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What Games would you have played?

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  • jkdoorbinnia


    #30463857 - 10 years ago

    If I did the challenge I would play the Games: Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Assasains Creed, Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga, GTA IV, Crash of the Titans, Need For Speed Carbon, BFME II, Halo Wars and Spider man 3.

  • Choasreaper


    #30463858 - 10 years ago

    i have played so many so far!

  • TheRipperTea


    #30463859 - 9 years ago

    i would have played games with easy gscore. like avatar,which i probably would have slit my wrists the whole time doing... but also good and interesting games like oblivion and fallout 3. primarily online games have alot of achievables that are nearly impossible. like GRAW's climb to number 1 in the worldwide leaderboards... thats bull shit

  • AussieJake


    #30463860 - 8 years ago

    Terminater Salvation the game can be 1000gs by just completing it on the hardest difficulty, took me a day.

  • y0zhi


    #30463861 - 7 years ago

    Call of duty and halo because you can alot of achievements fast.