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Do you still play your old consoles?

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  • drdocter


    #3971037 - 13 years ago

    i play my, n64, like 007 games, they is the best 007 games! they suck now. and all the zelda games. and sega. for the sonic games. the glory of our past.fuckin 007 agent under fire. it sucked balls

  • S_Scilence


    #3984369 - 13 years ago

    the oldest system i have is my PS2, and i sadly have yet to play anything on it besides a CD since i got my 360 back in January. which is not good, [off topic rant] beacuse i accidently wiped out my memory card and i have to beat 3+ rather longish games all over again. this includes Kingdom Hearts (which was completely beaten, minus one of the extra bosses), and Devil May Cry 1 and 2. i need to finish off Devil May Cry 3 (the last two levels are a bitch), Sould Calibur 3 (LOTS of stuff to unlock), and Chrono Cross (painfully long game), and on top of all that, i've got Kingdom Hearts 2 coming soon. i've got some work to do. [/off topic rant]

  • Tcat


    #3985777 - 13 years ago

    I just blew the dust off the NES the other day to play me some old school Mario 3.

    Good times.

  • tlynd03


    #4271849 - 13 years ago

    i never play the old consols cuz the games seem to b very low detail and almost boring after playing on 360

  • Nostromo


    #4278921 - 13 years ago

    can anybody here tell me where i can get a sega cdx for a good price

  • xxdansterxx


    #4278959 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DarthDidious, #1:

    I still have my N64, which is still covered in dust.

  • DarthDidious


    #4279006 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Nostromo, #108:

    Ever heard of ebay?


    lol, I just read your journal. All I can say is keep trying.

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  • Nostromo


    #4279207 - 13 years ago

    i guess im gonna the only other place ive seen sell it never has it in stock

  • pkj73


    #4282814 - 13 years ago

    Every now and then I will Bust out my N64 just to play Harvest Moon 64.

    Oh and then when ever I want to play Final Fantasy Tactics, I will get out my Playstation despite the fact I own a PS2

  • Buzzaw


    #4283611 - 13 years ago

    hell yes because some of the best games are on the old consoles like ff7 and stuff like that

  • Rhabdophobia


    #4284659 - 13 years ago

    I still play my SNES regularly, and my friends and I get together to play either Smash Bros. or Bond at least once a week. Too often newer games just seem to lack the simplistic fun that many of the older ones offer.

  • Crescendoll

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    #4479956 - 13 years ago

    My N64 has a place of honor next to my tv because I actually bought that large game cartridge case/shelf thing back in the day. I still play Killer Instinct Gold and Goldeneye on a regular basis. And to think my boyfriend actually wanted me to get rid of it after we moved. Pshhh, don't think so.

  • TakeMeOut


    #4480127 - 13 years ago

    I still play my N64

  • FlaminBurito


    #4480602 - 13 years ago

    hell yeah i play my dreamcast and ps1 still they have good games on em

  • FlaminBurito


    #4480607 - 13 years ago

    hell yeah i play my dreamcast and ps1 still they have good games on em

  • FlaminBurito


    #4480614 - 13 years ago

    double post ? what the hell ?

  • DarthDidious


    #4488082 - 13 years ago

    In reply to FlaminBurito, #119:

    So ya go and make it a triple?

  • StillGame


    #4499480 - 13 years ago

    I still play my PSX if that counts. It seems to have less trouble playing FF8 than my PS2, so I'll happily get it out from under my bed every now and then. ^^

  • damonix


    #4510213 - 13 years ago

    i started playin secret of mana for snes again....and ill pull out my games for n64 (mainly conker's bfd and super smash bros) every now and then

  • Patrickcide


    #4511263 - 13 years ago

    I played Ultima on my NES just the other day... Why? Because it rocks.

  • krizalid_01


    #4516278 - 13 years ago

    Yeah i still loving playing my old playstation.I can't stop playing resident evil 3, king of fighters 1999 and test drive off road 3,that games are the best for play station?

  • Hardway


    #4899256 - 13 years ago

    My only old console is my N64 too bad a part of it is missing for it to work so it sucks.

  • CommandoDude


    #4899382 - 13 years ago

    no, i dont play my old N64, but i swore to myself i'd beat every single video game ive owned, so i will have to play N64 again once more to beat DK64

  • halo290


    #4918489 - 13 years ago

    I would be playing my N64 but my mom has it and won't give it back. Most of the games are broken anyway.

  • gurr23


    #4928504 - 13 years ago

    u kidden i would whip out my atari if it worked......crummy old technology, we should go back in time to fix their faults