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Funniest/Best Mod You've Ever Seen

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  • lesserdemon


    #5607997 - 12 years ago

    I played with this kid a few times because I had never seen a mod in a game (just joined Xbox Live like3 weeks ago).
    Mine was with a kid who had a spawn mod. He used a BR that was automatic, unlimited ammo and acted like a sniper. He also could fly around. Everybody could throw rockets or gauss shots as grenades, all weapons looked hillarious. The sword was a Jackel, a rocket launcher was a flood guy. But the best part of it was all of the funny stuff that he made all other guns shoot.
    Heres a list:
    Plasma Rifle: Big Bricks of concrete=splattering
    Brute Plasma: Warthogs
    Charged up PP: Gauss Turrets that could fly
    Brute Shots: Dead Grunts
    Magnums (Duels only): Green stuff that hunters shoot

    Add the ones you find funny

  • G1ynch55


    #5608023 - 12 years ago

    I played with a kid who had a similar setup, but the best thing was that all of our teams guns shot out wraith shots, and we could fly!

  • dreamcast717


    #5608035 - 12 years ago

    Talk of mods is against the rules.
    Plus, we don't give a shit.

  • MongooseD


    #5608135 - 12 years ago

    God, why do failures like you have to waste MY valuable oxygen.

  • Tresureman


    #5608181 - 12 years ago

    This one gun that shoots out blasts like the Scarab and is in the shape of a Plasma Rifle.

    Oh wait, that's called a scarab gun and it is built into the game. My point is


  • G1ynch55


    #5608182 - 12 years ago

    In reply to MongooseD, #4:

    Why whats the problem, Im not saying that I did them just that you've seen them. It happends all the time.

  • G1ynch55


    #5608190 - 12 years ago

    In reply to Tresureman, #5:

    Yeah If your against them they do, but having one on your team can be hillarious.