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  • jimberoo


    #30111035 - 10 years ago

    I found this - an ongoing list of all the songs identified during episodes of How I Met Your Mother. There's some really awesome songs in there that I know I'd never have heard otherwise, so hope it's as useful to all of you as it is to me.

  • SerArthurDayne


    #30111036 - 10 years ago

    I have recently discovered that they have 2 versions of Barney's "get psyched" mix CD. They have TV vs Blog. The TV one is much better... However, the blog one has the transformers theme song...

  • MichyGeary

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    #30111037 - 10 years ago

    I downloaded as much of it as I could and made a HIMYM playlist. I have about 60 of those songs.

  • Fabes


    #30111038 - 10 years ago

    yeah, the two versions of barney's get psyched mix are both good, I ended up taking the best from both and making a single mix of psychtitude.... I am also curious as to where i can download murder train, mainly for the novelty of it.... it has made two appearances in the show, season 3 episode 16? either 15 or 16.. *i don't feel like pulling out the dvds*.... and then again in season 4 when Marshal was fighting his brothers... in episode 10 "The fight" ...