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Fanboyism: A Tale of 2 Coins (Next Gen)

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  • just1legend

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    #16066432 - 6 years ago

    NOTE: DO NOT MAKE IT AN ANGRY FANBOY WARZONE. I want to have an intelligent conversation within the community of gamers. I want to have some insightful thought not some trashy fanboy talk. Whoever is an admin/mod, close the thread if you feel if it has gone way out of hand.

    I always scratch my head when I hear the word Fanboy. At a glance, the word doesn't seem harmless and the definition (from Merriam-Webster) for the word says "a boy (or girl) who is an enthusiastic devotee".Fanboys always are excited of the game or system that they are aligned to which is kinda cool for a newcomer to be a part of community of __________ (gamers in this case). Sometimes, they try to sway you to be part of this community by just trashing another community in order to be the supreme community for gamers or in "Nazi" (sorry, I had to go there) terms, The Master Race which is kinda bad.

    This rolls into the next gen console war(s), PS4 vs Xbox One (maybe vs PC but I am not putting this into the equation cause it is in a different league of its own). I have seen the fanboyism that happened on the internet and TBH, I am disgusted with fellow gamers all around. They are sometimes saying deogatory names in which I hear the racial f-word and n-word. I have seen the gifs where a said console is better and the other one gets "destroyed on" within a movie reference. We have seen the namecalling (Xbots, PeeSuckers, etc.) and the arguments. In reality, is this necessary? If I was speaking to you in real life, I would not be saying "Oh my God, your PS4 is going to brick because the power source is inside the console not like the X1." or "Damn! That Xbone is going to be a paperweight because the PS4 is the legit console." cause that might hurt the person. I feel that the internet is some again the catalyst of this, just like the PS3 vs 360 but now we have twitter, facebook, Neogaf, reddit and definitely *heavy sigh* Youtube which amplifies the situation. I have understood internet hate but fanboy hate has always scratch my head. Why the hate because if fanboy hate exists, a newcomer can be turned off to a community that they so want to be a part of. That happened to me when I was very young (I'm 20) and one of the reasons why I stopped gaming for five years (Gamecube got me back to gaming) and I dont want to see it happen to other newbie gamers.

    So what do we do from here? How can we have gaming back to a chill pad for a community of gamers? How can we be a "Fanboy" without all the hate because to me a true gaming Fanboy is where a person loves gaming regardless of the console of choice. Make your response great and thoughtful like I did with this insanely large post about fanboys.

  • Tigersjunior


    #16066971 - 6 years ago

    If I'm perfectly honest, I have started to fill the role of the "Fanboy" recently. In 2010, I moved from PS3 to Xbox 360, sick and tired of defending my Playstation despite it's faults. For some reason, the Xbox gripped me a lot more and I really enjoyed the experience. For me, Xbox won this generation. But, now the new consoles are coming, I find myself evading all logic and favouring the Xbox One. I can understand that the Xbox One has many faults and how "true gamers" should be favouring the PS4, but I look past all that. Xbox has got me trapped in fanboyism and I just want a new Xbox. Whether it's the familiarity with the console, the game titles or just pure idiocy, I don't know. I'm so used to the Xbox now, that other forms of gaming don't excite me.

  • just1legend

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    #16066999 - 6 years ago

    In reply to Tigersjunior, #2:

    I can understand that the Xbox One has many faults and how "true gamers" should be favouring the PS4, but I look past all that.

    That is what gamers should do but for some odd reason they have a nearsighted view on gaming overall. A true gamer should overlook the argument on what console is better yet gamers don't see that. I also see that you feel more inclined to get an Xbox than a playstation and yet you are ashamed which makes be afraid of labeling yourself a fanboy. Just enjoy the console that you love no matter what because a fanboy gamer is person that appreciates games that are coming out and hardware that is cool to get our grubby hands on not siding with any console that gamers bought because they thought it is the supreme console.

  • Metasponge

    Metasponge Ocean Voyager

    #16067000 - 6 years ago

    Honestly, the only bad 'fanboys' are the ones that spend most of their time hating on everything else instead of enjoying the thing that they love.

    Also some silly people forget that it is possible to like more than one console/series/game/cheeseburger.

    It's disheartening to see people desperately clambering for something to make them feel superior to others, most notable in videogame and music tastes.

  • Manaconda


    #16067198 - 6 years ago

    I never understand why people think that a good product is mutually exclusive. In this sense if you have an Xbox fanboy...Why does the Playstation suck just because you have a Xbox? Can they not both be good products? Are you afraid that admitting another product is of high quality will make you feel as though you missed out on something?

  • Manaconda


    #16067201 - 6 years ago

    In reply to Metasponge, #4:

    They should be fans of their own products. Even if they have an irrational love (isn't it all), then they really shouldn't have to shit on everyone else's loves.

  • KevinClayton


    #16068325 - 6 years ago

    I would disagree with withholding PC from this discussion. It's always the PC fanboys that shout "PC MASTER RACE. FAR SUPERIOR".

    The only solution that I see in the future is the ability to game from any console/PC. To unite everything under one game. That seems like a cool idea since every game would have a large community. Will it ever stop if this happens? Probably not, but it would be less frequent.