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  • Pomenti

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    #31300983 - 8 years ago

    Hey Guys, I was going through the halo games and as we all know the planet structure in the teaser was forerunner. In Halo 1 the monitor said that the Halo rings have a massive radius to destroy all sentient life.
    HALO 4:Maybe this Forerunner structure is made to be a Beacon/Radio type thing they made to relay communications between Halo Rings and other Forerunner Structures. So maybe Master Chief uses it to communicate with Earth. I would think they would do this at something like the control room which I think would be in the middle of the Electric type things in the middle of the planet in the teaser. Maybe during the way to the control room type place, Master Chief plugs in Cortana into a Forerunner A.I. Port to activate another Dreadnought Forerunner ship to get off the Planet, but while she is in the Forerunner A.I system, the Millenniums and Millenniums of Forerunner history infects her. Master Chief then has to put Cortana is his head because from personal experiences from the Spartan-2 program, he remembered that Halsey had connected Cortana and her older sister Kalmiya(Which Halsey secretly kept). After fighting the infection from Cortana he finds that Halsey is in Cryo-Sleep along with the remaining Spartans-2s and 3s are on Onyx.
    HALO 5: He gets to Onyx with the Dreadnought. He wakes up Halsey to fix Cortana. She will then use parts from Kalmiya to fix Cortana. Using the Dreadnought to get back to the teaser planet to receive coordinates to Earth using the control room.They then blow up the planet by destroying reactors that create the electricity in the middle of the planet. At the last second they use the Dreadnought to get away from the planet while it's collapsing.
    HALO 6:Unknowingly Forerunner are on the ship that were still on it since the original planet in the teaser. When they get to Earth the Forerunners hide for months and send out beacons from the Dreadnought . In Halo 6 the Forerunners attack Earth for destroying the Halo Rings and the Ark. In the end Master Chief and the Arbiter team up for a few levels before the Arbiter dies. In the last levels they send Master Chief as a bait to get all the Forerunners in the same place to destroy them all at once. Master Chief then sacrifices himself for the Human Race. They them live without the threat from the Covenant, Flood and the Forerunners.

    Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts of what I think this trilogy will be. Leave comments of what you think. Thanks for reading.

  • carter420


    #31300984 - 8 years ago

    I like some of your ideas but I dont see much action in Halo 4 and 5. Now I still think the covenant will be in halo 4 just the leaders will be the brutes here's a quick summary of what I think halo 4 will be:
    The elites leave earth and go off to their homeworld but before they get there they pick up cortonas distress signal and they find out that it came from the forward unto dawn. The elites set course for it and see the planet the chief is on. The arbiter believes theĀ  chief is still alive so him and a team of a elites take a phantom and fly to the planet as they are on their way thels (the elite with the busted lip lol) ship is attacked by the remaining covenant fleet. The elites fleet is killed and the arbier ses their ships fall but continues in search for the chief. One of the elites ships manages to escape and heads back to earth to tell the humans and they all go back to help kill the rest of the covenant and find the chief. Now this isnt my best work but hey i tried to have it make sense let me know what you think cause there's probably some flaws in my story.

  • Pomenti

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    #31300985 - 8 years ago

    I actually think if you cut out my Arbiter and Halsey stuff and add you elites finding the beacon while going back it makes a pretty interesting story.

  • HoTrOCkPhUk


    #31300986 - 7 years ago

    holy shit that was awsome both yalls ideas i couldnt come up with any of that whats so ever and one question too happyface123 how is there still forunners the rings destroy all life there living beings how would they survive it

  • Pomenti

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    #31300987 - 7 years ago

    Thank you for liking our ideas and for your question I was thinking more like a massive nuke of some sort (Maybe a Forerunner bomb) not really another halo ring.

  • fabledgriff


    #31300988 - 7 years ago

    if they do do a double trilogy they are gonna have to branch out in the universe otherwise it might stagnate.