let's just date'.

    Well, I was also going through some really horrible horrible shit at home, and it was decided that I was going to move to Colorado that summer with my paternal grandmother for my own personal safety. The night everything came crashing down he proposed and I said Yes, because he really was the only person I knew who comforted me and made me feel safe.

    Not even three weeks later, my friend I had known since I was five years old pulled me aside before our geometry class started, and told me how he was hanging out with my fiance and his friends before school started that morning (My bus was running way late and I didn't get to school until 2nd hour) and how he was talking about me and how he felt bad that I was going through so much shit in my family life that he proposed to me as a joke to make me feel better.

    Turns out, joking about giving me the comfort and the security I've longed for since I was 14 does not make me feel better, it in fact pisses me the fuck off.

    I broke up with him after school that day out of fury and was crying the entire bus ride home.

    And then the following year (I moved back after 2 weeks because I got extremely homesick) he called me a traitor because I was finally open with being bisexual and his girlfriend threatened to kill me if I even dared try to hook back up with him.

    Sure, it's been 8 years since then, and we're friends now - but man did that just turn me off to ever dating again.

  • LizB


    #17168741 - 4 years ago

    Having never celebrated valentines day after elementary school when we're everyone's valentine, I had a habit of completely forgetting what day it was.... I'm pretty sure you can see where this is going.

    You feel like the worst person to ever live when you break up with someone and then find out that it's valentines day and they bought you a dozen roses. I still feel so bad about that.

  • JHalus


    #17169489 - 4 years ago

    I'm not this counts and it sounds like i'm being a cocky asshole but this is worst i ever felt in my dating life...

    I dated a woman, lets call her ex1, for a few months, fell in love with her and her kid, she broke it off but wanted "to be friends" which i fell for as i still loved her etc, and she still wanted to keep having sex but only as friends and until she met someone else, which is a bit of a headfuck but i still loved her so convinced myself its ok.

    Eventually i mostly moved on and found someone else, dated a few months, fell in love, she broke it off, so im a drunken night i contacted ex1 and she invited me to her house etc, said she would like to have sex again but only as friends. At the same time ex2 did the same, still wanting to have sex but not really be my girlfriend. so i was having sex with both on different nights a week, and still having old feelings for both, i'm no brad pitt or a playa or anything, i genuinely had feelings and wanted to be with both and was stuggling that neither wanted me so seeked the solace in the others arms to deal with it, silly i know.

    i then found ex3, same story, fell in love, she wasnt over her ex so it didnt work, i was ok with that. but again, she still wanted sex, while ex1 and ex2 found out we broke up and contacted me wanting sex again. So at one point i was having sex with all three on different nights of the week, knowing i wanted them but they didnt want me, and i convinced myself that one of them would want to take me back if i kept giving them what they wanted, basically i was being used, i was in an emotionally fragile state i just wanted some human connection so i ran from one to the other to feel it aswell.

    The whole time, this lasted 3-4 months, i was soo unhappy, depressed even, but i didnt know how to get out of it, or maybe i didnt want to as i still wanted them, and i sometimes think they played on that but i cannot be certain, they all knew though that i would come running like a lapdog when they called, just so they would hug me and say im nice.

    Then one night, i just snapped, no idea why but the epiphany hit me, i broke down and spent 3-4 days crying and holed up in my room and dealt with it in my head. I then visited all 3 explained the situation, and how i felt, and none understood, they all hated me and called me many, many names, one even threw her mobile phone at me. Which was fine, haven't spoke to any of them since. I know this sounds like bragging "shagging my 3 ex's" bullshit, but it damaged me for a long fucking time and it took a very special woman to bring me round, who i am still with to this day, so i guess it all worked out in the long run :)

  • seoulspirit


    #17170049 - 4 years ago

    In reply to BurtMacklin, #19:

    I'm happy that things worked out. I guess we can all hope for that in the end

  • NotAnAthlete


    #17170648 - 4 years ago

    My worst break up happened a couple years ago when my 360 died on me. Things had been pretty rough for a while. She hadn't been herself for a while and one day she died. The overheating got to her I think. It took me a while to get back out there and start seeing other consoles. I dusted off my old PS2, but things just weren't the same. I finally decided to start seeing another 360. A slimmer model this time. Things have been great. It sucks that my first 360 left me, but sometimes things happen for a reason.

  • sargasso


    #17170935 - 4 years ago

    Together for three years (nearly four); I got too comfortable -- she most likely got bored.

    After years of dating since then, I have to conclude that it is not worth the effort. Perhaps this is rash of me to say in my mid-twenties, but I'd rather have the odd dalliance without the emotional ties. For this same reason, I only keep goldfish as pets.

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  • ActualXena


    #17171275 - 4 years ago

    I went through a phase in my life when I was 14 wherein I'd date a guy for a week and get bored and dump them. Unfortunately one of the guys I dated ended up being absolutely crazy and at the end of the week was already talking about getting married and having children. The worst part about that was that he was a good ~3 years older than me so he was kind of serious but in a very unknowing and dumb way.

    Anyway, long story short, I had to literally yell him down in the middle of a hallway. There was no one in the hallway, but all the classroom doors were open so that they could hear me shouting at this kid about how I most definitely did not want to have his kids. It wasn't the best time.

  • seoulspirit


    #17172697 - 4 years ago

    In reply to MMinions, #24:

    Fight Fight Fight!

  • JHalus


    #17172792 - 4 years ago

    In reply to MMinions, #26:

    the big question is, who was winning, or was it kinda handbags at dawn?