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  • Kasimoto


    #11293150 - 10 years ago

    I posted all the main characters that were shown/described/introduced into the Halo series and did research on what happened to them. Shows weather they're still active or have been killed. This is up-to-date to the 5th Halo Novel. The 6th halo novel, The Cole Protocole will be released in November 25,2008.
    "Not sure if any of you guys would care, but do those who do want to know the characters of Halo through the game and the Novels, well here you go":

    Spartan II
    [Unknown MIA] SPARTAN-008: Li - during complicated slip space battle. < Petty Officer Second Class >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-029: Joshua – during the Battle of Reach < Petty Officer Second Class >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-030: Vinh - during Battle of Reach < Petty Officer Second Class >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-034: Samuel – first to actually destroy a Covenant ship in a non-ship to ship (MIA/WIA) battle < Petty Officer Second Class >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-039: Isaac - during Battle of Reach <PO Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-043: William – by Hunter pair during Battle of Onyx, first to fight a Hunter Pair using Hand-to-Hand Combat (MIA/WIA). < PO2C >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-044: Anton - during complicated slip space battle < PO2C >
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-051: Kurt – after protection and followed by the detonation of 2 FENRIS nukes on Onyx, "Kurt Ambross" <Lieutenant Commander>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-058: Linda - Active in Shield World <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-059: Malcolm – during Battle of Reach (MIA/WIA) <PO2C>
    [Retired] SPARTAN-062: Maria – [Status Unknown] < Petty Officer Second Class >
    [Discharged] SPARTAN-084: Fhajad – [Active], working in ONI Intelligence. Work is unknown in central heart of ONI <Lieutenant Commander>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-087: Kelly - Active in Shield World <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-093: Grace – during Battle on Unyielding Heirophant <PO2C>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-104: Fred - Active in Shield World – <Lieutenant Junior Grade>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-117: John –back section of the Forward unto Dawn, last seen drifting drifting toward an unknown planet. <Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy>
    [Unknown MIA] SPARTAN-000: James - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Unknown MIA] SPARTAN-000: Cassandra - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Unknown MIA] SPARTAN-000: Randall - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-000: Sheila – during Battle of Miridem <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Discharged] SPARTAN-000: Kirk – [Status Unknown] <Rank Unknown>
    [Discharged] SPARTAN-000: René – [Status Unknown] <Rank Unknown>
    [Stats Unknown] Spartan Group Omega – (Probably Active)
    [Stats Unknown] Gray Team - (Probably Active)

    Spartan III
    Alpha Company
    Team Wolf Pack
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-A000: Jane - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-A000: Shane - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-A000: Robert - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    Beta Company
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-B091: Lucy - Active Shield World <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-B292: Tom - Active Shield World <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-B004: Adam - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-B174: Min - <Petty Officer Second Class>
    [Confirmed KIA] Team India
    [Confirmed KIA] Team Lima
    [Confirmed KIA] Team X-ray
    [Confirmed KIA] Team Romeo
    [Stats Unknown] Team Echo - (Possible KIA)
    [Unknown MIA] Team Foxtrot – (Possible KIA) [Status Unknown]
    Gamma Company
    [MIA Active] Team Katana – Inside of, Slipspace Field Pods, the shield world Onyx. Currently traveling with surviving the Spartan IIIs/IIs [Status Unkown]
    Team Saber
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-G003: Holly - [4] <Petty Officer Third Class>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-G099: Ash - Active in Shield World <Private>
    [Confirmed KIA] SPARTAN-G188: Dante - (MIA/WIA) during massive wounds wistanted shock <Petty Officer Third Class>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-G000: Mark - Active in Shield World <Petty Officer Third Class>
    [MIA Active] SPARTAN-G000: Olivia - Active in Shield World <Petty Officer Third Class>
    [Stats Unknown] Other 315 Gamma Company S-IIIs – (Probably MIA/KIA)

    Office of Navy Intelligence
    [Retired] Vice Admiral Margaret O. Parangosky [Status Unknown]
    [Confirmed KIA] Rear Admiral Rich
    [Unknown MIA] Captain Gibson
    [MIA Active] Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey – Active Shield World.
    [Confirmed KIA] Colonel James Ackerson
    [Confirmed KIA] Colonel Herzog
    [Unknown MIA] Commander J. G. Ortega
    [Confirmed KIA] Major Standish
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Elias Haverson [1]
    [Unknown MIA] Lieutenant Wagner
    Artificial Intelligence
    [Service Ended] Araqiel
    [Stats Unknown] Beowulf
    [MIA Active] Cortana – back section of the Forward unto Dawn, with MCS117
    [Service Ended] Deep Winter
    [Service Ended] Déjà – remains were interloaded to Cortana’s memory drive.
    [Service Ended] Doppler
    [Service Ended] Endless Summer
    [Service Ended] Eternal Spring
    [MIA Active] Jerrod -Active Shield World with Dr. Halsey and SPI-III. [Stats Unknown]
    [Service Ended] Kalmiya
    [Service Ended] Loki
    [Service Ended] Lysithea
    [Service Ended] Mack
    [Stats Unknown] Melissa
    [Service Ended] Serina
    [Stats Unknown] Sif
    [Service Ended] Solipsil
    [Service Ended] Toran
    [Service Ended] Wellsley
    [Service Ended] Superintendent

  • Kasimoto


    #11293156 - 10 years ago

    UNSC Navy
    [UNSC Active] Fleet Admiral Lord Sir Terrence Hood – aftermath of the Ark, Portal; New Mombassa Voi
    [Confirmed KIA] Fleet Admiral Harper
    [Confirmed KIA] Fleet Admiral H. T. Ward
    [Unknown MIA] Admiral Roland Freemont
    [Confirmed KIA] Admiral Michael Stanforth - during Reach
    [Unknown MIA] Admiral Ysionris Jeromi
    [MIA] [KIA] Admiral Preston Cole
    [Confirmed KIA] Admiral Carl "Buster" Patterson
    [Confirmed KIA] Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb - during last stand Unyielding Hiephant
    [MIA] [KIA] Vice Admiral Gerov
    [MIA] [KIA] Captain De Blanc
    [Confirmed KIA] Captain Greene
    [Unknown MIA] Captain Iglesias
    [Confirmed KIA] Captain Jacob Keyes - during last flood capture on Installation 04
    [MIA] [KIA] Captain Wallace
    [Confirmed KIA] Captain Veredi
    [Confirmed KIA] Captain Cutter
    [Confirmed KIA] Commander Richard Lash
    [Confirmed KIA] Commander Miranda Keyes – during rescue of Johnson in citadel Ark
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Commander Gail Purdy - Installation 04
    [UNSC Active] Lieutenant Commander Jilan al-Cygni – Voi AM of Ark, speech to SgtMaj Johnson <ONI>
    [MIA] [KIA/WIA] Lieutenant Commander Julian Waters – Siege Library, escaped Onyx, return earth
    [UNSC Active] Lieutenant Commander Xaing Cho – Battle Installation05, escaped Onyx, return earth
    [MIA] [KIA] Lieutenant Bethany Durruno – Battle Installation05, escaped Onyx
    [Unknown MIA] Lieutenant Joe Yang
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Rick Hale
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Dominique
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Aki Hikowa
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Hall
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Frye
    [MIA] [KIA] Lieutenant Jaggers
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Junior Grade Bill Streeter
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Junior Grade David Brightling - during battles of Reach
    [Confirmed KIA] Ensign William Michael Lovell -during Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Ensign Ellen Dowski -during Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Flight Officer Mitchell -during Reach
    [MIA Active] Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez – Active Shield World.
    [Confirmed KIA] Chief Petty Officer McRob
    [Confirmed KIA] Tech Chief Thom Shephard -Pillar of Autumn Cryo-chamber hall
    [Confirmed KIA] Crew Chief Cullen -during Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Petty Officer First Class Healy -Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Tech Officer First Class Mary Murphy -Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Petty Officer Second Class Sheila Polaski [2] -during slip space bubble battle
    [Confirmed KIA] Tech Officer Third Class Samuel Marcus – Pillar of Autumn cryo breach
    [Confirmed KIA] Petty Officer Third Class Pauley
    [Confirmed KIA] Petty Officer Third Class Cho
    [UNSC Active] Petty Officer Third Class R. Coney – medic in Voi, rebreach of Seirra 117
    [Confirmed KIA] Crewman Abiad – Pillar of Autumn
    [Confirmed KIA] Crewman Singh – Pillar of Autumn
    [Confirmed KIA] Crewman Wang – Pillar of Autumn
    [Confirmed KIA] Midshipman Arrelts
    UNSC Marine Corps
    [Confirmed KIA] General Kits – battle of Sigma Octanus IV, siege on held city by covenant
    [Unknown MIA] Major General Nicolas Strauss
    [Unknown MIA] Lieutenant Colonel Aboim
    [Confirmed KIA] Major Antonio Silva – ODST, second capture of flood infested Truth and Reconsiliation
    [Confirmed KIA] Flight Captain Carol "Foehammer" Rawley – death on retrieve of S117 MAW
    [Confirmed KIA] Captain Ponder
    [Confirmed KIA] First Lieutenant Melissa McKay - ODST, second capture of Truth and Reconsiliation
    [Confirmed KIA] Second Lieutenant McCasky
    [Confirmed KIA] Second Lieutenant Dalu
    [Confirmed KIA] Second Lieutenant Oros
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant "Cookie" Peterson
    [UNSC Active] Lieutenant "Hocus" – pelican pilot, survived battle of Voi and the Ark, returned to Earth
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Buckman
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Downs
    [Confirmed KIA] Lieutenant Jake Chapman
    [Confirmed KIA] Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson – after the Ark, during control room Installation 00.
    [Confirmed KIA] Master Gunnery Sergeant Lee Ermy – armory, killed Cairo station
    [Confirmed KIA] Master Sergeant Lister
    [Confirmed KIA] Gunnery Sergeant Waller
    [UNSC Active] Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds – battles of Voi, of the Ark, retured to earth
    [UNSC Active] Gunnery Sergeant Pete Stacker – aftermath battles Halo 04, 05 of the Ark, Voi
    [Confirmed KIA] Staff Sergeant Marvin Mobuto – first reclaimer to attempt Library, found by MC117 later
    [MIA] [KIA/WIA] Staff Sergeant Marcus Banks – might have died on Inst05, or returned to earth, unkown
    [Unknown MIA] Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne
    [Confirmed KIA] Sergeant Tink Carter
    [Confirmed KIA] Sergeant Corly
    [Confirmed KIA] Sergeant Parker – during rescue of Captain Keyes in Truth and Reconciliation.
    [Unknown MIA] Sergeant Laura "Smokes" Tanner
    [MIA Active] Sergeant Forge – NCO scout during second battle of Harvest.
    [UNSC Active] Corporal Benjamín M. Nùñez – battles of Voi, of the Ark, retured to earth
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Jason Morelli
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal C. Errera
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Perez – during Delta Halo rance in the Library, quarintine zone
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Locklear – ODST, suicide destruction of slip space crystal
    [MIA Active] Corporal Harland – battles of Reach, MC117 reaches the base and rescues
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Lovik
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Wilkins
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Jim Higgins
    [Confirmed KIA] Corporal Kale West
    [Unknown MIA] Corporal Robert Grove
    [Confirmed KIA] Lance Corporal Janet Adams
    [MIA] [KIA/WIA] Lance Corporal Gobi
    [Confirmed KIA] Lance Corporal "Snaky" Jones
    [Confirmed KIA] Private First Class Wallace A. Jenkins – taken by the flood in Installation 04
    [Confirmed KIA] Private First Class M. Fitzgerald
    [Confirmed KIA] Private First Class Hosky

  • Kasimoto


    #11293159 - 10 years ago

    [Confirmed KIA] Private Chipps Dubbo – during siege outbreak of flood, the funny aussi.
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Manuel Mendoza – during siege outbreak of flood
    [MIA Active] Private Fincher – battles of Reach, MC117 reaches the base and rescues
    [MIA Active] Private Walker – battles of Reach, MC117 reaches the base, last seen on Cote de A’zur
    [MIA] [KIA/WIA] Private Cochran
    [Confirmed KIA] Private McKenzie – during Delta Halo Library siege against the flood with Perez.
    [Confirmed KIA] Private O'Brien
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Marie Postly
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Riley
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Satha
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Kappus
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Bisenti
    [Confirmed KIA] Private Walpole – ODST, death during pelican crash first encounter with scarab

  • LegendaryE

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    #11293376 - 10 years ago

    I hated Admiral Margaret! She was such a cold hardass bitch.

  • swede


    #11294652 - 10 years ago

    not bad
    not bad at all

    must have taken quite some time to do this, right??

  • Mike

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    #11296250 - 10 years ago


  • Phoenixtears


    #11297053 - 10 years ago

    kick ass its good to know someone out there knows all of this

  • Kasimoto


    #11313696 - 10 years ago

    l know l missed some other characters,
    still looking into it, plus in the 6th novel
    it may introduce more characters
    so i'll try to update it then

  • Phoenixtears


    #11325319 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Kasimoto, #8:

    A NEW BOOK!!!!! i'm lost for words

  • agent_who


    #11356459 - 10 years ago

    wow long list...

    good job