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though its a little late....

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  • cyboargninja


    #30102833 - 10 years ago

    anyone wanna take any bets? not on exact score, but over who'll win. i vote geoff. though its a little late to start this, guess we should. i know this group was made to support geoff, i know a few people still root for burnie on this one. though for them to still think burnie has a chance is kind of dumb. he did half of his goal in about 2/5 of the time.burnie said he would get about 6000 i think. and he said he was being nice when he said it. methinks the next time he talk about the score, he wont be being so nice. especially when the time comes to write out the check. griffon, you should do your idea and make him watch it. then use mine to make burnie even madder lol

  • Joe_2


    #30102834 - 10 years ago

    In reply to cyboargninja, #1:

    Nuff' said.

  • cyboargninja


    #30102835 - 10 years ago

    in a nutshell, that was the message. hes got a fucking spreadsheet. wheres your god now, burnie? where is he?!?!!?

  • Joe_2


    #30102836 - 10 years ago

    In reply to cyboargninja, #3:

    God left him when Geoff got 5000 in 2 days.

  • BriGuy481


    #30102837 - 10 years ago

    Man Geoff kicked Burnies god ass

  • cyboargninja


    #30102838 - 10 years ago

    lol only one left is satan. and he sold his soul to him 3 years ago when he let him return as a spirit to poses people in rvb. so rough luck lol

  • SgtDonut


    #30102839 - 10 years ago


  • lasarack


    #30102840 - 10 years ago

    i think geoff sold his soul for gamerscore