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  • GodxSpeed


    #9074400 - 11 years ago

    Entertain me, and anyone else who is suffering the chronic illness known as boredom, with anything funny that is Halo related. :D

    This is a nonspecific thread where you can share quotes, images, and video clips of your ridiculous stunts. Yes there are other threads out there that are specific to grunt/elite sayings or motivational posters, but after a good few pages of checking I have found nothing that brings all of these together.

    1. You must post something relevant to the topic. It must be Halo related.
    2. Remember the forum rules, and do not flame or pointlessly mod someone down: This is a place to laugh and have fun.
    3. Please only put 1 image in each post you make. Bandwidth is precious and expensive.

    I suppose I will start with an example. smiley0.gif


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  • GodxSpeed


    #9074684 - 11 years ago

    One more?