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Honoring Monty

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  • c4t1t0n1c


    #17376426 - 4 years ago

    Let us honor the great Monty Oum with Our creativity. I have written a short poem in my journal and now let's see what you can do. He is a true inspiration so let's do something inspiring. Let's overflow this site with our creativity in honor of Monty.

  • JRocketsmith


    #17376445 - 4 years ago

    Decided to work on actually learning guitar, rather than trying to, giving up, and then coveting a better piece of gear. Might be a couple of years before I'm producing stuff like the op soundtrack of RWBY, though.

  • Dylan

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    #17376514 - 4 years ago

    In reply to c4t1t0n1c, #1:

    While this sentiment is shared for sure, it's already being shared here. If you could migrate there, that would be wonderful, in order to keep everyone who wants to honor Monty in any way together, so we can create as a community.