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Do you still play your old consoles?

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  • DarthDidious


    #2941352 - 13 years ago

    How many of you still have your old consoles and still play them at all? I still have my SNES, and I enjoy playing it on occasion. I still buy games for it whenever I can find them. I thinks its amazing that its still more or less in perfect working order. You'd think it would just crap out on me by now, but it keeps on chuggin'.

    I also have a Sega GameGear. It had a colour screen WAY before Nintendo got around to doing it. It was just a tad larger though...

  • MorrisseyMan


    #2941400 - 13 years ago

    Yeah, I still play my trusty 'ol Nintendo 64. I am a bit of a Zelda fan, and it is fun to play through all the games that I spent playing when I was younger. Brings back memories. There are a lot of games still available at Cash Converters, which is a pawn brokers, for about $10. There is one more game I want to get, and my collection will have every single game that I have ever wanted on N64. Lylatt Wars. Brilliant game.

    But, yes, I do still play my N64.

  • urzaofusn


    #2941439 - 13 years ago

    Hell Yeah!!!!

    Original Nintendo and Atari!!!! Plus I had a dreamcast, I played it too much and it broke smiley4.gif

  • theguy43


    #2941473 - 13 years ago

    I love my old consoles... never really get a chance to play them now, but there still tucked away somewhere.
    I've seen an original Nintendo Entertainment System plus 14 games sell for over 150$

  • lrdofdaspon


    #2941493 - 13 years ago

    My N64 needs the cartridge to be shoved in hard, be reset a few times and had the dust blown out of all the sockets before it putts into life. Still working. Only bother to play Goldeneye really.

  • DarthDidious


    #2941519 - 13 years ago

    Oh yea.....for some reason I forgot my N64......wierd....maybe its because recently I've been playing the SNES more than it....


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  • MorrisseyMan


    #2941558 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DarthDidious, #7:

    How could you forget? Rogue Squadron, Super Smash, the two Zelda Games. All have more then their share of gaming moments. I suggest you go and play N64 right now.

  • RavenVelith


    #2941615 - 13 years ago

    Oh for sure. I still have my N64 all hooked up with my PS2 and my mom just found the NES yesterday. Time to hook that up to play some classic Zelda. ^_^ If my SNES was still alive, I'd play that too.

  • Viper007


    #2941794 - 13 years ago

    yeah ive got stuff dat works(super nintendo,n64,psx)
    and stuf dat duznt work(atari,seaga somthing,nes)
    retro is good but new stuff dat duz it (GBDS) just is wrong if u wernt around 2 play it first time round than u dont deserve to play it!

  • JBluesummers


    #2941955 - 13 years ago

    i have been wanting to buy a N64 FOREVER, i sold mine which i delcare stupid. No one sells them anymore

  • DarthDidious


    #2941995 - 13 years ago

    Hey it was a good system, and still has decent graphics.

  • Nimmy


    #2942345 - 13 years ago

    My newest console is actually a Dreamcast, which I play a lot. I also have my NES/SNES hooked up to my 13" tv in my bedroom full time, so I can kick some ass before bedtime.

  • killerbee


    #2942450 - 13 years ago

    Do i play my old consoles?
    Of course i do, You guys that play Xbox, PS2 and Toy (GAMECUBE) have it easy try playing Super Ghouls N Ghost its Super Hard.
    I play them for the challenge for the sport. Some of them old Consoles have some of the hardest games ever. only Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox comes close

  • The_Bumbino


    #2942573 - 13 years ago

    yep my super nes and n64 are still hooked up to my tv but my nintendo is broken

  • Ha2master


    #2942922 - 13 years ago

    I still play the shit out of Starfox64. I love that game!

  • psyonicfling


    #2943073 - 13 years ago

    hell yah the original NES i play all the marios on it

    also the ps i still have one of those

  • Blarg_Blarg


    #2943168 - 13 years ago

    I don't have my NES or my Genesis anymore. My N64 is still in my room, but it's no longer hooked up.

  • Chipper173


    #2943289 - 13 years ago

    I bust out my Dreamcast and Genesis all the time. Aww yeah, bustin' out Sonic the Hedgehog on all ya'll, old-school, yo.

  • usethefork


    #2943329 - 13 years ago

    I don't have any old smiley6.gif

  • EdibleUndies


    #2943629 - 13 years ago

    my N64 is still hooked up. i like playing smash bros on it, and 007 Goldeneye. all the rest (dreamcast,NES, SNES) are packed away somewhere.

  • blue_freak


    #2943714 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DarthDidious, #1:

    ya i still play my snes, also ithought i was the only one that still had the sega gamegear.... wow also i still play my n64 oh that mario.... so much fun


  • neuroticgrim


    #2944046 - 13 years ago

    i actuallt pulled out an old intelvision gaming system with my little sis so much fun

  • Lord_Diamond


    #2944142 - 13 years ago

    I still play duck hunt on my nintendo, bloody good game, hate that dog though!

  • DarthDidious


    #2944172 - 13 years ago

    You can play an online flash game version of it.

    fucking dog....good thing they made a version of it where you get to blow the snot out of the dog too.

  • RedJesper


    #2944750 - 13 years ago

    The only system I've ever gotten rid of was my playstation an that's just because PS2 was fully backward compatable. I still have all of my old systems (SNES,NES,Genesis) and I play them quite often. The sonic the hedgehog series is still one of my favorites