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Your Biggest Epic Fail Moments

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  • BigAl9206

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    #16258675 - 5 years ago

    Let's be honest, for every moment where we manage to pull off an impressive feat of performance, there's always another moment where we screw up completely. I'll share mine;

    Mass Effect 2 - While fighting against a YMIR mech, I tried to use the Cain Heavy Weapon on it. In close quarters. At 10 feet away. The camera was left flailing wildly in slow motion while the game over screen popped up.

    Fallout 3 - Similar story to Mass Effect 2, only this time, I used the Experimental MIRV (which fire 8 nukes at once, which I wasn't aware of at the time) against a Super Mutant Behemoth. The following explosion not only killed me, but sent my corpse flying 100 feet backwards at approx. 20 feet high, while the camera focused on me still holding on to the weapon in some sort of crazed flying spinning wheel.

    Dark Souls - While fighting against a few hollowed soldiers, I left the auto-lock camera on, which went promptly flying about, before a fell off a ledge. The last bonfire I rested at was 10 minutes. Cue Swearing.

  • hypershot12


    #16258813 - 5 years ago

    In Halo 4 when you fight both of the hunters with the Sticky Detonator. I tried to stick one of the hunters, missed, hit the wall in front of me and I accidentally detonated it, killing myself.

  • DADDYT123


    #16259417 - 5 years ago

    I've bounced a fucking grenade of the wall at myself waaaaay to many times

  • McIntoast


    #16260347 - 5 years ago

    Being level 3 in skyrim, seeing a giant and thinking "I can take this guy". My body flew so high in the air, I could see where the ground hadn't loaded in the distance, into a state of nothingness.

  • JeezyDangles


    #16262849 - 5 years ago

    In Halo Reach i was driving a gauss warthog and saw a guy, so i tried to splatter him. he hijacked me, but i had a gravity hammer so i hit him with it. the gravity hammer killed the guy, but launched the warthog off the edge of the map, and my teammate went along with it. I wish fails of the weak was still doing reach videos. That would have been a good one

  • WhiskyOmega


    #16265211 - 5 years ago

    That split second before blowing yourself to hell every time you accidentally stick yourself, when your mind just goes "FU**!!!"

  • ZSGlitchy

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    #16282557 - 5 years ago

    Back when I was first learning to play Halo, I was in a 1v1 in Halo 3 with a friend, I looked up and saw him through some small holes in the ceiling, I thought I was so clever, throwing a spike grenade, it sticks to the ceiling, and instantly, spikes fly out, back towards me, this is one of many events that gave me a bit of a reputation in my group of Halo playing friends...

  • AdineKara


    #16282654 - 5 years ago

    It was in WoT i was the last tank for my team on the map and had perfect cover behind cement to hit their last guy through the small opening behind my cover problem I was using HE rounds and the opening was too small so instead of him going boom i did . OOPS

  • default_ex


    #16283063 - 5 years ago

    Like many of my biggest moments in games, this one comes from EverQuest.

    The time was around 2003-2004, when it was just becoming possible to do pick up raids on old world dragons. I had assembled a raid force of around 70 players complete with some high level necros and clerics to summon our corpses and resurrect us should we fail. I was meticulous with assembling groups toward a specific layout that would, if all went well, ensure that no one died during the fight. Majority of the people there had never fought either dragon before, I had several times and knew exactly what to expect.

    So we make it past all the minis on the way to Lord Nagafen, a fire dragon. Somehow only two people died on the way and that was due to lag spikes making them run into lava pits. I should have known then but it just didn't register with myself or any of the other people that were there whom knew what we needed. It wasn't until we got into the fight with the dragon that I realized, I forgot to make sure everyone had as high of a fire resist as possible. The first couple of fire spells go off and a couple groups hit the floor. Then again with the fire spells, we were losing at least one group per wave of spells. Before I knew it the healers I had stationed behind the walls were dragon food.

    Luckily we regrouped and passed out fire resist equipment as needed, managed to pull off a win on the second attempt. It may have even been the first win against Lord Nagafen with a pick up raid on that server due to how locked down they were previously by raid guilds.

  • NepetaQuest


    #16283214 - 5 years ago

    While going through the first Fatal Frame game, at one point the meter starts glowing orange, and the 2spooky music starts furiously blaring through my speakers, indicating there was a ghost nearby. For about 5 minutes, I was trying to figure out where it was, until I realized I hadn't yet checked behind me (cuz checking behind you should be your very first instinct in any horror game). Sure enough, I looked behind me, and Broken Neck Woman happily greeted me with a nice little hug that depleted the very last of my health.

    Then there was my first playthrough of Fallout 3 where I barged into the museum to grab the satellite dish for Three Dog with absolutely no stimpaks and piece of shit armor, not realizing there was a little group of super mutants that had decided it was a great idea to bunker around the super important quest item ready to kill anything in sight. I was down to literally one more hit of health, and it was at that point I decided it was a fantastic time to save my game, since I hadn't done so since I started playing (about half a day's worth of playtime). Literally .002 seconds after I saved and exited out of the screen, a grenade explodes in my face. Oh, that's ok! I told myself. I saved, so I can just reload and try again! Over and over and over I tried worming my stupid ass out of the situation, probably for a good 15 minutes, until I came to the horrific realization that my save file was going to be stuck on an infinite loop of Death, and that I was going to have to start ALL over.