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Armor Abilities or Equipment?

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  • carter420


    #31274276 - 8 years ago

    The whole armor abilities and equipment is going to be a huge topic for Halo 4. Personally I believe 343i can very easily use both for example they still keep the standard button controls in but then when u want to use equipment you will have to use a direction on the d-pad and yes very similar to COD this would be an excellent way IMO to use them both but they may also have to add create a class into Halo. Now this may not be the best for everyone because some people don't like AA's and some don't like equipment and that's why I put this in the forum so start discussing.

  • chris9002

    chris9002 Shiroyasha

    #31274277 - 8 years ago

    Neither. They arent needed. Halo:CE and Halo2 were the best games in series and no equipment or AAs were in them. Go back to what worked best, stop messing around with things. If anything they should make armor upgrades (5% shield boost, 5% weapons damage etc...) rather than put in useless object that slow down flow-of-play.

  • HoTrOCkPhUk


    #31274278 - 7 years ago

    they should keep sprint though as a normal feature