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  • tao298


    #30075660 - 10 years ago

    In order to have a more "democratic" system I am offering an admin position in the guild to who ever you elect. To do this however you will need to register here and fall under these requirements.
    1-Karma level of at least 20
    2-Milestone "1 for the team" unlocked
    3-Friends with 1 or more people (recruitment purposes)
    As an admin you will need to help maintain the guild, so if you have a history of idiocy i will not promote you. Also, no promoting others to admin status, this is where i will scrutinize you the most prior to your promotion. If I don't think that i can trust you with the group, you will not be promoted. Your position is just to make the forums better and improve the overall guild.
    The registration is open to all who fall under this category but you need to register by 11:59:59pm 12-24-08 otherwise you will not be eligible. I will announce more information later. to register just state that you are announcing your candidacy for admin. If you are the only one to run, you will not be elected based on that alone, you need to have competition to run. Otherwise we will simply put off the election for another time.
    The elections have been closed....

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  • FloodKicker


    #30075661 - 10 years ago

    so if you have a history of idiocy i will not promote you.


  • tao298


    #30075662 - 10 years ago

    don't make me demote you.

  • Flood_Savior


    #30075663 - 10 years ago

    can i be a admin tingy? FloodKicker sux so i beter, i can hav it now?

  • tao298


    #30075664 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Flood_Savior, #4:

    You? a good admin? Is that some sort of Joke?
    Wait! You are the Joke!