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  • ccttssgdl


    #31440070 - 7 years ago

    I am curious as to what Joel actually does with his day, and how i can use it to my advantage, because it seems like he has the best job working for the greatest company on Earth, maybe even Mars.

  • CannibalCake

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    #31440071 - 7 years ago

    From what i've collectively gathered from various podcasts and videos,he does adverts for game companies, he's the most experienced actor, and recently he's joined achievement hunter... i think, oh and he buys gold... but not any more because it crashed, so he had $1,000,001 which made him a millionaire and then wasted it all on betting on sports games.

  • ccttssgdl


    #31440072 - 7 years ago

    oh, so i will exploit all of that but not bet on sports