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Best LAN party games

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  • Stonesword


    #30176001 - 10 years ago

    Make your suggestions, give some details, and share your experience.

  • Stonesword


    #30176002 - 10 years ago

    We play different games depending on who's there.

    One guy likes the 3D war shooters and doesn't like RPG's games. So it's usually Battlefield 1942 or 2142.

    We played Starlancer with up four people. It's still the best Space flight multiplayer coop game.

    Diablo II is still hanging in there as well.

  • DeadDoneDeal


    #30176003 - 10 years ago

    Diablo 2 seems almost made for LAN parties, lol. One of my favorites on the shooter sides would be CounterStrike/Source. Its just a simple teamdeathmatch with a variety of weapons. Its you, your gun, and the other gun and his gun. Whats not to love in that equation?

  • Stonesword


    #30176004 - 10 years ago

    We used to play "Day of Defeat" quite a bit. We used Sturmbot to create computer players to fill in the field.