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How to start a youtube gaming channel

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  • Arcaded


    #17382924 - 4 years ago

    I've always wanted to start a youtube gaming channel because I was inspired by achievement hunters,xcalizorz and Two Best Friends play and I think I know what I need to buy for this hobby(one day could be more in the future)

    1-I need a capture card but see how I'm not near a PC but I do have laptop I could use "AVerMedia Game Recorder --C285 Game Capture HD II" this will let me record the xbox360,xbox1 and ps4(it says ps3 but because of HTCP I would have use composite cable and this capture relays only on HDMI maybe I could use "AVerMedia C283S HD" to record my ps3)

    2-Microphone I heard "Blue Snowball microphone ICE edition" is really good and maybe I might need a pop-filter

    3-Gaming Headsets I heard "Turtle Beach DX12 headset" is really but if you have other suggestions let me know

    4-External hard drive for my capture card

    5-Video and Audio editing programs and this where I don't what to get I already have audacity for audio but as for video editing not sure what should I get adobe premiere,sony vegas or something else??

    6-How do sync my video and audio together and how to edit them and upload them to youtube. Should I record in 1080p but massive upload times or go with 720p or 1080i??

    But besides gaming LPs I was also thinking review because majority usermade reviews suck expect for a few like "Ultimatechance" or "3 kill byte"

    (P.S:I can't stand users like PewDiePie,AngryJoe,Totalbiscuit and Smoshgames just name a few users who I think are just shit)


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    #17382959 - 4 years ago

    Hey, I was in the same boat as you about a year ago and it took me some months to get the ball rolling. I experimented with different software and different editing styles till I got to where I am now. I want to upgrade, but hey everyone does. I have a background in audio technology so I had that down with equipment and skill. It just took a little adjusting to a lets play style of audio recording. Anyway lets get started, here is what I use and you can go from there.

    1) Game capture card: I use an El Gato and it works great. There is a little lag on the capture software side but as long as you stay in sync with the TV feed you'll be good. I even use it to record my PC games. The good thing is the software comes with it as well. One more thing is you'll need two HDMI cables.

    2) As far as microphones go and audio recording, I use a separate mixer. I use a Korg D888 and a MXL 990. I have had it a long time, since I started recording music. You don't need a fancy one for lets plays but if you decide on a separate mixer, get one with no more than 4 tracks. Now if you want to record straight into the CPU then you are going to have to buy a microphone that uses USB and software that can record live audio. Snowball is a good choice but do some research just in case.

    3) As far as headsets go anything over $75 wont make that much of a difference. Its all about noise cancelling and good sound. I have two good pairs one is the Xbox one stereo headset, which can be used as regular headphones and I have a pair of Audio technica professional monitor headset. Remember what i said about price, well the AT ones cost over $150 and there not much better than the xbox ones, in my opinion. I got them because they came with the mixer. Turtle beach is good but they have too many wires. Long story short I like the xbox one stereo headset cause they have a mic too.

    4) External hard drive, they are cheap and you can get a TB for under $100. Moving on lol

    5) Software: I use Studio One artist cause it was cheap and it is very easy to use. I have no complaints. You can always spend more money on Pro tools and Adobe but you don't need too for this type of recording. For video I use Sony Vegas Movie studio HD Platinum 11. I got it cause it was cheap and it did multi video files. I am saving for Adobe premiere so it all depends on how deep your pockets are.

    6) Syncing is easy, on a console find a menu and click the cursor to three different things while saying One to three. Then in post just go to that and line them up. On the PC use the icons on your desktop and do the same process. As far as quality goes 720 or higher is good.

    Finally, if you want to do this you need a CPU with no less than 750 GB HD, 8 GB Ram, and i5 or higher processor. to be safe thats my minimum suggestion.

    Hope this helps. If you have any more questions just send me a message, ill be happy to help. Also, if you think im full of it just check out my channel . Let me know what you think. I do experiment with the audio and stuff so it might not be traditional but its pretty standard effects. Hope it all works out buddy

  • darethejacka


    #17383035 - 4 years ago

    If you're just doing video recording off of the console and plan to do commentary separately, a headset is pointless. If you're doing live commentary, the standalone microphone is pointless.

    A huge part of it has to do with your nerves. People will shit talk you all the time, but if your reserve is fullproof, nothing to worry about.

  • LHudson

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    #17383286 - 4 years ago

    Editor guy here.

    NLE software really depends on how much you're willing to spend. If you want to spend very little then you can go with Vegas. Premier Pro would give you a hard time but it's encoder and interface is beautiful to use. Also, if you want to go with After Effects later on, the compositions work on Premier Pro timelines.

    If you have way too much disposable income for this area, I guess you could try Avid Media Composer of Da Vinci Resolve, although the latter will take up an entire USB slot on your computer.

    You microphone also depends on the space you are in, and how much bounce you get from the walls. It's why popular Youtubers normally have acoustic padding in their recording booths.

    One thing. Art drives the audience in, so get your avatar, banner, and thumbnails right.

  • Kylock

    Kylock Geek of Many Things

    #17385536 - 4 years ago

    On the PS3, you can record using HDMI. Visit the Settings > System section of the PlayStation 4 interface, and turn off Enable HDCP. You'll still be able to game with it off, it seems to only be for things such as Netflix.

  • nate04


    #17399071 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Arcaded, #1:

    Drift0r Video

    Drift0r made a video about starting up a gaming channel about a month ago. He answers a fan question regarding the same kind of stuff. Hope it helps, good luck!

  • Arcaded


    #17402510 - 4 years ago

    I thank everyone for posting their suggestions

    now I need to man up and buy this start and start my youtube gaming channel.

  • Arcaded


    #17513771 - 4 years ago

    does anyone know how to remove the HTCP off ps3 to record ps3 games via HDMI??