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  • Stonesword


    #30175999 - 10 years ago

    Ask for help here or help others.

    The number one networking problem I've run into with 95/SE/XP systems is the "autodetect network" not working properly.

    The easiest place to fix this is by installing IPX/SPX and changing "autodetect" to ethernet 802.3

  • Stonesword


    #30176000 - 9 years ago

    I was having mysterious severe lag where the entire network was freezing for a few seconds at once.

    I thought it might have been a BF 2 or Punk Buster issue since that is what we were doing when we noticed it.

    There seemed to be occasional lag in Guild Wars, but that program didn't react as severely as BF 2 did.

    A month later and disabling network discovery, Windows firewall and AV software to see if these were the
    problem, I may finally have gotten to the bottom it it.

    I set up a continuous ping to the router and to the DNS server.
    The router had a good ping throughout the test,
    the DNS server timed out a couple of times in an hour.

    So that meant that the problem was most likely past my router
    (though it could have been the WAN port)

    So it was time to go back to the cable company.
    The cable tech changed some connectors and got the signal strength up another db.

    I tested it out after he left and it still had the problem.

    I called support and they suggested replacing the modem.

    I got a new modem and tested it for 4 hours with no problem.

    I think this is it, but I'll wait a couple of more days to be more sure