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NHL 10 - 360/PS3 RVB League Sign-Ups

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  • poison_x


    #13150251 - 10 years ago

    per Wikipedia

    NHL 10 will be the 19th video game in the NHL series released by EA Sports.

    New features

    The only information available so far comes from EA Sports' promotional material, which states:

    "NHL 10 will introduce over 200 game refinements and will bring the real emotions from fans and a real hockey atmosphere into the game.

    First person fighting will be introduced in the game to make the player feel like he's really in an NHL fight. An all-new board physics engine will let the players battle for pucks on the boards letting the player shield, kick the puck, pin opponents to the glass, all while the fans bang on the glass just like in real life. Player fatigue will have players bobble passes and avoid collisions under threat of constant physical pressure. Momentum will enter the game like never before. Players will be able to start scrums after the whistle to draw penalties and to bring the fans even more into the game for that extra push of momentum needed to win. New scoring techniques will be entering the game such as scoring from your knees and hitting the puck from mid air. Players will also be able to pass the puck off the boards.

    New fan textures will make the fans look more realistic. Playoff towels will also be in the game."

    NHL 10 links:
    NHL 10 Twitter

    Inside EA Sports Blog

    Hotstepping: This is where we all are a team. We are the Hotsteppers. Games played here are played in the EASHL (EA Sports Hockey League). Each player plays as their own Be A Pro character and plays a certain position (C, LW, RW, LD, RD, G). If you do not have a full team on the ice, the other spots are controlled by the computer. You can play with a minimum two players. The main thing in this mode is that you must play your position. While you won't get yelled at by us, be courteous and try to play your best. Do not be a puck hog and you will be rewarded. Something you need to know about this mode is that you can't go three games without an opponent trying to use glitch goals. (This was true a few months after NHL 09 came out, so try to play a ton of EASHL in NHL 10 right when it comes out...before all glitch goals are found) You do get the occasional streak of fun games, but they are few and far between. Go ahead and sign up for the team if you are interested.

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  • poison_x


    #13154008 - 10 years ago

    Just search for "Red vs Blue" on the Playstation 3 version to find this league/group.