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The Real Ghostbusters!

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  • firstjump


    #30550451 - 9 years ago

    Does anyone remember The Real Ghostbusters? It used to be my favorite cartoon, and then it completely slipped off of my radar. A few weeks ago I found out that it's been released for the first time on DVD! Season 1 just came out and I picked it up the other day.

    It's awesome! The episodes all have introductions by random cast/crew from the show, which gives a bit of a behind the scenes info about the show. There are also some commentaries, a "making of"documentary, and a lot of other cool stuff.

    Can't wait for volume 2!

  • Dar89


    #30550452 - 9 years ago

    Oh i remember the Real Ghostbusters (from re-runs) it's a classic. Much better than Extreme Ghostbusters which seemed to lose alot of the comedy