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  • IsaacWillia3


    #16671189 - 5 years ago

    What's your opinion on user-created content. Is it as good as official Bungie/343 content? What are some of your favourite user-created maps/gamemodes? Do you ever make your own maps or gamemodes, or have any you routinely play?

  • TobiasReach

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    #16671501 - 5 years ago

    Ready for the most stupid sort of fun one can have in Halo 4? No? Too bad, we're doing it anyway. Custom game type on Exile, because it's the only map that has walls around the level edges enough for this stupid mess. Set up custom loadouts, giving everyone thruster packs (w/AA efficiency) and infinite plasma swords. Turn off fall damage. Crank movement speed up to 300%. Put a marker over everybody's head because subtlety is dead and you just thruster-ramped over its corpse. Or the maybe you thruster-ramped off one of the bridges on Exile to get the sweetest of air. With 4-6 people you'll get maybe, maybe one hit in every five minutes. In my experience you're too busy laughing like a loon as you propel yourself 800 feet into the air to notice.

  • Morto


    #16671747 - 5 years ago

    Honestly, a lot of user made maps are far better than half the ones that get shipped with the game or released as DLC.

  • IsaacWillia3


    #16671939 - 5 years ago

    In reply to Ovaiz, #4:

    I hear you with the Flood thing. I came up with some (I hope) Good infection gametypes, but haven't done anything with Flood